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Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Diablohead, May 28, 2009.

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  1. GeneHF


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    No luck here, though I may stop by Best Buy again on the way home tonight.
  2. Diablohead


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    People are reporting that you can not use all-star moves online.

    Fuck this game to hell, why gimp the online side of things like that? part of the game's charm is seeing your character do a related super move to help catch up the pack.
  3. Secret Bonus

    Secret Bonus

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    Well that explains why I kept getting nothing but the remote and triple rockets in last place.

    Also this game has done the impossible and made me actually want to play as Big, holy crap
  4. Lobotomy


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    I did, I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Also Knuckles is my secondary character. I love the ATV.
  5. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    You don't always get the All-Star for being in last in the demo. Sometimes you have to be sucking it up big time, or someone one or two places ahead of you gets it. My pal and I also tried local multiplayer, and found more often than not we didn't come across it in (or close to) last place.

    Funny story though, Best Buy didn't get in my preorder (and said four copies would be coming Friday), so I got a refund and went around the corner to GameStop, who had multiple copies. It's been a good time so far. Gonna play it more later.
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I didn't get this game today, however I did download CTR on my computer today. Now there is a good, non Mario, kart racer.
  7. Yeah, I had to go with Gamestop too. I usually don't support them on new releases, but they're literally the only retailer that has it now, I think. Even Best Buy failed me today. It doesn't matter, I'm just going to find a cheaper copy within 30 days and return it using the Gamestop receipt.

    I'll be on in a bit playing this, if anyone wants to add me for 360, it's FriendofSonic.
  8. GeneHF


    SEGA-ier than you'll potentially ever be. Site Staff
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    Complete Global Conquest
    Nope. BB had nothing. GameStop had nothing and most are closing now.

    Screw it, I'll go either tomorrow afternoon one last time or just get it Friday on the way home from production.
  9. Shit, sorry Gene. I would have called around to other Gamestops. Gamestop #2 had one left in stock for me. I think preorders and raving maniacs like me got the Gamestop copies.
  10. GeneHF


    SEGA-ier than you'll potentially ever be. Site Staff
    Scenic Studiopolis
    Complete Global Conquest
    Oh, believe me. The one I went to is the one I'm a usual at, to the point the staff break all corporate formalities around me. They gave a look around in the system for pretty much every store in a twenty mile radius. They told me no one has it in yet but to check back tomorrow afternoon.

    Eh, I can wait more time. It's not too much a problem either way. Of course, I do expect to race you PS3 bros down the line. :v:
  11. Best of luck to getting your copy! Should be no problem by Friday.

    I bought my first purchase with my Sega Miles-- Super Sonic Racing. <3

    EDIT: Big the Cat has the best vehicle ever. AND THE BEST ALL STAR MOVE EVER BIG FROGGY!! They should have played his theme from Sonic Adventure though.
  12. Bartman3010


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    Ugh, its the worst feeling the game could ever offer when your car clips through the floor on a slope or a corkscrew. Otherwise, I've played quite a bit of this game. About 3-4 hours and unlocked half of the stuff.
  13. Skyler


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    These positive reviews keep on giving me the urge to go and get it before a price drop. Scoundrels. :argh: I might as well check if my Target has it tomorrow. I may not get it then, but just to check if it's there.
  14. I downloaded the PC version just now, and played a cup. Fantastic game, probably really fun multiplayer, but the PC version only has split screen.

    gonna use cheat engine and hack this baby now. :)
  15. Kurosan


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    WHAT?! A non-gimped, proper port?! IMPOSSIBLE! Wasn't it SEGA's mission to fuck Wii users over with multi-console releases?

    Seriously though, I'm really glad they didn't pull a shit move like they did with Unleashed. I may go grab the PS3 version tomorrow, assuming I can actually find it.
  16. Shadix


    Well to be fair they could've just not made a wii version at all.
  17. So, I used cheat engine and got enough money to buy everything in the game.

    Complete list of characters/whattheydrive:
    Opa Opa - Opa Opa
    Big - Green Hopper
    Dr. Eggman - Egg Monster
    Shadow - Dark Rider
    Knuckles - Land Breaker
    Amy - Pink Cabriolet
    Tails - Tornado Racer
    Sonic - Speed Star
    AiAi - Blazing Banana
    Billy Hatcher - Racing Rooster
    Amigo - Sun Buggy
    Ulala - Astro Glider (I so see what they did there)
    Beat - De La Custom GGs
    B.D. Joe - Crazy Taxi
    Zobio & Zobiko - Hotrod of Horror
    Ryo - Naoyuki's Motorcycle
    Jacky & Akira - Red Lightning
    Chuchus - Chuchu Rocket
    Bonanza Bros - Get-A-Way Wagon
    Alex Kidd - Sukopako Motorcycle

    I haven't unlocked everything, but I'm pretty sure that's all the characters. Went reading through some of the extra files with a Hex editor and found references to both Avatars AND Banjo, so I'm pretty sure it was obviously built off the 360 version. Even had a memory card reading file. Dunno how much of those pieces are left, but if I could figure out how to determine character selection on the fly (like we had in SADX) using Cheat Engine, I might be able to get something of interest.
  18. Kurosan


    Samurai of Gaming Oldbie
    That's not really a good reason; if you're gonna do something, do it right. Plus, it's not like putting it on Wii was doing the Wii users a favor, it was just another market for them to get money from. I just have a problem with companies not treating their various user bases unfairly, even when it doesn't affect me; I just think it's wrong, you know?
  19. [​IMG]
    So Banjo's in there, somewhere. So are Avatars.

    360 port confirmed?
  20. Kurosan


    Samurai of Gaming Oldbie
    Seems pretty confirmed to me. Out of curiosity, what are Avatars called in that file? Just "Avatars"?
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