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Hack Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman (previously Sonic 2+)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Alex Field, Jul 20, 2020.

If I Make a Sonic 3+, Should I Use Sonic 3 Final or Prototype/Sonic & Knuckles Collection Music?

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  1. Sonic 3 Final

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  2. Sonic 3 Prototype/Sonic & Kunckles Collection

    8 vote(s)
  3. Both!

    16 vote(s)
  4. I Don't Care

    5 vote(s)
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  1. As an early Christmas present, I'm presenting you a development build dated September 30th, 2020! Tested it in BlastEm and it seems to be stable, though be warned that swimming as Tails underwater will crash the game since his swimming sprites haven't been implemented yet.

    (also if you do experience any other crashes on modern emulators/real hardware, inform me right away)

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  2. Rudie Radio Waves

    Rudie Radio Waves

    Many a game.
    Tested in BizHawk 2.4.2 (uses the Genesis Plus GX core), does not work. Kega works though!
    The Debug Mode is enabled by default and the timer is super borked, I don't know if that was your intention.
  3. Strange, works on BlastEm.
  4. metanite


    Upon entering a special stage, whether normally or through the level select, the game automatically resets. Tested this with versions 1.77 and 1.89, and both versions consistently reset. Surprisingly, the Sep 30 build doesn't reset there. All this was done on the RetroArch Genesis Plus GX core.
    I also tested 1.89 on RetroArch's PicoDrive core, and ended up with a crash instead, hitting a solid grey screen.
    Every time I tested it, I heard the warp sound effect and the screen faded to white before resetting/crashing, and on the PicoDrive crash I saw that the screen resolution changed, meaning that the crash happens after the video mode changes (if that helps at all).
  5. September 30th is later than the SHC2020 build and was rewritten from scratch.

    The timer is the sprites on screen, which is a default feature in Sonic 2. Also, I checked the game in BlastEm and it works fine; for the broken Special Stages in 1.77/1.89... I'm not sure since I've lost the pre-rewrite source code.
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  6. qwertysonic


    creating the biggest sonic collection
    I really like the death egg zone music
  7. New build Sonic 2+; officially titling this "Version 2.0 Alpha 2".

    Note that this build is impossible to complete normally since several zones/acts haven't been worked on/completed yet. Also, haven't tested this in BlastEm, so note any bugs you find and I'll try to fix them.

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  8. Alpha 2.1 released; list of changes:
    * Tails now plays his flight/tired sounds like in Sonic 3.
    * Fixed a bug where deceleration were inconsistent depending on your direction.
    * Fixed a bug where flipped red launcher would not launch you as high.
    * Fixed a bug where the tubes would still be active after dying, and thusly locking the camera permanently.
    * Fixed a bug during the WFZ end cutscene where Tails would start flying and dying, making it impossible to beat.

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  9. Ocean Wind Zone Act 2 palette:
    Ocean Wind Zone Act 2.png
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  10. Releasing the source code to a build from around November 2020; this was around the time production temporarily halted so I could finish up school for the year. This source code features...
    * Screenshots from a scrapped Sonic 1 hack I was making titled Sonic 1++, since a Sonic 1+ already existed (hilariously, some comments on my 2+ progress logs asked if I made Sonic 1+... I was literally one year old).
    * Code taken from Psi's Sonic 2 Pink Edition (he had given me some of the code from his hack, however I still haven't utilized it yet lol).
    * Some AmyxMetal fan art... for SOME reason.
    * EVERY SINGLE BUILD EVER ARCHIVED AT THAT POINT, INCLUDING THE ONE FROM NOVEMBER 2020 (it has a build date of December 31, however the code was last edited in November).
    * Leftover 32X compiler crap, from my Sonic 2 Improved Disassembly.
    * Duplicate files.
    * Unorganized EVERYTHING.
    * Two messages at the end of the ROM I inserted.
    * SonLVL images.
    * etc...
  11. Another test build; dated January 28. Work has finally started on Ocean Wind Act 2 (don't worry, both acts will have fuller object layouts in the 2.0 final). In addition, the level select now lists all stages (except for MTZ3), and some other additions here and there.

    @me if you experience any crashes on real hardware and I'll check if they occur on Kega as well.

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  12. Now right now you're probably noticing that Sand Shower Zone was made using assets from Sonic Delta; these are just placeholders until I start redoing all the art, so no assets won't be flipped in the final (excluding assets taken from non-ROM hacks such as High Seas Havoc and Chaotix).
  13. The Game Collector

    The Game Collector

    Washington State, USA
    Being Ted Narcotic's bass player; working on Kelly Kristjanson's tape archive; collecting video games
    In previous hacks that brought back scrapped levels, I also remember a winter level being used. Did you have a particular reason for not wanting to do that one?

    Also this is the first time I've seen that Ocean Wind level. It looks nice though. It will be cool to play something that expands on Sonic 2 but isn't the same thing as the others.
  14. Winter Zone (and Rock World) will be done eventually, I'm just focusing on Ocean Wind, Wood, Sand Shower and Hidden Palace for Version 2.0.

    This is probably going to be the final build I upload (and final day I work on it) for a bit since I'm going back to school; enjoy whatever has been done up to this point, and PLEASE inform me of any major bugs/crashes on real hardware.

    Posted some of my plans here:

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  15. First of all, I'm sorry for the lack of updates; second of all, this has to be addressed.

    Development for Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman is officially on hiatus. Now, this doesn't mean the hack is cancelled, however, this will mean that nothing will likely be posted by me here; this is because I am currently in the middle of Year 9 of my school, and the school work means that I've barely had any time to work.

    When the next version is released, I'm not sure, so until then, bye.
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