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Sonic Stranded - SAGE 2020 demo is out

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Gnidel, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Gnidel


    Sonic Stranded is a 3D Sonic fan game based on Bumper Engine that aims to bring a breath of fresh air into 3D Sonic fan games with new level themes with unique gimmicks, lots of bosses, original story and many "why not" ideas from other Sonic games, like character switching from Sonic Heroes and customizable character from Sonic Forces.

    This is a solo project that is in development for over 2 years and considering I didn't give up yet, I give it high chances of being finished... in 5 years, maybe more. My primary objective is to make a memorable game while having fun developing it (and considering I enjoy programming more than art, expect lots of gimmicks, lots of bosses and possibly feature creep). The game was formerly called Sonic Liquid Survival.

    The story is a continuation of Sonic Forces and will explore origins of the original Phantom Ruby, while throwing characters in unfamiliar situation of having to fight not for others, not for freedom, but for their own survival.

    The SAGE 2020 demo is here:

    It contains:
    - 2 new stages (not in previous demos, not in any Sonic game before)
    - 2 bosses at the end of every stage
    - 6 playable characters with unique abilities, including customizable Avatar
    - Solo, duo and trio modes. It's possible to switch between characters in the team on the fly and teammates follow the active character.
    - 3 Wispons
    - 7 Special Stages
    - Super Sonic