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Sonic Shogakukan Manga Index

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Pengi, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Pengi


    Sorry for making another Sonic Manga topic so soon, but I think this is worth having its own thread for easy reference.

    The Shogakukan Sonic manga series has been shrouded in mystery for a while. Whilst doing a little research, I discovered that the various Shogakukan Learning Journals (小学館の学習雑誌) are in the National Diet Library's collection. Of course, they're not available to view online, but they do have a complete contents listing of each issue. I cross-referenced the information with the few scans we do have, and they're a 100% exact match, so I'm going to consider the information reliable. With this I've been able to create a list of every issue Sonic appeared in, who the creative team was, and the page number the comic begins on. The page numbers are very useful for identifying scans where the issue is unknown. This page, for example is one of the earliest we ever saw online. At first it was identified as being from the 4th Grade magazine, then fans assumed it was from the 2nd Grade magazine because of the artist. But it's actually from the September 1992 issue of the 6th Grade magazine.

    For the Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special issues I mainly relied on a fan site, the CoroCoro Comic Index, in combination with the few comics that have already been scanned, and scans of the "Contents" pages from online stores etc.

    One small oddity - Kenji Terada was responsible for the original story concept. Sometimes the NDL co-credits him, sometimes it doesn't. I don't think he wrote any of the comics directly, but I left the credits in anyway. The 4th Grade magazine isn't actually comics, so much as illustrated prose. Kenji Terada may have written these directly, since he's credited on every one, but it's difficult to be certain without having the actual images.

    Some issues had extra Sonic stuff. I'll put them in red. Also, in the 1st Grade magazine the actual comics didn't seem to begin until the September 1992 issue, but there was Sonic content in earlier issues. I've left those in Japanese, since they have actual titles, which none of the others do.

    Anyway, here we go:


    Kenji Terada 寺田憲史
    Mitsuo Kimura 木村光雄
    Takase Hiroshi 嵩瀬ひろし
    Sango Morimoto 森本サンゴ
    Hirokazu Hikawa ひかわ博一 or ひかわひろかず
    Norihiro Matsubara 松原徳弘
    Yukio Abe 阿部行夫
    Yoshihiko Ochi おちよしひこ
    Koichi Tanaka 田中康一



    1992-05 どうどうとうじょうだぜ!ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Kenji Terada p127 [JP Scans]
    1992-06 ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグなかまもよろしくな! p111 (single page)
    1992-07 ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Dr.エッグマンのひみつ p121 (single page)
    1992-08 ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ ベルーカをやっつけろ! p30 (single page)
    1992-09 New Series Sonic the Hedgehog / Mitsuo Kimura p96 [JP Scans]
    1992-10 Mitsuo Kimura; Takase Hiroshi p42 [JP Scans]
    1992-11 Mitsuo Kimura p66 [JP Scans]
    1992-12 Mitsuo Kimura; Takase Hiroshi p26 ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ2 すごいぞ!3つのひみつ p28 [JP Scans]
    1993-01 Mitsuo Kimura; Takase Hiroshi p60 [JP Scans]
    1993-02 Sango Morimoto p37
    1993-03 Sango Morimoto p60 Sonic 2 Panorama barcode card p5 [JP Scans]
    1993-04 Sango Morimoto p82 [JP Scans] [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993-05 Sango Morimoto p137 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (smaller)]
    1993-06 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p92 [JP Scans]
    1993-07 Sango Morimoto p91 [JP Scans]
    1993-08 Sango Morimoto p118 [JP Scans]



    1992-04 Sango Morimoto p93 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992-05 Sango Morimoto p15 [JP Scans]
    1992-06 Kenji Terada; Sango Morimoto p147 [JP Scans]
    1992-07 Sango Morimoto p24 [JP Scans]
    1992-08 Sango Morimoto p14 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992-09 Sango Morimoto p145 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992-10 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p30 [JP Scans]
    1992-11 Sango Morimoto p40 [JP Scans]
    1992-12 Sango Morimoto p34 Sonic Christmas Santa Coloring Contest p44 [JP Scans]
    1993-01 Sango Morimoto p72 [JP Scans]
    1993-02 Sango Morimoto p86 <Game playing cards> (3) Yoshi's cookie Tiny Toon 2 Sonic 2 etc. p14 [JP Scans]
    1993-03 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p68 [JP Scans]
    1993-04 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p93 [JP Scans]
    1993-05 Sango Morimoto p84
    1993-06 Sango Morimoto p107
    1993-07 Sango Morimoto p98
    1993-08 Sango Morimoto p205



    1992-04 New Series Sonic the Hedgehog / Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p140
    1992-05 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p136 [JP Photos]
    1992-06 Hirokazu Hikawa p236 [JP Photos]
    1992-07 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p215 [JP Photos]
    1992-08 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p193 [JP Photos]
    1992-09 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p153 [JP Photos]
    1992-10 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p221 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992-11 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p204 [JP Scans] [JP Photos] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992-12 Hirokazu Hikawa p71
    1993-01 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p153 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 p9 [JP Photos]
    1993-02 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p239 [JP Photos]
    1993-03 Hirokazu Hikawa; p221 [JP Photos]
    1993-04 Hirokazu Hikawa p206 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993-05 Hirokazu Hikawa p192 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993-06 Hirokazu Hikawa p140 [JP Scans]
    1993-07 Hirokazu Hikawa p144 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993-08 Hirokazu Hikawa p124 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]



    ソニックの大冒険 (also written in English as "The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog")

    1992-04 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p96 [JP Scans]
    1992-05 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p95 [JP Scans]
    1992-06 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p51 [JP Scans]
    1992-07 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p69 [JP Scans]
    1992-08 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p61 [JP Scans]
    1992-09 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p127 [JP Scans]
    1992-10 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p149 [JP Photos]
    1992-11 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p167 [JP Photos]
    1992-12 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p161 ソニックワールドへようこそ! Kenji Terada; Yukio Abe; Norihiro Matsubara p23 [JP Scans]
    1993-01 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p195 [JP Photos]
    1993-02 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p181 [JP Photos]
    1993-03 Kenji Terada; Norihiro Matsubara p191 [JP Photos]
    1993-04 Kenji Terada; Yoshihiko Ochi p261 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)] [JP Photos]
    1993-05 Kenji Terada; Yoshihiko Ochi p265 [JP Scans]
    1993-06 Kenji Terada; Yoshihiko Ochi p245 [JP Scans]
    1993-07 Kenji Terada; Yoshihiko Ochi p223 [JP Scans]
    1993-08 Kenji Terada; Yoshihiko Ochi p241 [JP Scans]



    1992-04 Hirokazu Hikawa [ひかわひろかず] p126
    1992-05 Hirokazu Hikawa [ひかわ博一] p237 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1992-06 Hirokazu Hikawa p253
    1992-07 Hirokazu Hikawa p221
    1992-08 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p259
    1992.09 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p231 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1992.10 Hirokazu Hikawa; Kenji Terada p111 [JP Scans]
    1992.11 Hirokazu Hikawa p142
    1992.12 Hirokazu Hikawa p138 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 p38
    1993.01 Hirokazu Hikawa p116 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1993.02 Hirokazu Hikawa p119 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Capture Technique p40 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1993.03 Hirokazu Hikawa p218
    1993.04 Hirokazu Hikawa p238
    1993.05 Hirokazu Hikawa p114
    1993.06 Hirokazu Hikawa p272
    1993.07 Hirokazu Hikawa p132
    1993.08 Hirokazu Hikawa p276



    1992.04 Sango Morimoto p108
    1992.05 Sango Morimoto p236
    1992.06 Sango Morimoto p236
    1992.07 Sango Morimoto p106
    1992.08 Sango Morimoto p106
    1992.09 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p110 [JP Scan (INCOMPLETE)]
    1992.10 Sango Morimoto p202 [JP Scans]
    1992.11 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p140 [JP Scans]
    1992.12 Sango Morimoto p148 Game Express Sonic 2 Map Large Strategy / Land Stalker FFV · New Job System Great Research / Magazine Game Interview Team; Caramel · Mama; Supersonic Speed; Takayoshi Shimaura; DOM · DOM p35 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993.01 Sango Morimoto; Kenji Terada p84 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993.02 Sango Morimoto; Terada Kenji p108 [JP Scans]
    1993.03 Sango Morimoto p148 メガドラ+ソニック2モニター大募集 p241
    1993.04 Sango Morimoto p204 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993.05 Sango Morimoto p130
    1993.06 Sango Morimoto p146
    1993.07 Sango Morimoto; Terada Kenji p124 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993.08 Sango Morimoto; Terada Kenji p136 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]


    (later: 別冊コロコロコミックSpecial)

    1992.08 Koichi Tanaka p226 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992.10 Koichi Tanaka p373 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1992.12 Koichi Tanaka p375 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]
    1993.02 Koichi Tanaka p377 [JP Scans]
    1993.04 Koichi Tanaka p313 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1993.06 Koichi Tanaka [JP Scans]
    1993.08 Koichi Tanaka p118 [JP Scans]
    1993.10 Koichi Tanaka
    1993.12 Koichi Tanaka p208 [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1994.02 Koichi Tanaka [JP Scans] [JP Scans (Smaller)]
    1994.04 Koichi Tanaka p503 [JP Scans]
    1994.06 Koichi Tanaka p421 [JP Scans]

    GEKKAN COROCORO COMIC Summer Vacation Special Issue

    1992 Koichi Tanaka p107 [JP Scans] [ENG Scans (Fan Translation)]

    GEKKAN COROCORO COMIC Spring Break Special Issue

    1993 Koichi Tanaka p97 [JP Scans]

    ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ2 メガドライブ公式ガイドブック
    1992 Sango Morimoto [JP Scans]
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  2. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

    no reverse gear Wiki Sysop
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    steamboat wiki
    Very well done. I had a go at just trying to verify that the magazines existed the other day, and you don't get very far on an image search alone (which is odd when you consider the Japanese invented all the good digital cameras).
  3. Sir_mihael


    Holy smokes this is crazy informative. Great work!
  4. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Wow, thanks for sharing all that info! If only we knew of somebody who collects these.
  5. Pengi


    The CoroCoro Comic Index site doesn't have any info on the June 1994 issue of Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special. It's come to my attention that this issue most likely features the final installment of Sonic the Hedgehog, not the April issue.

    EDIT: Found the June 1994 cover, it says "Sonic the Hedgehog" on it.

  6. Linkabel


    I uploaded two new issues to my drive. They are the 1992.08 and the 1994.04 Koichi Tanaka issues.

    The August 1992 Koichi Tanaka issue is really interesting because Amy is working with Eggman and Metal Sonic appears at the end! This is way before his debut in September 1993!

    Edit: Actually got confused there for a sec, the Metal Sonic issue is the 1994.04 one so Sonic CD is still his first appearance. Though still want to know why Amy is working with Eggman.

    Here's the link to the issues.
  7. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Thanks, those scans are looking great! However, I'm noticing that some of them may be a bit too cropped, maybe?

    For example, the tryptic in the 1994 issue has two versions of the scan, and the best version is missing some stuff in the borders.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think that, specially in these cases which are aimed more towards preservation, it's preferable to leave partly visible untrimmed borders than to lose... well, anything.

    Also, it may be a good idea to keep the actual page numbers within the magazine/book/etc, for referential purposes (said triple page would be something like "24,25,26.jpg" instead of "Page 2.jpg", for example).
  8. Linkabel


    Ah yeah, some pages are not cropped right because either they're too big for the scanner (like the example you put) or since my scanner is ancient as hell sometimes it doesn't get the whole page.

    I'm planning on buying a new one (if anyone has any recommendations on a cheap/big one let me know) so I'll go back and scanned them again once I do. On the pages I can go back on renamed them later once I have more time.
  9. SonicGenesis89


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    Collecting Sonic Manga
    So, I was doing some research trying to find more of these Shogakukan Sonic Manga's and I found a bunch of them being sold on two separate Japanese websites. It would be great and highly appreciated if we could try to buy all of these. Then we can have almost all of the Coro Coro Shogakukan stories and will only be missing the 1st - 6th grade stories. One book even has rare Manga Sonic stickers in it! :)




    I think this might be the May 1st 1993 Third Grade issue which is mentioned on the list here but I'm not 100% sure.
  10. Windii


    Robot Stonks Riser Member
    All the links you've posted state "sold out". Except the third Mandarake link and the Yahoo! Auctions link. I might be able to order those, but I may have to ship them to someone else to get them scanned when they reach the warehouse of a proxy service I'm using. I'm going to visit my girlfriend on July 4th and won't be able to touch my scanner for a while. I'll pay for shipping and everything.
  11. Pengi


    Thanks for scanning these Casshern! :)

    The 1994 issue is interesting, since it's part of an ongoing story line, whereas the earlier Sonic stories in CoroCoro Special were self-contained.

    This story (or rather, the finale of it, in the next issue) is mentioned on Sonic's Japanese Wikipedia page

    Nicky coming into his own and a fight with Metal Sonic sounds like a good note for the series to go out on.

    Koichi Tanaka had previously introduced a robot resembling the Mega Drive Sonic 2's Mecha Sonic.

    This auction is for a supplement that came free with the magazine, but the magazine itself is not included. The learning journals can be recognised by their distinctive logo. Chunky white font on a big red rectangular background.

    This is the July 1995 issue of the Third Grade magazine, for example.

    Casshern previously uploaded an issue of the Second Grade magazine (Shogaku Ninensei), including the cover, which has the same logo style. (Additionally, he uploaded a previously missing page from that issue - file name "Page 3.5". So that's another page to translate if anyone's up for it!)
  12. I picked up the April 1993 volume of Bessatsu CoroCoro recently; raw scans are on MEGA and shrunk versions are on my site. I only just discovered this thread, and I'm glad to see there's other folks researching this series!
  13. Linkabel


    Really nice, thanks for sharing!
  14. Pengi


    Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I'm a fan of your site and all the hard work you've put into cataloging and preserving otherwise lost video game manga, including Dengeki Nintendo DS's Sonic the Hedgehog series, which I'm sure will be of interest to people here. I've added your links to the original post, I hope this is okay?

    For anyone who's not checked this thread recently, I updated the original post a while back to include links to all the scans we currently have available. A lot of them are from the defunct Portal Sonic site, which only hosted English scanlations.
  15. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Awesome! Thank you!
  16. SonicGenesis89


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    Collecting Sonic Manga
    Hello, everyone! I have recently acquired a bunch of Shogakukan books containing stories for Sonic the Hedgehog and I've been really excited to finally show the scans I made of them for everyone! My two friends and I have been recently searching for these old books in order to scan and archive the Sonic stories in them and compile a complete collection of each grade of Shogakukan as well as for the Coro Coro Specials. If anyone is willing to help, we are in need of a translator for the scans, especially for the 4th grade novels. In addition, I have more books on the way and would greatly appreciate any donations to help continue our goal of obtaining the other magazines. (Please Direct Message me if you are interested). There are more scans of the books on the way to look forward to, so definitely be on the lookout for them later on! :)

    Third Grade - Chapter 07 - October 1992

    Fourth Grade - Chapter 02 - May 1992

    Fourth Grade - Chapter 04 - July 1992

    Fourth Grade - Chapter 05 - August 1992

    Fourth Grade - Chapter 06 - September 1992

    Fifth Grade - Chapter 10 - January 1993
  17. Pengi


    Thanks for scanning all of those SonicGenesis!

    Matsubara's art in those Shogaku Yonensei issues is fantastic! This is the first time we've seen his Sonic art. It's surprisingly on model with the Sega designs too.

    The May 1992 has what appears to be the very first appearance of Charmy Bee in any of the magazines, predating Sango Morimoto's interpretation of the character.


    It's very similar to his Chaotix appearance, but with a different nose and a pilot's jacket. Given how close Matsubara's art is to the recently uncovered concept art, it's probably safe to assume that this version of Charmy is in line with Naoto Ohshima's original design.


    Amy in the July 1992 issue is very much in her Sonic CD form - she doesn't have the upwards flick of "hair" like in the manga concept art.

    It would be great to see this stuff translated at some point, the story looks pretty wild. What's the deal with the mermaid clock? And the wizard/witch? And the toy soldiers?
  18. ICEknight


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    Wow. Thank you for these, you're amazing.
  19. Andrew75


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    O.. M. . G. . . ! Thanks for the Amazingly awesome saucesome Scans SG89!
  20. RGX


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    This is great! Looking forward to more scans!