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Sonic RTH (MMF2 Fan Game)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by RickyTheHedgehog, May 22, 2011.

  1. RickyTheHedgehog


    Yeah, so... I just got MMF2 and Sonic Worlds v0.5. It's not the full version, so I can't export the .exe. (I was wondering if someone could export it for me.)

    In about a week, I managed to get a fair bit done and learn a lot.

    I don't think I really understand how making ground 'works' if you understand what I mean. I know it's not a case of copy and paste. I've tried that. So, can anyone tell me where it is that I define how this stuff works? I'll be looking through the help section in the mean time.


    The Zones that I plan on putting in:
    Joyous Jungle
    A generic first zone. Lush jungle level.

    Aqua Arcade
    One of the 3 water levels in my game. This is the wateriest. An Aquarium level.

    Moonlit Metropolis
    A large city at night, with lots of lights and stuff.

    Putrid Pipes
    There's a long story behind this one. Ever since I was very little, I've wanted to make my own Sonic games. And many times, I made sewer levels, since I'd never seen one before. And to this day, I still haven't. So, yes. I'm making one now. It's another water level, though the water sections won't be especially difficult. No-one likes too much water levels.

    Calignous Casino
    Yay, thesaurus. This is a casino level, that takes place at night, kind of like that Casino zone in Sonic 3 when all the power dies. (I can never remember the names of Sonic 3 levels. I hated that game.) And basically it'll be like a generic casino level. Average stuff.

    Recondite Relics
    The level I've been working on. It's a bunch of magical relics and whatnot that are loaded with energy. It's another water level. This one will probably be quite difficult. Since it's the last zone, it will obviously have a relatively high difficulty factor. This level will hopefully have a level done eventually.

    Music for zones:
    What I plan to use for Joyous Jungle. May change.
    What I'm likely to use in Aqua Arcade. Ristar music goes quite well with Sonic games apparently.
    May use this in Moonlit Metropolis.
    Putrid Pipes. Fairly Sonic sounding, if I do say so myself.
    I AM using this for Calignous Casino. No doubt about it.
    Theme for Recondite Relics. Only just recently did I find out that Sonic 3D Blast's Sega Saturn soundtrack is very Sonic CD-ish. Like.

    EDIT: Screenies. Yay. The problem is fixed.
  2. Techokami


    For use only on NTSC Genesis systems Researcher
    Sonic Worlds Next
    Why are lives at zero?

    Also, you really should purchase the full version of MMF2. What you're using is a trial version that has an expiration date. If you want a legitimately free version, TGF2 Newgrounds Edition is freeware, but it only creates flash versions of games that run only on Newgrounds, and you can't use extensions.
  3. Hez


    My guess is some variables are global, and are not reset. For example, you leave your first level with sonic's X position at 12000 and Y at 6403. You restart the level, that's where he's going to be. Another possibility is that your check for the level to be complete is not reset either, making you finish a level immediately.

    Of course, these are all guesses, I'd have to actually dig into the game to find your actual problem.
  4. RickyTheHedgehog


    I've already tried the end of level check, that's fixed. The end of level stuff doesn't appear. But I'm puzzled as to what might be causing this. I will continue to browse through the global values and try to fix it. At the moment, most of the globals cause the game to crash if changed. D:

    I have 0 lives because it is constantly making me fall to my death at god knows where. Which resulted in Game Over.

    Also, as I am only 13, I don't really have the money for the full version. And the version I have has no expiration date. I just can't export the full exe for people to play. So that bit, I might need some help with.

    EDIT: I've found that it does have a trial date, but what confuses me is that it says that it expires in 30 days, and it has been installed for about 2 months now.
  5. RickyTheHedgehog


    Fixed it! :D

    After rummaging around through a lot of stuff, I found that the original starting point changed to Sonic's location. And so I thought "Maybe that isn't resetting?".
    Sure enough, it wasn't. But there was still other problems. Like the camera for instance. I managed to change it's position to start at the starting point. Then there was the rings and time not resetting. But that's pretty straight-forward.

    So yeah, I fixed it. Now I can get back to making levels. :)