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    Yup, Sonic Speed is a shitty name and I know it. I started this project in 2007 and procastinated to hell (Every fangamer's nightmare), and I had to redo the engine twice. I spent all sorts of time coding gimmicks that I only ever used once in the game, lawl. I decided I would keep the name as it was.

    It has been a long time coming, and circumstances unknown lead to this game being released at the most random time at all. To no fanfare, there is reason for the sudden release. My brother recently made a grave mistake and deleted a lot of folders on the desktop, effectively deleting all of my resources. My life is busy, very busy, and so gathering these resources again would be time consuming and interfere with my college work, so I had no choice but to polish/finish the game with what resources/time I had left.

    The result is the current version of Sonic Speed, being released today.

    In it you will find:
    *6 Total levels
    *Each level has a boss(es)
    *An unlockable game mode
    *Unlockable transformations
    *Hidden swords in each level (besides the final level)
    *Super Sonic is unlocked already by default, just grab 50 rings and jump while in the air to activate
    *Rank tracks your progress in the game.
    *The game is relatively short, comparable to a minigame, and can be beaten in 30 minutes if you're familiar with how the game works

    Download here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    Gameplay video: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    Complete Playthrough (no music): <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (Special thanks to Jimmyjasy, a friend of mine, for the upload)

    Transformations: These are supposed to be unlocked, but for v1.1, you have them at the very start. Sonic has 5 transformations you can pull off at any time. Before you go "ZOMG OP TIEM". The transformations, actually, have tons of downsides. It's not reccomended to use transforms until you are familiar with the game.
    >Darkspine Sonic - Push 1 - Actions are unavailable. Spirit gauge becomes locked, but Sonic is invincible while running. However, his jump height is severely nerfed.
    >Darkspine Sonic 2 - Push 2 - Similar to Darkspine 1, but there is a CTRL move now.
    >Darkspine Sonic 3 - Push 3 - The strongest darkspine, has 2 CTRL moves.
    >Knight Sonic - Push 4 - Sonic sacrifices all CTRL moves to wield a sword instead. CTRL allows you to double jump, and will shoot out a sword wave if the spirit gauge is full.
    >Super Sonic - Double jump when rings >=50 - The strongest transformation, sonic is completely invincible and jump/run speeds are boosted heavily

    Controls: Sonic Speed utilizes a 'Spirit Gauge' which is built via running. By running, you can build up the gauge to execute various attacks.
    >>Lightdash - Up near a row of rings
    >>Vault - Push up near certain cliffs
    >>Wallrun - Approach certain walls

    >CTRL (Spirit) Attacks: (Only applies to normal Sonic)
    >>Double Jump - CTRL+UP
    >>Insta Skid - CTRL+DOWN
    >>Insta Boost - CTRL+FORWARD on the ground
    >>Airdash - CTRL+FORWARD in the air. Note: You are vulnerable to attack for the duration of your jump
    >>Wall Boost - Push CTRL while wallrunning
    >>Shield Crush - Push CTRL when standing still with an elemental shield

    Additional Note: This is version 1.1, if the response isn't complete shit, I might see if I can gather up more resources and finish the 3 remaining levels.
    Levels/features not included in this version:
    >Final Heaven (A snow-like level with snowwy terrain that affects player movement)
    >GUN Network (An underground facility filled with GUN Robots.)
    >Death Egg (Only had half of act 1 done anyway)
    >Eggman - No Dr. Robotnik in v1.1, he doesn't show up until one of the unfinished levels, sadly.
    >Arena Mode - An 'endgame only' mode that allows you to fight secret bosses that are taken from the sonic universe, such as Silver and Blaze. This is a 'Secret Boss Attack'-esque mode and has no platforming whatsoever.
    >Chaos Emeralds - Will be added in when the other 3 levels are done. For now, Super Sonic is available at the very start
    >Tails Mode - Tails Mode is actually in the game, but the animations are glitchy as fuck. I would avoid playing it unless you like the challenge.
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    Watched the first half of the demo video. Looks really well made! The parallax scrolling with the trees in the background could do with being a bit faster though. Looks a bit static at the moment.
  3. Relick


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    Not sure what to say about this. It was definitely interesting. There were a couple tile misplacements, and the Hidden Palace thing was kinda random and unnecessary. I was also hoping for another boss in the section you run on the water :(

    However, all the powers and abilities have shown you really put effort and time into this game. Cool.
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    Though the level design could be improved a bit this does look pretty interesting. As far as gameplay goes it looks quite good, like the walljumping and lightdashing.
    As I said however, the levels could do with some work, as they could certainly be improved. They're also a bit short, although I don't know if that was intentional or not.
    Overall though, it looks very well made, and I would like to see more of this in future.
    Also, was that Sonic R music I heard?
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    *points accusing finger* Thread Necromancer!!!! :colbert:
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    Cool, I watched the first video and looks quite fun - like the music :)