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Sonic Swag (10MB+ of images.)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Spazz, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Cooljerk


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    You can play different region games using a game genie by the by. Like you said, all it takes it changing a few values in the header.

    EDIT: Also, a few megadrive games can be run naively on a US genesis. Super Fantasy Zone, for example, can run on a US genesis without a game genie.
  2. Ashura96


    Awesome collection, you should be called "the most famous hedgehog [fan] in the world."
  3. Overlord


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    I would guess it's a mod, I'm not aware of a blue LED'd run. It's not hard to do in theory - just a simple switch on the motherboard from a red LED to a blue one.
  4. Tom41


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    One thing I did notice, the Sonic 2 Jap box doesn't have the 'ASIAN VERSION' badge on it. I have a Jap Sonic 2 cart and the box does have that badge. Is yours a pirate or something?

    BTW, I dumped both my EU and JP Sonic 2 carts and they're byte-for-byte identical.

    Most game region locks can be defeated with Game Genie; you just need to change the character in the header to whatever region your MD is (J, U or E). Some games such as Rocket Knight Adventures have extra protection though, and won't even work with a 50/60 mod!
  5. Adamis


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  6. Kat


    Awesome stuff, guys. Will totally post when I get home this evening.

    'Til then, keep postin'.
  7. Eggman Crusher

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    Jesus Christ. Anybody have a towel?

    I hope you realize how rich you could potentially be.
  8. Eddo


    I have two American figures and two Japanese plushes (one seen here), but that's it aside from a mini gashapon Mega Drive with a Sonic cart. Rhia has quite a bit in the plush department. I do have some things from other series, like my Opa-Opa and dotgraphic Mario block, however.
  9. Spazz


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    Re: Plushies. As mentioned before, that collage image is a bit outdated, here's what I've got as of now:

    (Click for hi-res)

    Still not the most impressive plush collection; I tend to collect more Sonic oddball/rarities, like neckties and those blue raspberry Livesavers.

    Possibly, most of what I have is promotional literature, articles and flyers. I'll make a list of what I've got if there's interest.
    As for the videos, David the Lurker informs me that they've been captured, but have terrible quality or encoding.
    I watched a bit of the Sonic 3 video and its quality is actually pretty good for a VHS tape, so I'll go ahead and capture them when I get a chance.

    Eh, it's just a mod I nabbed off eBay a few years ago. It also has composite and stereo out ports installed. :3
  10. [​IMG]

    Fat Tails: Hero of a New Generation
  11. biggestsonicfan


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    I've seen other topics like these, and have contemplated showing off my own collection, but I mean, why bother, really? Sure it may look impressive and show devotion, but it doesn't really mean much, research-wise. I spent 3 years tracking down a copy of the Sonic the Fighters video, which had been ripped by someone here on retro, but lost the file. I found a copy on eBay for $50, and watched it, and was slightly dissapointed, there wasn't much we could learn from it, but I ripped it anyway. About a week or two later, I see that Rlan uploads the entire video to youtube, and promptly think that he had taken my file and watermarked it. I then realized, he was friends with Solly, one of the biggest Sonic hoarders out there, but she puts all our Sonic collections to shame... except for one other person I know of. She's called GreatThings4U on eBay, and she has owned the rarest of the rare of all Sonic items. I got my favorite Sonic item from her, a japanese SEGASONIC folding fan. Though, I actually can't find the fan (if anyone has one, please let me know) she has sold me quite a few other rarities before as well.

    So yeah, Spazz, quite a nice collection there. Most of it American, and aside from the Sonic the Fighters items, nothing really all that rare.

    Adamis, I saw yours on dA, but wouldn't comment there about it. You mainly have a euopean collection, and your duplicates of games don't really count. (Yeah, I own cube, xbox and ps2 versions of them all too, but in all honesty, they're worth about $5 for the lot of them at Gamestop. It's only sentimental value anymore) The Doujins and Sonic 15th swag is rare, but aside from that, the collection is filled with things pretty common durring and after the Dreamcast era.
  12. SonikkuForever


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    I have a small collection myself. I'll probably post some pics of it later today. Nothing too rare yet, the rarest thing I have so far is a set of pins that were given away at the Sonic Adventure launch in Tokyo. Still in the plastic wrap. :rolleyes: My favorite Sonic item is the 5 foot Sonic plush.
  13. WyraachUr


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    It's official. You are personally the single most BIGGEST Sonic fan I know XD That must have cost you a few thousand dollars to get that mini museum! Whats on the promotional videos?

    And I like that little inflatable Chao :rolleyes:

    And Spazz, nice plushie collection ya got there. I'm guessing the cream coloured Sonic and Tails dolls are quite rare?
  14. LordOfSquad


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