Sonic sure has a lot of jumping abilities...

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    Imbalance in branching pathways aside...

    Honestly, I find more offense with the idea that Sonic gets special jump abilities from the shields and none of the other characters get special abilities either. Sure, it might need to be tweaked or changed to accommodate Tails or Knuckles, but giving them nothing to accentuate the abilities they all ready have gives the message that they're perfect and Sonic is the "basic character" that no one wants to play. That you HAVE to rely on the shields in order to make the game more fun and compensate for how boring he is. Sonic isn't boring! He's the star of the franchise, and he deserves to be treated better then that, and so does every other character. It's a hard balance to maintain, but Sonic should be as equally valid as any other character, while still retaining a charm that makes it obvious why he is the star. Based on what I've seen from other games, if Sonic did get his own unique pathway or if there was no "main pathway" that all that the characters could travel down, then Sonic should get the LONGEST pathway. He should have the longest amount of gameplay and more chances for rewards, easter eggs, and fun.
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    I actually don't use the insta shield for attacking, but to regain air control after jumping from rolling. Its lack in Sonic 2 is very frustrating.
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    I disagree. I feel that by making Sonic more extensible, they have made him the most versatile character. Tails has one jump ability (fly), Knuckles has two lesser jump abilities (glide and climb), and Sonic has four jump abilities (instashield, bounce, and two different double jumps). If the other two characters had been able to get those abilities, not only would it have taken away what makes them unique, but it would give Sonic even fewer things he can do that the others can't. I don't see this as making him the "basic" character so much as the "balanced" character.
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    The thing is however, Tails and Knux's abilities are fewer but far more effective compared to most Sonic's shield moves. Why double jump with the electric shield when you could fly several times higher? Why dash with the fire shield when you can glide forward unlimitedly, not to mention smash a far greater number of obstacles with it? The only one that isn't redundant is the bubble shield's bounce attack and even then it has little utility outside a slightly more precise attack. Sonic is given far more limitation in the time and duration he can use what are basically far less effective variants of what the others can do unconditionally. They're fun to play with, sure, but they are far less practical so even with them he is still somewhat weaker.
  5. I think we're forgetting here that Tails and Knuckles air abilities are pretty slow. Flying up as Tails is very slow and plodding, and while Knuckles glide is pretty speedy, landing always results in him grinding to a complete stop. Combine that with the shorter jump, it means that Knuckles has to take longer to jump over obstacles unless he goes another route to make sure he's high enough to glide over it all, which wastes time in the end.
    Sonic in Sonic 3 is pretty much seen as the adaptable character, the shields let him do quicker variations of the other characters abilities (gain height or increase vertical movement) while being able to switch them at different points when you find different shields, as opposed to being stuck with just one ability. While they're not as good as actual flying/gliding, they still allow Sonic to stay more speedy than Tails or Knuckles.