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Sonic Superstars: A New 2D Sonic Game (Fall 2023)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DefinitiveDubs, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. Wow, I love the guy but going through the songs, Jun isn’t looking so great. That damn snare, man… Everything that wasn’t solely him is great.

    His songs actively bring down the entire OST and it’s unfortunate. They really sound like Ep 3 leftovers or demos.

    Frozen Base Act Tails reminds me of something… Rent-a-Hero maybe? It sounds like an actual YM2612.
  2. jubbalub


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    Tee Lopes on Twitter has shared an interesting fact about Lagoon City's music:

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  3. charcoal


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    Relistening to it on spotify, I gotta say its a pretty good OST for 2/3 of it, but then any songs that were composed solely by Jun are just flops due to the bad instrumentation. At this point I'm just wondering why did it take so long for a fairly low effort release?
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  4. Naean


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    I'm thinking they maybe wanted to deal with it relatively quickly and effort-free to coincide with the series' anniversary, as well as get Sonic Superstars in general done and out of the way to focus on Sonic X Shadow Generations more? Just my speculation, but I think this makes a bit of sense.

    That said however, I'm rather disappointed they didn't refine some music tracks and release a soundtrack patch for the game, but after Sonic Origins didn't touch the Sonic 3 & Knuckles music issues even in its Plus update / release, I sadly can't say I'm surprised. Maybe there'll be a Sonic Superstars Plus next year or something which contains a more consistent soundtrack, but based on past events I'm definitely not holding my breath they'll address the music whatsoever. :(
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  5. What I found interesting is Jun'd composed Golden Capital at all lol

    But then again, I think it should be suspected, because this one sounded a little better than the other ones despite still using Sonic 1/2 drumsnares.
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  6. The Joebro64

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    I'd say about 75% of the OST is good. Main problem is that two of the absolute worst tracks happen to be boss themes that play in nearly every stage. If it was just two or three zone themes that stunk it'd be fine.

    What's most baffling is that the game DOES have good boss themes, they just… are barely used. Boss 4 would make for a killer Fang theme, for one, and Boss 5 doesn't appear until more than halfway through the game.
  7. KaiGCS


    Yeah, I've always suspected a big culprit for why the soundtrack gets painted as a disaster is because some of the worst tunes in the game are the ones that you hear over and over again. Most of it's good, some of it's great, but if you play through it once that's probably not how you'll remember it.

    Even just swapping out the bad boss themes for any of the many good ones they apparently had would've been a huge boon.
  8. Brainulator


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    Sunoue thought clown music would make for good boss music in Sonic 3D and 4, so I'm not terribly surprised. Then again, I've never experienced Superstars yet.
  9. Starduster


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    Well I feel like a bit of a twit now, having said it was telling that they hadn’t released the OST. That said, I wonder if the lag time was perhaps because there was DLC planned for the game that was shelved due to it underperforming against SEGA’s expectations.
  10. big smile

    big smile

    It's too bad Sega didn’t let him use his Hidden Palace Zone music for Origins (so the level could have its own theme in Sonic 2, rather than using Mystic Cave 2P). But I am glad he found some way to rework it and reuse it.
  11. TheOcelot


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    When he says "proposed Hidden Palace Zone" it kinda feels like Tee is implying HP was originally going to be very different in Mania from the pretty-much 1:1 recreation from 3&K which we got (with a new boss). I.e. that maybe HP was originally going to be much bigger with new layouts. Kinda wish it was.

    Anyway, glad this track made it into Superstars. It's a nice piece.
  12. Deep Dive Devin

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    I don't think that's what it means, I think "a proposed 'Hidden Palace zone' in Sonic Mania" does not specifically refer to Hidden Palace but a stage like Hidden Palace, a 1-act stage with a fair amount of story but not a ton of gameplay to bridge the gap between one part of the game and another.
  13. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    iirc Taxman confirmed in REMS that S2 Hidden Palace was planned but cut from Mania due to time constraints. It got replaced by the little S3K Hidden Palace segment in Lava Reef. Anyway, cool that Tee's proposed theme ended up finding a home in Superstars.
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  14. Brainulator


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    I honestly thought Tee meant S&K HPZ.
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  16. I heard that Superstars bosses were harder, which is something that immediately catches my interest, but I also heard it was "harder" in an annoying way rather than a fun way.

    For a fact, after finally buying the game 2 or 3 days ago and playing through the main campaign for myself, I can definitely see what is meant. This stuff can be pretty punishing, causing you to lose what may feel like massive progress for tiny errors.

    But honestly it really isn't that hard to get through if you pay attention and get a feel for the bosses. And I got to say that clutching that last bit of the final boss with no rings brought a feeling of tension that I am not accustomed to with Sonic bosses that I honestly kind of loved.

    Similar feeling with the auto scroller boss fight with Fang.

    Is there too much waiting? Some bosses that are kind of boring? I honestly can't say. I can definitely see what is meant by that complaint. But i think I'll have to play through them a few more times before I get to the point where I start feeling that personally.

    It's still too new to me for me to have gotten overly bored of it.

    Also, I have seen some dislike for Superstars later levels in the main campaign. Honestly, outside the zero gravity sections where you're slowly traveling through with the lasers, which are slow and boring, I don't see that either. Still fun, fast, and engaging to me.

    I have started Trips campaign which is also a lot of fun so far.


    I am having quite a bit of fun with Superstars.

    Superstars was exactly what I needed: Simply a new Classic Sonic game designed like a Classic sonic game that the first time I played it would be with the skill and knowledge of these games I currently have. And so I can play well, keep a decent flow, and what's most important and is actually new is kind of predict the level design and take advantage of opportunities I can kind of feel coming up.

    And it is crazy how many opportunities they present that cater to that type of stuff. Even if the reward turns out to be a special stage ring that I am not taking advantage of or a worthless gold medal, it is still nice because it is SOME FORM of validation and recognition of the fact that I knew what the game was about to do.

    It's fun. Actually, it's really fun. And honestly, I think this is the game that has finally instilled a real, personal appreciation in me for how this type of gameplay.

    Or rather, reinstilled it. I had it, and 3K was one of my favorite videogames for a while. But that kind of ended but uh...

    Anyways, playing this game right after coming off playing through Generations again for the first time in a while, (I finally got it running on pc, and have just come off s ranking all the side missions and getting the red rings. Haven't bothered fighting the time eater or even the Unleashed boss before it, though) I'm feeling pretty good toward Sonic rn.
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  17. KaiGCS


    I didn't notice this until my second playthrough, so just in case you didn't either: You can springboard off of the walls in those sections to get more speed. (And I liked your write up, sounds like it hit you the same way it did me!)
  18. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Being able to springboard off walls makes those sections go from horrible to slightly less horrible.
  19. Yeah, i was aware of that. Still not my favorite but at least they're not that long. lol
  20. XCubed


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    Well I can no longer complain about the lack of an OST :ohdear:

    I just wish they spent the months to put it together on actually releasing refreshed versions of the level music we love to hate.

    It’s not uncommon for there to be a release of enhanced versions of level themes for this series, let’s hope this game becomes one of them.

    Edit: I had a feeling Golden Capital act 2 was not Jun. He wouldn’t modify the snare for variety. Plus the song isn’t in his style wheelhouse either.
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