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Sonic Superstars bug thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Ch1pper, Oct 21, 2023.

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    Good to know I wasn't going completely crazy after comparing it directly to Mania post patch and still being bothered by input lag.

    Oh well. I plan to get it on Switch at some point anyway so I can play it around the house and elsewhere. If they "fixed it" on Xbox but not all the way, then who knows if it will be improved further. I guess I just don't understand why it's like that to begin with.

    EDIT: Switch version plays great (so far; 4 Zones in). The difference in input timing VS Xbox was instantly noticeable. No real issues so far, things just take a little longer to load, but that's expected.
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  2. In all the fruit bonus acts, Amy’s hammer does NOT have its motion blur in the air, nor does her hammer come out at all when she charges her Hammer Rush in the air.
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    Act Sonic I think.

    I finally got through SJ Act 2 with Amy by staying as high as I could and avoiding the pipes completely.

    I’m starting to think the glitches I see are due to my laptop having a hiccup with things get complicated onscreen. But I’m just only half believing it.

    The new unnerving thing is hearing a regular ring when entering the giant rings, and sometimes the death sound comes along.

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    I forget if I mentioned it in here or not but the death sound effect on entering a special or bonus stage appears to be the result of the game despawning a shield if you're currently equipped with one. Any other time it would make sense to do that, because you'd be losing it because you took a hit. Here though, you lose it because you can't take it into the stage with you.
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    On that note, I'm assuming it's not really a bug as such, but does anyone else find it strange that shields are retained after visiting a Bonus Stage, but the Magnet power-up isn't? Very strange design decision if it's intentional.
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    The obvious ones are the most annoying, like the sound glitches, or feet not properly aligning with the floor in Lagoon City Zone Act 2.* It doesn't stop there, and that's what sucks the joy out of this game. Hitting an underwater spring while using Water let me swim through the air in Amy's act of Lagoon City, when you speed ahead the whale in Bridge Island Zone and hit the sign post early (e.g. as Super Sonic), the moment the whale crashes to the wall still gives you a push to the right.

    Weird Knuckles graphical glitch during Trip's Golden Capital Act 2 in classic story mode:

    If the game had maximum polish, it would be much easier to deal with its other flaws. Except for the amount of Special and Bonus stages. So irritating, can't focus on the level.

    *or Trip's spiky ball form being visible when exiting a Special Stage, or Avatar holograms not disappearing when depleted ...
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    Has anyone else encountered a time attack bug where you can no longer save a new ghost or update an act's records on the console? This happened to me on Xbox, but I'm not sure if other platforms are experiencing this. It's only happened for one character, but the others are still able to save records normally. A new ghost will disappear after you go back to the time attack menu and then it will use the previous saved ghost if you attempt to play the act again.

    Oddly enough, the online leaderboards still reflect a new best time obtained for that affected character.
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