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Hack Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman (previously Sonic 2+)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Alex Field, Jul 20, 2020.

If I Make a Sonic 3+, Should I Use Sonic 3 Final or Prototype/Sonic & Knuckles Collection Music?

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  1. Sonic 3 Final

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  2. Sonic 3 Prototype/Sonic & Kunckles Collection

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  3. Both!

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  4. I Don't Care

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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Return of Dr. Eggman is an attempt by me to recreate/port all of the scrapped levels to the final version and fix as many bugs as possible. Currently, my priority is Ocean Wind Zone, though I am also working on Wood Zone, and Hidden Palace Act 2/Rock World will be done at a later date.

    Stages (2.0):
    Emerald Hill Zone
    Ocean Wind Zone
    Wood Zone
    Sand Shower Zone
    Metropolis Zone
    Hill Top Zone
    Hidden Palace Zone
    Oil Ocean Zone
    Mystic Cave Zone
    Casino Night Zone
    Chemical Plant Zone
    Aquatic Ruin Zone
    Sky Chase Zone
    Wing Fortress Zone
    Death Egg Zone (contains new act)

    Screenshots (2.0b):
    Ocean Wind Zone.png Hidden Palace Zone.png Death Egg Zone Act 1.png

    MainMemory - Knuckles' Emerald Hunt disassembly (contained constanted Redz and Batbot code), SonLVL, LevelConverter
    Esrael - Sonic 2 prototype disassemblies
    E-122 Psi - Suggestions, Sonic 2 Pink Edition assets
    Redhotsonic - Various Sonic 2 bug fixes and improvements
    Clownacy - Various Sonic 2 bug fixes and improvements
    MoDule - Various Sonic 2 bug fixes and improvements
    MarkeyJester - Help on the 'entering water crashes the game' crash™
    Deno - Improved Sonic sprite sheet

    Latest Version: Sonic Hacking Contest 2021

    Previous Versions:

    Version 1.77 (released July 21st, 2020)
    Version 1.73 (released July 19th, 2020)
    Version 1.21
    Version 1.1
    Version 1.0
    Version 0.9
    Version 0.88

    EDIT: Rewrote essentially the entire thing, credits are now on the OP.
    EDIT 2: Edited wording to reflect the new title.

    Attached Files:

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  2. Version 1.77:
    Summary of changes:
    • Improved DAC quality
    • Improved real time PCM quality
    • Sound inputs are direct a la S3K:eng101:

    By this way this wasn't a planned release, this was only because of the disassembly release.
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  3. Greenknight9000


    I think Metropolis Act 3 should be renamed to Cyber City Zone. Genocide City was just a mistranslation of sorts between developers and, upon learning of the meaning of the word, changed it to Cyber City.
  4. RetroactionGlitchBiology


    Too bad I can't download this, sounds pretty cool.
  5. [​IMG]
    You'll now get this upon starting the game.
  6. Despatche


    Hi. Please do not change Genocide City to "Cyber City". That story about there being a "mistranslation" here may as well be a myth at this point. Genocide City, which is the original and correct term at the end of the day, is also a perfectly fine term for the context. I would recommend that any developer who took it upon themselves to adhere to this myth, to change it back to what it was and is supposed to be.

    The old Sonic series looks cute, but Eggman is still a really bad guy who probably slaughters countless animal populations and destroys the environment, seemingly for fun. This is made even more extreme in the Adventure games, yes, but it obviously still very much applies to a man who has no issue enslaving mass quantities of animals to be used as living batteries. We don't need to be SatAM here, we just need to not be AoSTH.
  7. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

    aka Superstarxalien Member
    As far as I'm aware, in the Genesis games any mention of Eggman being serious comes through subtext. I really doubt he's ever considered to be a murderer in those games. Or at all, excluding the comics.

    This is the first time I've heard someone say that was a myth, is there any back-up to this?

    RE: The Hack
    This is a really neat concept. I think someone else was working on a hack like this, but it's been long since any mention of that popped up.
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  8. SuperSnoopy


    I like Sonic Advance Member
    Lyon, France
    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    That's gotta be the weirdest nitpick I've ever seen, lol. And this is the Sonic fanbase we're taking about.
  9. More tiles!.png
    Added more tiles to Ocean Wind
  10. In the middle of restoring Wood Zone (incomplete Act 1 layout). This will also be the first time Stegos are used in game (in prior versions, they were an easter egg in Hidden Palace's debug mode). Wood Zone 1 WIP.png
  11. RetroKoH


    Project Sonic 8x16
    Can't believe I'm dignifying this... but besides the fact that there is documented proof of the name being Cyber City Zone, how about the simple fact that the term "Genocide" is offensive and carries horrible connotations, and may still emotionally harm people in some parts of the world?

    Nothing about this is a myth. It was a mistake by the Japanese team, in the same way that "Get Blue Balls" was a mistake with Sonic 3. Also... nothing about Eggman hints that he is to be portrayed as something akin to Hitler in the eyes of the animals. At most, it's a mad power-hungry scientist who will stop at nothing to rule the world, even if he pollutes and ruins it along the way. Is there a commentary to be had there? Who gives a damn!?

    But really, the game and its "plot" really amounts to little more than simple comic mischief with little to no consequence.
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  12. Tails Flying.png
  13. Metal64


    Cyber City makes more sense than Genocide City.
  14. Lostgame


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    It took me longer than I want to admit to get what was special about that image, as I am currently extremely used to playing the iOS version, which I believe supports Tails flying out of the box.

    This looks cool! I always like custom levels.
  15. Hidden Palace Zone Act 2.png
    Working on Hidden Palace Zone Act 2
  16. Hez


    In efforts to not seem terribly offensive, that level layout is awful. It is nothing like the other layouts in Sonic 2. No multiple paths, linear design. It needs to be redone from scratch. I'd suggest heavily studying the other levels a bit and taking a second whack at it.
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  17. Sorry its been awhile, I've been working hard on stages such as Ocean Wind and work on Sand Shower (NOT Dust Hill) has started. Thanks for the feed back btw; as a bonus, here's the latest version of HPZ1's layout; the hole at the top can be seen as a sort of 'transition' from the previous stage:
    Hidden Palace Act 1.png
  18. Koutoni


    “Genocide City” makes me imagine a desolate wasteland affected by the tampering of Eggman, because he simply didn’t care about the side effects of what he done. If he built anything there, it would have been in a haste and would be like being in some sort of 0-hour contract factory IRL, slaving away. Perhaps even implying the badniks there want to turn their backs and can’t.
  19. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

    aka Superstarxalien Member
    I mean, you can imagine it like that, but we all know by now that it was simply meant to be another Metropolis Zone.
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