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Sonic Superstars: A New 2D Sonic Game (Fall 2023)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DefinitiveDubs, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. Dek Rollins

    Dek Rollins

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    I absolutely hate the dynamic camera changes in Generations. Please never do that again. Classic Sonic works best when he's always in the same spot in the center of the screen.

    Also the camera distance/field of view in Superstars looks completely fine. Not sure why that of all things is a complaint suddenly.
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  2. raphael_fc


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    I think the dynamic camera in 2D works better if it's not a Classic Sonic game. If it's a Modern Sonic game in 2D, like the Advance series or the Rush series, the dynamic camera would be better received. But a Classic Sonic game we always expect it to be just like the classics.
  3. Azookara


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    I'm 10000% for more dynamic camera work and thought Generations did a great job with it. If you're gonna be 2.5D, take advantage of it; show that the world exists beyond a flat plane!

    But I also grew up on Kirby 64 and Klonoa, so if you didn't like it in those games I guess I'd understand. Even if we're sworn enemies now.
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  4. RikohZX


    It works for setpiece segments, certainly. But this game can't risk that too much because of the 4-player co-op. Generally you're stuck with a lot of compromises that are going to have to happen for that, unless by some decision choice effort every co-op run is using tweaked versions of levels, but I doubt that.
  5. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    I like Kirby 64, but the 3D-est parts of that game always made me wish I could break away from the 2D plane and explore other areas.
  6. Starduster


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    Kirby Planet Robobot used its 3D camera brilliantly and, while I'd love for Superstars to do the same, I just don't think that'd work in a co-op game.
  7. Vertette


    Yeah, I hated how Forces' classic levels felt so static camera-wise in comparison to Generations' (besides the usual gripes of course). Generations added in a few flashy moments or neat setpieces and it helped levels stand out, and Forces definitely needed more of that.

    That said, good luck doing that with 4 players. Not impossible, but I can see why they wouldn't bother.
  8. I don’t know. To each their own, but if you ask me, if you’re content with a single side-scrolling angle in contemporary 2D Sonic, you’re settling for less.

    I am NOT talking about games where the whole point is to replicate the classics or when they purposely impose limitations to facilitate the the limitations an older console (like Mania). I’m repeating myself from before, but Lost World, Forces, and Frontiers are all 3D Sonic games, if they want to include 2D gameplay then fine, I just don’t see the excuse for not playing around with the perspectives a little when you already have the 3D geometry built. It’s lazy.

    But I really don’t believe it’s worth arguing further because Superstars has already proven it’s not gonna be Generations classic or a standard single-perspective side scroller.
  9. Palas


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    I remember Generations' camera work being very well received at the time -- including how Sonic doesn't stand exactly at the center when Sonic is running. I'm generally a fan of backtrackable stages without too much in the way of set pieces, but if there is gonna be a set piece, then the camera definitely should help. I don't think it's lazy not to play around with perspectives if the screen is primarily thought of as a frame, but even then zooming in and out can help communicating sections and challenges to the player. It'd be more useful for Boost games than Classic games, but then again you can very much ahve the camera vary from stage to stage too.

    Like I wouldn't mind one act which has a zoomed out camera as a gimmick. It's better than a fog texture overlay as a novelty, at the very least.
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  10. foXcollr


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    Apparently they're putting something new in every stage, like some kind of surprise moment akin to the Magical Leopluredon chase or the squid thing in the cyber Zone. To me that's what's genuinely important. Camera stuff is just another avenue to do the same thing, which is create spectacle, it's a gimmick the same as a robot chase or a squid race. So I'd personally hold out for those moments and see what they do with them, maybe they'll even do some more nods to Sonic Adventure.
  11. astroblema


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    I don't know if anyone else's caught it before but at 0:13 in this video, there's the bush bomb enemy from Ristar.
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  12. PhazonHopper


    Camera angles should be utilitarian above all else. A camera you can't control suddenly changing angles just to make something seem more cinematic at the expense of control is crap. If they want to do all sorts of wacky camera angles and loop de loops and shit while you're in the obligatory "watch Sonic uncontrollably bounce off of things and spin through little tunnels" section, go for it, but I don't want the camera swooshing around while I'm trying to do actual video game things.
  13. Antheraea


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    yeah can't speak for the other 2.5D Kirby titles or Klonoa, but Kirby 64's implementation felt very strange in places, like in practice Kirby was moving diagonally instead of solely back and forth like one would expect when the camera would be moving.

    Of all things that I think work fine with 2.5D, Crash Bandicoot would be the one I go with, but like you it's one I grew up with, and one of the criticisms of the classic games was that it felt too much like a 2D game :thumbsup:

    nice, I feel that's where S3&K and Mania excelled - with the unique level gimmicks - so seeing this being basically an extension of that concept means that the levels will feel pretty unique from one another.
  14. Wildcat


    I can’t tell. Could Ristar be in the game? Playable!? I know there’s some speculation the logo is purposely missing a character. Sonic Super - STARS? A crossover would be awesome.
  15. Turbohog


  16. Londinium


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    In what world would Ristar make sense in a Sonic game?
  17. Snowbound


    I don’t think Ristar is the 5th playable character in this game… but I guess the line of thinking is that Ristar (supposedly) reused Ohshima’s gameplay ideas for the proto-sonic rabbit character. Ohshima’s back so maybe he’s involving ristar due to this connection? I’ve never seen the rabbit concept/Ristar connection substantiated tho (the similar gameplay and Ristar originally being a rabbit could be a coincidence). Then again I probably shouldn’t speak for Wildcat
    I know Arzest consists of former sega employees, is there any overlap between Arzest staff and folks who worked on Ristar? I’m just wondering if there’s other reasoning that I’m missing here.
  18. If Arzet does well with Sonic Superstars, I would love them to make a Ristar and another classic SEGA IP.
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  19. milo


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    New Ristar game would be great. Same stretchy arm platforming with modern gaming physics. I mean, Sonic's already swinging around in the special stage in Superstars, so...?
  20. Snowbound


    Interesting Iizuka quote from a new interview:
    Guys we did it! We pressured Sonic Team to care about momentum!
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