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    I would love to see a movie with the quality of Unleashed cinematics. Even Colors and Generation cinematics aren't as epic as the intro of Unleashed...

    The Cinematics of Boom (games) are the worst of them...
    Although the graphics of the series are OK...
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    It has no Toei charm in it. It's still very beautiful in itself, just... just try to forget it's trying to be Harlock.
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    Yeah, but those movies didn't really have any prolonged intense action. A Sonic movie is gonna have hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and explosions, nevermind some sort of world-wide threat from the good doctor himself. If the entire thing was CG, maybe they could pull off a PG, but since it's gonna be partially live-action, the sense of "realism" they're likely going for easily bumps it up to a PG-13.

    I'm thinking a Sonic movie will be like the Marvel Studios stuff, but sans language, and probably no/VERY little blood. (I'm talking scrapes and small blood-stains-on-shirts here, max.)

    That's my prediction.

    I'm sorta optimistic. Probably a mistake. :P Seeing something like the SA2 storyline would be sweet, though.
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    If the night of the Werehog team is working on this, my excitement went up 10-fold.

    We've got an actual fan writing the script (PG-13 is weird, but I doubt it'll stick. I imagine aiming that high and the usual studio meddling will refine it down to a good well-rounded PG, so long as this guy is good and knows how re-work the script without it becoming a mess), and a pretty dang impressive animation studio doing the visuals. So of course, that has me worried. It sounds too ideal. History has taught me not to get excited until the other shoe drops.
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    I don't really have anything new to add to this topic beyond my observations of a trend. To be specific, over the next two years we are going to have a glut of motion pictures which are based on, or reference, video games, based on current projections of release dates:

    • 2015: Hitman: Agent 47, Ratchet & Clank, Pixels
    • 2016: Warcraft, Uncharted, Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Sly Cooper, Sonic the Hedgehog

    Now what do all of these films have in common, with the exceptions of Sonic and Pixels? It's that they all supposed to be set in their games' universe, or one similar to it. Unless there is a rewrite, Sonic is headed towards becoming, as this topic's subtitle states, The Smurfs of video game movies to, say, Ratchet & Clank's The Adventures of Tintin or Asterix (in that it won't be a perfect adaptation, but it'll at least try at that fictional universe instead of abandoning it altogether).

    I know it's treading old ground to point out what was wrong with The Smurfs CG romp through New York and what could be wrong with bringing Sonic to the "real world" as it were. Readers, viewers, and gamers generally like the mundane being transported to the fantastical or whimsical (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz), or that such a world is parallel to the mundane (The Chronicles of Narnia, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Harry Potter), instead of vice-versa. The only possible exception that bucked this trend even in the slightest was Enchanted, but only because, like Roger Rabbit, it played with the tropes of the particular genre it was: Eddie Valiant being squashed in the elevator in Toontown, the dumb Toon bullets, messing with the traffic line in the case of Roger Rabbit vs. the musical numbers, the interruptions thereof, and the little animal friends in Enchanted.

    Now I know what you might be saying: "It's supposed to be more gritty than The Smurfs!" Well, one, I'd hope so, but, two, one then has to look out for Transformers/TMNT syndrome. You know what I mean, where the human characters get most of the dialogue and action for about the first ... third of the film, let's say, before we are introduced to our heroes. I know one has to build suspense and all, but let's not threaten to turn the main characters into side characters of their own film.
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    IIRC one of the two writers said that he doesn't want to make it like The Smurfs or TMNT, so there's that at least. Also, we barely know anything about those video game movies you listed aside from Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper nor is there a release date for the Sonic movie yet. It seems to be so early in production that it could even still be cancelled.
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    I'll give you everything listed for 2016 beyond Sly Cooper, but all the ones listed for 2015 are pretty much in post-production at this point or near it, if I know anything about movies, animated or otherwise.

    • Hitman: Agent 47 is set for a 27 February 2015 release.
    • Ratchet & Clank — "early" 2015
    • Pixels — 24 July 2015, even if it's just an Adam Sandler film that simply references video games. The trailer to it runs before The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
    • Sly Cooper — currently set for "early" 2016

    If we were to widen the scope beyond video games, we're also supposed to be getting Transformers 5 and a Smurfs reboot in 2-3 years time. + - Not to mention the MLP and Jem movies slated for 2017, because they aren't relevant here   .
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    Uhh... so this may or may not be a leak of the Sonic film.

    The dark background really bothers me, reminds me too much of Shadow and '06. Here's to hoping that they can pull it off well if the leak turns out to be true.

    It's not true. I should have done this before I posted it here to Retro, but I did a little bit more research on the photo through Google Image Search and it traced back to a Sonic Adventure 3 fan page in which the admin revealed that the photo was fake.

    Please do me a favor and remove this post, I feel like a real idiot now haha.
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    I mean, for a SONY published film, the production value on that "teaser" just wreaks I of amateur production value anyhow.

    I think something to note about CG / Live Action films like this... most of the films we've seen have had very similar elemtents, mainly because they've "worked" or nobody dared to think of something else. Something I've noticed:
    • The cartoon characters are turned into side characters; Anime tends to do this with video game characters for /some reason/ (NT Warrior, Sonic X of course, and fucking MARVEL with Disk Warriors)
    • The cartoon characters act unrealistically to the rest of the world in ways that are completely impossible, but only some people find this strange
    • If characters realize the strangeness of these cartoon characters in real life, they tend to sort of accept the fact they exist within a few minutes to a few hours, even if they BREAK PHYSICS.
    • Characters almost always break physics.
    • If the characters /are/ the focus, a la Chipmunks and (I think?) Smurfs, they tend to somehow integrate themselves into normal living and are treated almost as humans, with slapstick thrown in regarding their cartoon-ness. For instance, chipmunks are in school and they're bullied for being short (save for Alvin), and are thrown across the room. In other scenes they act very much like the other humans.
    • Cartoon characters have a vast amount of knowledge of the world they're in
    • Cartoon characters never think of themselves as cartoons
    • The world of the characters is almost unknown to the people / the cartoon/game of theirs never existed in the film's universe. If product was influenced/had recorded interaction with that IP, there's nothing special and/or a paradox does not happen (just imagine Sonic eating cheerios, or seeing a genesis).

    Those were just some tropes I could think of, but almost all of the films that have cartoons "in our world" sort of have a good majority of these tropes. All of these kind of make the film sort of feel really off. Especially the last bit, where if those characters exist in the modern day, nobody seems to remember that the cartoon they exist in was a thing that ever did exist. EVERY KID EVER heard of the Ninja Turtles, and the Renaissance masters are known to kids everywhere because of their names. It's an uncanny sort of blend of what obviously shouldn't exist in real life with actual real life, especially when it's a well known IP.

    Now, if the Sonic films were to put a spin on this, and pull a roger rabbit or something similar, where the people in the world know this character is in fact a /video game character/ in the real world, THAT would be interesting. Archie's Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics did something cute if you all remember, where the villain took Sonic out of his world and into their world, implying Sonic's world is an alternate universe to Sabrina's, however when Salem sees Sonic, he's all "OH MY GOD I PLAY ALL YOUR GAMES AND READ YOUR COMICS!" giving this strange blur, almost making it like Sonic's world in this universe DOES exist, but his stories are also published and everyone already knows his recorded history.

    Imagine if the films did this? I would actually like to see something like that. It would definitely be something new, and could potentially be hilarious and brain bending, especially for poor Sonic who has to deal with the existential truth that he's just a video game character in this world.

    Or that could ruin the film who knows :v:/>
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    Honestly I'm surprised that nothing has been leaked about the Sonic movie with all this Sony Pictures stuff being leaked.
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    Something could still pop up, the hackers are releasing all the info at a trickle
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    ^True, we just found out about a deal about a Super Mario movie not too long ago, something could crop up soon.
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    If there's anything even worth leaking at this point. All we've heard so far is that the script is being worked on. Has there been any indication besides that that the movie has even entered pre-production?
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    I guess what direction they want the movie to go in. There really wouldn't be much to leak though, seeing how last we heard they were working on the script.
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    Yeah, I don't see this movie idea getting far.
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    When was the expected release...?
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    To be honest, there really isn't an expected release date. The original announcement didn't mention anything regarding a release date, although Van has mentioned a couple times that the movie should start going into production in 2015. If I were to guess, we're probably going to be seeing this film in theaters either 2016 or 2017.

    + - Or we won't see it at all if Sony Pictures ends up going bankrupt thanks to all the recent data leaks.  
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    I think the safest bet would be 2016 for the 25th anniversary but who knows how it will go.
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    Yeah, with the dates as they are and what we 'know' about the production state of the movie, I can't see anything coming out of the Sony Pictures hack worth discussing here.