Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing transformed audio

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    When I bought this game, since day 1, I have wanted to replace the horrendous voice acting for the TF2 characters. I did a big of digging into the files and did figure some things out, however I did hit some roadblocks. For one, I have no idea how to repack the .pck files in the Data\sound directory. Dragon UnPACKer seems to unpack the files just fine. Additionally, the audio format eluded me. Good news is, a Sumo developer let loose the secret behind the audio encoding:
    So with this information, I'm curious to know if there's a (re)converter for Wwise format. Additionally, are there any packers that can repack the files? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wait, the thread title mentions All Stars 1 but your description refers to Transformed. You ultimately mean Transformed right?

    I just tried DragonUnpacker with files from both games... It claims to extract wave/riff files fine, after which clicking a given file opens up the default wav player (Winamp for me).

    From ASR1, Audio.xpac seems to work fine (at a quick glance at least). Clicking a file opens Winamp and plays the sound just fine.
    From Transformed, I tried SoundBanks.pck and StreamsEng.pck. It claims it extracts files, but trying to play any of them crashes Winamp. Perhaps I just don't have the right settings checked off? I'm search for wave/riff with the HyperRipper portion of the program.

    Edit: Also, source of Sumo member's message? Email, forum?
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    Did someone say Wwise?

    edit: to be more useful, you can grab Wwise for free (and it's free for non-commercial use) and mess around with stuff.
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    Oh, yes, I do mean Transformed. The title has always been confusing, but I'm referring to the most recent one. As for what you described, yes, I can open the files just fine with Dragon UnPACKer and that is the exact same problem I am having. They *appear* to be simple waveforms, but according to that Sumo Dev, they're encoded in Wwise format. Additionally, the source is on the game's steam discussion page, under a topic that's along the lines of "modding this game's audio."

    I'm a bit of an idiot, I did grab Wwise but apparently it wants me to register on I looked around and I can't see any place to register.
    Figured it out, but it still leaves the question: is there any way to put the modified waveforms into the .pck files?