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    Sonic the Hackable (A.K.A. "A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack")

    A new demo of the ROM hack that no-one has been asking for is finally here! Sonic the Hackable features new stage layouts, new gimmicks and new moves, including the speed-breaking air dash. Those who dare to revisit South Island will find a new and challenging experience.

    This hack is currently still in development. Be in the lookout for new updates in the future.




    Crush Dr. Eggman!

    After Dr. Eggman's defeat in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, the Death Egg MK II has crashed into the ocean next to South Island. The giant wave created by the Death Egg MK II's collision with the ocean surface has even caused parts of the island to go underwater!

    Not long after Dr. Eggman managed to escape to land, he became enraged upon seeing where he was. South Island was the place where his first defeat by the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog had happened, so this island held a particularly bad memory for him. Filled with rage, Dr. Eggman swore that this is the island where he will end Sonic once and for all. Now, by using his past knowledge of the Island and by renovating his old base, Dr, Eggman built his new fortress on South Island.

    Dr. Eggman has also planned to use the six chaos emeralds (which Sonic apparently lost, again) as a power source to relaunch the Death Egg MK II. It's once again up to Sonic to stop him!


    Project Leader: CHRdutch

    Tools used

    Original Game: Sonic Team

    Sonic 1 GitHub disassembly: Hivebrain, Stealth, drx & Esreal

    SonLVL: MainMemory

    S1SSEdit: MainMemory

    SonED2: Stealth

    Tilemolester: SnowBro

    Sonic One Music Editor: fuzzbuzz

    Sonic 2 GitHub disassembly: Nemesis, Aurochs & Xenowhir

    lNewNeko Palette Editor: Nineko

    Music Pointer Fixer: Erik JS

    SMPSConv: ValleyBell

    SMPS research pack: ValleyBell

    mid2smps: ValleyBell

    Nineko Midi Event Editor: Nineko

    The Sega Data Compressor: Magus

    SonMapEd: Xenowhirl

    Sonic 4 Episode I midi's rip: evilhamwizard

    SMPS2ASM: flamewing

    Ultimate Sega Hideki sample pack 3.1

    gmv2bin: Mercury

    Flex 2: snkenjoi





    Guides used

    Spindash Guide Part 1: Lightning & kram1024

    Spindash Guide Part 2: Puto

    Spindash Guide Part 3: shobiz

    Spindash Guide Part 4: Mercury

    Different songs per Act: nineko

    Dynamic Palettes: PsychoSk8r

    PAL Music Tempo Guide: Crash

    Walk Jump Bug fix: Cinossu & Mercury

    Spike Bug fix: FraGag

    Fix the SEGA sound: Puto

    Display Press Start Button Text: Quickman & Egor305

    Water Guide: Tornado

    How to make a good custom palette: Mr. Cat

    SMPS Guide: Markeyjester

    Use Dynamic Tilesets in Sonic 1: HPZMan (Only Dynamic Pattern Load Cues were used)

    How to make a good sounding mid2smps conversion: A-S-H

    Remove the speed cap: Tweaker & Puto

    Fix Song Restoration Bugs in Sonic 1's Sound Driver: Markeyjester & Clownacy

    Fix demo playback: FraGag

    Fix the camera follow bug: MarkeyJester

    Fix the HUD blinking: Quickman

    Optimize ring scattering: SpirituInsanum

    How to implement "Dimps ring physics" in Sonic 1: Shockwave

    Fixing the top-right corner reloading glitch in S1: SpirituInsanum

    How to record a demo: Mercury

    Extend ROM Chunks to $FF in Sonic 1: GenesisDoes

    How To: Reversing the Timer in Sonic 2 (ASM): DLloyd

    How to optimize Shield Art loading in Sonic 1: SuperEgg




    Level Design


    SMPS Remixes

    GHZ2 - Sylvania Castle Act 2: LackofTrack

    GHZ3 - Splash Hill Zone Act 3: LackofTrack

    MZ2 - Lost Labyrinth Act 2: Spanner

    MZ3 - Sylvania Castle Act 3: Spanner

    SYZ2 - Night Carnival Zone: CHRdutch

    Boss Pinch - Sonic 4 Boss Pinch: LackofTrack

    Invincibilty - Sonic 4 Invincibilty: LackofTrack

    Title Screen - Sonic 4 theme: LackofTrack

    LZ1 - Lost Labyrinth Act 1: LackofTrack

    LZ2 - Lost Labyrinth Act 2: LackofTrack

    SBZ1 - Mad Gear Act 1: LackofTrack

    SBZ2 - Mad Gear Act 3: LackofTrack

    FZ - Sonic 4 Final Boss: LackofTrack

    Sound Test $9C - Sonic 4 Cutscene: LackofTrack

    DualPCM sounddriver by MarkeyJester




    Bug fixing help










    Sonic Title Font: SEGA Enterprises

    AKnotholeResident Sonic 4 rant (SEGA sound)

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    ACT 1: I do not like how GHZ1 opens. It is too dangerous and too difficult for the very first action a player takes in the game. At least you added the spindash.

    Also, the area below the broken bridge? That is too mean for the first level! You need to ease players into the game and ramp up difficulty appropriately.

    Everything else in that level seems alright, though I had quite a bit of sprite flickering when breaking down walls leading to lots of items, objects, and enemies.

    ACT 2: The underwater stuff was a nice change of pace! But some of the spike placement was a bit dickish. Also, having Chopper jump out from an area that is not a bridge felt very wrong.

    On top of needing to fix the graphical issues with the water graphics, you should look into having a different background for the underwater areas. It doesn't look right the way it currently is. This can be achieved pretty easily with clever use of the chunks to obscure the main background.

    Also, that platform you land on after that big automated sequence at the start shouldn't fall out under the player's feet into a pit of spikes. That's just mean.

    ACT 3: Aside from a sequence involving jumping across moving platforms above a spike pit, I've got no real issues with this stage.
  3. Epsilonsama


    Liked what you did with Act 2 and Act 3 but Act 1 was not as good. It was too hard for a first level and it had dickish bottomless pits. Rule of thumb on a Sonic game is to let the player know when bottomless pits are and use em sparingly.
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    Earth, I think.
    Sonic the Hackable (A.K.A. "A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack")

    (Thanks for the feedback, by the way)
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    Earth, I think.
    Sonic the Hackable (A.K.A. "A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack")
    Bump: new update and the download is back up.

    Check the opening post for more details.
  6. I played the latest built, and i liked what i got. The gimmicks per act idea is very good, but here are some critism:

    I did not liked that the act 1 of both stages are just as the originals, but since the others have different stuff i can see why its like this. The Lost Labyrinth SMPS is high pitched and doesnt sound so good, while the title screen SMPS is kinda loud and highpitched, but an instrument change may solve the pitch thing. I hope you don't plan to use more water acts because it will it way hard and annoying, And finally, the Marble zone act 2 and act 3 palettes could be better and more different than the original. But I can see the effort you putted into it, and the hack is taking an interesting way. I hope to see more of it.
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    Earth, I think.
    Sonic the Hackable (A.K.A. "A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack")
    New update bois