Sonic Runners Revival project

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    Regarding the roulette: The original Pre-Launch version of Runners wasn't too bad. Once you beat story mode, you could rack up red rings quickly, so it wasn't too hard to get all the items. But when it launched, I guess they weren't getting the revenues they hoped for and so began to ruin it. They should have just given the option to pay to unlock everything (like with Mario Run).
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    pre-launch and early launch versions were great, addictive, farmable but not too quick, it was really sweet.

    I can see why sega wanted to slow down the red ring farming but they also went too far with spiked walls and other changes, the game just felt worse each update.

    Oh and them adding in adverts really hurt performance eevn if an ad was not running, my currently at the time rather new iphone 5 was having none of it and sometimes stutter and pauses would kill me in a good run, runners had dog shit performance.
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    Demo is up. The site appear to be unstable though, probably too much traffic.

    edit: Managed to install it on my phone, but the game can't connect to the servers. I guess we'll have to wait for them to fix it.
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