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Sonic Superstars: A New 2D Sonic Game (Fall 2023)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DefinitiveDubs, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. Lambda


    I'm kinda half-joking. I don't really want/need a Plus unless it's gonna replace the music and fix the bosses... and honestly, I shouldn't have to pay extra for that, and I don't think they're going to do it. That's just what they did for the last few Classic-related releases.

    This. The rewind gimmick was a cool idea, but Egg Staton was sooo boring to look at. Just all grey metal corridors. Uninspired.

    Unlike a lot of folks, I kinda love the "the last level is in space" trope, but I just think they need to keep on introducing variations to the mechanics, visuals, and theming.

    Sonic Advance is a great example where you start at a launch base, actually ride the rocket into space for the duration of an entire level, explore a colorful space station, and then fight on the surface of the moon. Lots of variety and different ideas.
  2. Zephyr


    If we were told Evening Star made this, the lack of proper badnik bouncing would just be the biggest Tax/Stealth blunder since fucking up the hitboxes in the remakes. I could believe it.

    Nah, Mad Gear slaps, even with Jun not knowing what he's doing.
  3. Mookey


    Eh, Mad Gear's too short and repetitive to really slap imo. Something more developed would've been great though.
  4. qwertysonic


    creating the biggest sonic collection
    I also think Egg Station Act 2 is a great gimmick and overall more fun than Titanic Monarch.
  5. Hey, is there a consensus on this game? In the end, the likelihood of my enjoyment matching up with that of anyone else on this site is very unlikely, but I figure it would be good to ask before making a purchase I'll regret.
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    I don't know.
    Can you repeat the question?
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  7. Is the game good
  8. KingOfBunnies


    It might be. It might not be. I haven't been able to find any kind of long-term discussion on the game.
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  9. Hilarious.
  10. Palas


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    I think you might like the harder aspects of it, since they offer challenge unseen elsewhere in the franchise. I remember our discussions about what we like in Sonic and based on those I think you might enjoy a bit (but not all) of the challenges based on Emerald Powers, and some (but not all) bosses. The game lenda itself to creatove combinations of abilities and circumstances, especially with Trip.
  11. Personally, enjoyed it. Most of the bosses aren't extremely difficult, just a bit too long.
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  12. charcoal


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    No consensus whatsoever, and its ok. Its a very white bread classic sonic game, it doesn't do much revolutionary so it makes the flaws stick out more.
  13. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Most common things I see/hear said about it are:
    -Level design is decent but falls off a bit later on
    -Most of the bosses are a drag
    -More or less 'clasic accurate' physics except for Knuckles' glide
    -Trip is a cool addition to the cast
    -The final bosses suck
    -Music is very 50/50
  14. KaiGCS


    I've noticed it seems to correlate with what you already like about 2D Sonic. Maybe it's just confirmation bias, but I think you can kind of feel Ohshima's influence in this game. The level design sometimes resembles the games he previously worked on (1 and CD), it's a little bit more of a traditional platformer with *lots* of exploration and expression encouraged through the character abilities and emerald powers. Whereas Mania's level design took much more after Sonic 2 and 3, being a little more speed-focused and streamlined.

    Nearly everyone I've met who really loves this game, including me, also has a bit of an affinity for the 8-bit titles, which were ALSO by necessity a bit more "traditional". Like, I think Press Factory is one of the best Sonic stages we've gotten in ages, I like it at least just as much as I like any of the new stuff in Mania, but I know some people had a miserable time there. So it just depends on what you're looking for.
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  15. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Took them all this time and it feels rushed.
    • All of the menu themes are just called Jingle 1 through 4, except Battle Mode Menu
    • Boss Battle 4 is the first half of the music used in the cutscene where Trip rebels again Fang. It's not used in any boss fights.
    • The other half of said cutscene music (where Trip makes friends with everyone) seems to be missing entirely.
    • EDIT: Actually, all of the in-engine cutscene music is missing, except for the aforementioned mislabelled track.
    • The cover art is literally just the game's boxart...
    • No creative name for the album.
    What an anticlimax for one of the most disappointing soundtracks in the series' history. Some absolute bangers from Tee Lopes, Rintaro Soma and Takahiro Kai, but Jun Senoue really doesn't know what the fuck he's doing when creating supposedly Classic music anymore. And there's generally just very little cohesion and consistency across the entire soundtrack. It's as though all of the artists and the director were working to entirely different criteria.
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  16. Boss 4 was probably intended as the alternate miniboss theme the same way 5 is used for the main boss even if it was only used once, they both fit the pace of the bosses a lot better then the incredibly short and repetitive 1&2 tracks.

    Interesting that the credits track is by Yuzuru Jinma, people thought it was just Jun’s original tracks but that never made sense to me considering it contains tracks that are solely credited to Tee Lopes.
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  17. Naean


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    It looks like the official auto-generated Topic channel videos are also now uploaded to YouTube in this playlist.

    I assume Yuzuru Jinma is being credited as the person who composed the Credits intro as well as being the same person who medley-edited tracks together into one track.

    But then, does that mean the tracks which Jun Senoue isn't credited to are also rearranged by Yuzuru Jinma? I'm guessing so, considering the tracks which Jun Senoue isn't credited to aren't using Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 percussion in their Credits version rearrangements.
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  18. Forte


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    I’m trying to beat the game with all of the emeralds, and I really hate the special stages. It’s Sonic Lost World 3DS levels of bad.
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Can't quite agree with that, because Lost World 3DS is a while different level of bad.

    But yeah, the Special Stages aren't perfect. Picking a target for the homing attack is a crap shoot. Best advice I can give you is to use the bombs to your advantage; you can lock on to the them and as long as you let go before you hit them, you won't take damage. Also you should try to cut the Emerald off, rather than simply chase it. The green Emerald is much easier to get if you constantly hang left.