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Sonic Superstars: A New 2D Sonic Game (Fall 2023)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by DefinitiveDubs, Jun 8, 2023.

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    Yasuhara did the map designs for Sonic 3D and Sonic R before he left Sega for Naughty Dog, he even pitched in several level concepts for X-treme before production for that game completely fell apart.

    I firmly believe if Sonic Team called him to design and direct an actual 3D Sonic (MD, Adventure or otherwise) back in the day, he would had definitely nailed it; the stage design for 3D and R are among the saving graces for those games. Still sad we never got to see him actually get that chance.
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    I can change this if you want me to ;)
    Sonic had a rough transition to 3D….
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    I assume Sonic Science is the site you're thinking of?
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    You're probably talking about Sonic Science. Incidentally, it does mention "pinball dynamic", but it's a rather minor section that doesn't really encompass all of SOnic's movement-- the skateboarding part yu mentioned complements it.
  5. Thanks I was just about to mention finding it.
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    >checks the Superstars credits
    Screenshot 2023-09-29 220355.png

    Screenshot 2023-09-29 220400.png

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    He meant "current" Sonic Team members. The former ones are already left.


    I forgot about those 2, and you're right. They're very well designed stages too that maintained a lot of elements from his work, all things considered.
  9. Superstars is kind of weird in that; it's not as shitty as Sonic 4, so fans aren't nearly as mad about it, but it doesn't seem as good as Mania, which people basically treated as the second coming of christ himself.

    Superstars sits somewhere in between that spectrum. Likely because Classic 2D Sonic games are basically the norm now. Sonic Mania was famous because it was made by a passionate group of individuals who started as fans, while Sonic 4 was (in)famous for being seen as a soulless corporate cash grab capitalizing on a trend.

    Superstars is like...they got one of Sonic's original creators on board and they're clearly trying compared to Sonic 4, but it's obvious they're going for modernisms compared to what Mania was doing.

    It's weird, but I don't hate it. I just think we're at a point when 2D gameplay has become the norm, so it's not really exciting anymore.
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    I've said earlier but Superstars being an evident of a norm instead of either a holy miracle or eternal damnation is what I'd like Sonic to be.
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    Those articles write themselves, i would bet even AI can write whole article about that nowadays lol
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    It would be pretty awesome if we fell into a run of just straight up 2D platformer sequels like it's 1992. No craziness, just increasing polish levels, new stages and toys, and one or two new big hooks each time.

    So like, it's 2027 and Sonic Superstars 3 is on the horizon; its buildup coming with this relaxed confidence that it's just gonna be Sonic Superstars 2, but more and better. Just another 90s sequel. I'd love that.

    Sonic Superstars 3 & Knuckles. Do it, Sega.
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    I asked ChatGPT to do this for me for fun.

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's iconic blue blur, has been a beloved character in the world of video games since his debut in 1991. With his lightning-fast speed, charming personality, and memorable platforming adventures, Sonic quickly became a formidable rival to Nintendo's Mario. However, as the industry began its shift from 2D to 3D gaming in the mid-'90s, Sonic's transition to three-dimensional gameplay proved to be a challenging journey filled with ups and downs.

    The Glory Days of 2D Sonic

    Sonic's early years in the 2D realm were nothing short of spectacular. Games like "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Sonic the Hedgehog 2," and "Sonic CD" received critical acclaim for their tight controls, innovative level design, and catchy music. Sonic's trademark loop-de-loops, speedy dashes, and colorful worlds captivated players worldwide.

    The 3D Challenge

    The transition from 2D to 3D gaming posed a significant challenge for Sega's blue mascot. In 1996, Sega released "Sonic 3D Blast," a game that attempted to blend 2D gameplay with isometric 3D graphics. While it had its moments, this title failed to capture the essence of Sonic's 2D adventures.

    The real test came with the release of "Sonic Adventure" in 1998 for the Sega Dreamcast. This game marked Sonic's full transition into the 3D world, featuring multiple playable characters, each with its own gameplay style. The game received praise for its stunning visuals and the ambitious scope of its adventure, but it also exposed some of the difficulties Sonic faced in making the leap to 3D.

    Challenges and Missteps

    1. Camera Issues: Sonic's speed didn't always translate well to 3D environments. The camera often struggled to keep up with the hedgehog's breakneck pace, leading to disorienting moments and frustrating gameplay.

    2. Character Design: "Sonic Adventure" introduced new characters and gameplay styles, but not all of them were well-received. Big the Cat's fishing segments, in particular, left players scratching their heads and longing for the simpler days of 2D Sonic.

    3. Inconsistent Quality: The transition to 3D resulted in a mixed bag of Sonic titles. While "Sonic Adventure" and its sequel "Sonic Adventure 2" garnered praise, subsequent releases like "Sonic Heroes" and "Shadow the Hedgehog" failed to capture the same magic.

    4. Overemphasis on Style: Some games in the 3D era seemed more focused on style over substance, with convoluted storylines and over-the-top character designs taking center stage, often at the expense of enjoyable gameplay.
    Redemption and Resurgence

    Despite the rocky start in 3D, Sonic has managed to regain some of his former glory. Titles like "Sonic Generations" and "Sonic Colors" returned to the series' roots, blending 2D and 3D gameplay seamlessly and capturing the essence of what made Sonic great in the first place. These games have been well-received by fans and critics alike, offering a glimmer of hope for the franchise's future.


    Sonic the Hedgehog's transition to 3D gaming was undoubtedly a rough one, filled with challenges, missteps, and a few memorable successes. While the road was bumpy, it's essential to acknowledge that Sonic's enduring popularity speaks to the resilience of the character and the dedication of his fanbase. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Sonic's journey in 3D is a testament to the complexities of adapting beloved 2D franchises to a new dimension, and it serves as a reminder that even the fastest hedgehog in gaming can face hurdles on his path to success.
    It makes me laugh how similar this is to actual articles about the subject. It's so overdone at this point that even AI can nail it.
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    It's best to assume like Mania that this is a one-and-done. Oshima still works for Arzest, after all, not Sonic Team. If the game ends up good, just appreciate what we're getting and hope the trend continues. That's the best we can do lol.
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    Oh shit, this is super cool to me. I don't think I really made the connection between skateboarding and classic Sonic movement and terrain interaction until around 2017. I rarely see anybody else mention it, so it's nice to see that it's already been observed somewhere prior and that I'm not crazy!

    As far as "momentum" is concerned, Ryan Bloom, aka BlazeHedgehog, wrote an article back in March of 2005 titled "Dissecting a Hedgehog: An in-depth analysis of Sonic the Hedgehog" for The Gamer’s Quarter. Some relevant quotes include:
    Curiously, no mention of "pinball" though. It's possible that "pinball" was later employed in communities like this one to try and sum up what was being described in this article, aforementioned "Sonic Science" website notwithstanding.

    As for coming up with a better shorthand, my best and most recent stab at it was one of our conversations last year:
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    Welp, I've got the steam version pre-ordered, which is something I never do anymore otherwise.

    Dear god, here's hoping the design problems of the recent Frontiers DLC and the Origins bugs aren't a trend. Please don't let this game be massively broken and janky at launch...

    I will take the L if it is, I suppose.
  17. Considering it's not being developed by Sonic Team and all the footage we've seen so far looks like everything is working as intended, there shouldn't be any worries.
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    The only thing stopping me from pre-ordering is concerns over denuvo. I’ll definitely be getting the game launch week but whether it’s for switch or steam depends on how people say the game performs on pc/laptops
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    Sonic Superstars is everything I hope the Sonic Series can be from now on, specifically 3D.

    I'm not referring to presentation, gameplay (Well, sorta. I love the rewarding gameplay shown so far), music, or even using Classic Sonic. I mean quality. Worse case this game is going to be "alright". 80% on Metacritic, Not as good as Mania, but STILL a worthwhile game.

    If going forward with the recent success of this series, Sonic games at WORST will just be (Alright) / 80% Experiences then I'd say this franchise will be in safe hands!
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    Certainly I'd personally love if presentation and style was more like Superstars than Frontiers for the franchise going forward, and I'm not even referring to Classic vs Modern Sonic.