Sonic Runners Revival project

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    Regarding the roulette: The original Pre-Launch version of Runners wasn't too bad. Once you beat story mode, you could rack up red rings quickly, so it wasn't too hard to get all the items. But when it launched, I guess they weren't getting the revenues they hoped for and so began to ruin it. They should have just given the option to pay to unlock everything (like with Mario Run).
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    pre-launch and early launch versions were great, addictive, farmable but not too quick, it was really sweet.

    I can see why sega wanted to slow down the red ring farming but they also went too far with spiked walls and other changes, the game just felt worse each update.

    Oh and them adding in adverts really hurt performance eevn if an ad was not running, my currently at the time rather new iphone 5 was having none of it and sometimes stutter and pauses would kill me in a good run, runners had dog shit performance.
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    Demo is up. The site appear to be unstable though, probably too much traffic.

    edit: Managed to install it on my phone, but the game can't connect to the servers. I guess we'll have to wait for them to fix it.
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    Just tried this and it works!
    I'm so happy someone picked that up.
    Really looking forward to future development of the project.
    Huge kudos to dev team
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    I finally got around to installing it last night! Plays just like I remember, and it's great to have it again.

    Notably, it looks like none of the buddies actually do anything yet, and the only thing that actually lets me get to a results screen is Timed Mode. Endless and Story just reset back to the title screen when I'm done. BUT, you seem to start every game with 20 Red Star Rings, so you can go for quite a while.

    Looking forward to seeing it become more feature-complete in the future! Being able to swap characters and events via the web interface is a great touch.
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    Been trying this, it's relatively fun but having to make character adjustments and such on the website rather than in-app is a little awkward, and for the first time I'm actually noticing the load times people complained about (probably because I had a different phone when it first came out). Also, the connection is a total crapshoot whenever it needs to download anything. I was kind of hoping the revival would make it possible to run the game offline. I'm sure some of these complaints will be alleviated with future updates, but as of right now it's a bit cumbersome to get going. Still, excited to see where they can take it.