Sonic Speed Simulator, Officially Partnered Sonic Roblox Game

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    I will say that some of the people who worked on Sonic Speed Simulator came from similar backgrounds in creating Sonic fan games.

    For example, a couple of them worked on a different (albeit, unofficial) Sonic Roblox game called "Sonic Onset Adventure".



    It can just possibly be a homage. However, I think the inspiration is too apparent, lol. I can't see them including Hill Top zone if Sonic GT didn't exist.

    But onto the level itself, I enjoyed it!

    It's about time that we got a properly designed level after only having Green Hill and 3 open fields with assets placed haphazardly, lol.

    I seriously hope they're looking into revamping those zones at some point because they're extremely poor compared to Green and Hilltop. It's clear that the majority of dev time was spent on making the mechanics work and Green Hill Zone, while everything else was thrown together at the last minute.

    EDIT: Realized that the Fan Game aspect was mentioned much earlier in the thread's lifespan! Apologize if this was old news, then.
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    Violet CLM

    If you already have Emerald Hill, recoloring the walls blue is a pretty simple next step.