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  1. Yuck, that international trailer seems to go out of its way to destroy the comedic pacing.
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    Second trailer filled out my expectations and honestly exceeded them. I'm so ready to see this all come together. Happy to see more people ready to see it, too. It's just great.
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    There's an interesting bit of dialogue said in both trailers that I think is worth noting. There's a line spoken by Eggman where he says "Why would you throw your life away for this silly little alien?" What's interesting about this line is the delivery of it in the one trailer. Jim Carrey's voice sounds really different here and it almost sounds like the goofy Eggman from the games. It makes me wonder if he'll gradually become more "Eggman" like throughout the movie and will sound and act more like Eggman from the games in the finale of the movie instead of just in the post credits scene shown off in the first trailer. However, interestingly, when he says the same line in the second trailer he sounds more like himself. So which is it? Will he sound like he does in the first trailer or in the second and why is the line delivery different between trailers? Could it possibly be just different takes of the same line?
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    Likely different takes. I can see them being given that much more to work with.
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    Yea Jim Robotnik seems to decend into an obsessed madness throughout the movie slowly becoming more the Robotnik we'd expect him to be.
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    different takes being used is pretty common in trailers, yea.

    Actually that makes me wonder if they did a range of takes (which Carrey did similarly with the Grinch) and had him be more straight-laced before Hesse was brought on, and maybe have decided to use the more over the top ones instead now.
  7. Here's something interesting. The overseas trailer was sent out on or around the same time as the US one, right?

    Well, the US one is the only one with the orange-tipped tranq in it's trailer. I made this observation a few pages back and didn't think nothing of it (I just thought they changed it from the 2019 one because it's a cartoon-ish film), but now I'm beginning to wonder if the orange-tip has anything to do with what's going on in the US. I don't want to get into the politics of it all, just found this interesting.

    So... just a speculation for now. Dunno how valid this may be. All versions could have this change, and they all may not. Like most other media, there may even be regional changes.

    Pics are from the 2019 uuuuhhh meow Sonic, then the current US one, then the UK one.

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    I still got Gangsta's Paradise ringing in my head. How can I make it stop, Mr. Fowler? His new model looks kind of unfinished. Imagine what would have happened if you insisted on the old design.
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    Isn't it a little weird that they would use the name Robotnik? I mean this is basically a kids movie, and most kids playing Sonic games now (born in 1996? 23 and younger?) would only know him officially being called Eggman(pretty much everything from 1999). Or do you think it's the case as in 1991, where they thought the name Eggman was too silly for a super villain that makes robots. It just really makes me want to hear a reference to the AOSTH Robotnik theme at some point.
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    Robotnik is how he was known in America for a long time, and given this movie set in the real world, it doesn't make sense for someone to be named "eggman", Ivo robotnik is more plausible as a name, he will most certainly be nicknamed eggman during the movie or towards the end
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    There's also the nostalgia market that is heavily played to with these kinds of movies. Remember, Sonic fans are a minority when compared to the amount of people that just played Sonic back in the 90s then moved on. To a lot of people, Robotnik is still his name and Eggman sounds silly.
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    Don't worry, I'll release a fanedit with "Kintobor" dubbed in over 90% of the film.

    (Do not ask me about my gritty headcanon where a recently-transformed Robotnik tries to write "KINTOBOR" on a lab wall in egg yolk but it comes out as ЯOꓭOTИIꓘ because his left and right got switched over)
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    I'll do a fan-edit with me lazily saying "Eggman" dubbed over
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    It might be weirder still to call him Eggman when he doesn't look like an egg? I'm fine with Robotnik.
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    Tron was a movie first. The game was based on the movie.

    I'm glad he's called Robotnik. After all this time I'm still in the "Eggman is a stupid name for a villain" camp. I wish they would just take the SA1 approach where he refers to himself as Dr. Robotnik, but Sonic calls him Eggman to mock him. (Also Aerosol's right, he doesn't look like an egg in this movie so it'd be weird to call him Eggman)
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    Robotnik is his official name, Eggman is his monicker. Simple as that.
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    New Rockstars did a good VFX comparison & design analysis of Sonic's old and new look - well worth a watch:

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    I could maybe see him changing his name to Dr. Eggman at the end, if Sonic (or someone else) calls him an egghead, especially since Robotnik does get bald later. Or maybe Eggman is a name he's embarrassed by and prefers Dr. Robotnik and it'll be brought up randomly. We'll see.

    Also Conan O' Brien did a bit of a skit shortly after the redesign was revealed and had someone in a (bad) Sonic costume come out and make fun of people for wasting their time being outraged at the design instead of something more serious, calling them "time-wasting trolls." Also, Conan's Sonic had an "improvement," which is shown in the video's thumbnail, and I'm pretty sure I'd get in trouble if I'd post it. It's up on YouTube if you're curious.

    EDIT: Wonder if Sonic's shoes will become an official product.
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    Eh fuck off Conan you're allowed to be annoyed at things that aren't life threatening. Go back to poorly playing video games.
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    I'm pretty sure someone posted that clip a couple of pages back. I don't watch Conan, but it seemed a little distasteful and over the top (maybe that's his thing).