Sonic Spinball - Large Logo Artwork Origins?

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    There's a high resolution Sonic Spinball logo floating around online (Very similar to the title screen, but it's non-pixelated artwork instead.), however I am struggling to find its original source.

    As one example, the BrawlBRSTMs3 X YouTube Channel uses it for their Sonic Spinball music uploads.

    I have also found another upload of this large logo on this website page, although Sonic is oddly blurry in that image compared to everything else.

    Additionally, doing a search-by-image via Google shows the logo re-uploaded across other websites in different resolutions and with some slight design differences.

    After some image searching, the only 'official' upload of the logo which I could find is a much smaller version on the Steam page for Sonic Spinball, but there doesn't seem to be a larger version on there as well.

    Furthermore, a look on Sonic Retro wiki's Sonic Spinball page shows the standalone Sonic render that is also used in that logo (Along with the App Store variant, which includes the logo's red lines, along with a similarly blurry Sonic as seen in this.), but where the entire higher resolution logo originates from eludes me.

    Apologies if this is a daft enquiry, and I'm being dumb by missing something incredibly obvious, but I've never seen a concrete source of where this logo's large resolution variant originally came from.

    Does the App Store version of the game contain the full logo? Is it from a different part of Steam's Sonic Spinball pages that I am unaware of?

    Would be very grateful if anyone knows something about this that I don't. :)
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    The Sonic is much older than the logo - it was used on the Japanese cover (of which I've just noticed our "scan" is fake, so top marks for inadvertently pointing that out).

    Not sure where the rest came from - it's from a modern release from a few years ago.
  3. Best guess, it's official artwork from Sega (re)created for the iOS and/or Steam release in 2010 (the red lines being used for the iOS app icon would support this), but the original version of the high-res artwork has disappeared leaving only copies on a couple of random sites, plus the low res one on Steam etc. The blurry Sonic is strange though, especially when the image on the wiki is much clearer. It's as if someone messed up when resizing it at some point.

    Bit weird they went to the effort of recreating the title screen's art for Spinball, don't think they did it for any other game?