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Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2 Launches

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Shadow Hog, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Yeah, AMD drivers on Linux aren't in much better shape than Intel right now, but it's improving in recent years, and AMD is being pretty open about their drivers, unlike another GPU vendor. (Linus Torvalds himself flipped off the Nvidia devs for not open sourcing their work.) So yeah, Nvidia arguably has the best support for now, despite the closed-source bit. I think Intel is improving too thanks to Valve, but I'm afraid of upgrading my drivers. I can wait until I build a proper rig for 3D art and games.

    Also, SRB2 native ports are usually pretty solid in the past. I never had any problems out of 1.09.4 or all the 2.0.x builds. It's a part of the Castle Eggman boss itself that's causing problem the Linux port has right now, dunno when that will get ironed out. I'll probably have to find a finished save online and play the rest of the levels around it. =P
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    1. A lot of stuff like Flash worked significantly worse in Linux compared to Windows. Flash on Linux was terrible in 2009 on my computer and terrible in late 2012 on a friend's computer.
    2. Many of my favorite programs either didn't work in Linux or didn't work well. Compatibility sucked and still sucks.
    3. Getting a lot of stuff to work in Linux was far more of a hassle and time consuming than running an exe.

    Basically, a lot of stuff didn't work correctly or was more hassle than it was worth. It's worth mentioning I use an Nvidia graphics card, so my graphics card was definitely not the problem.
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    Should this part be split into its own topic? We've gone pretty far off the topic of SRB2.

    Flash always hogged more resources on Linux, I'll admit, but Java's at least not any better or worse than it is on Windows; Minecraft runs fine. It's terrible anyway, and now that HTML5 is a thing, I don't really miss Flash. Neither does YouTube or a lot of Apple Products that never bothered with the licensing to support it in the first place. Open standards for the win.

    WINE doesn't work for everything, so generally you need to look around for native apps when you make the jump to another OS. Lots of random Windows apps, paid ones even, are easily replaced with open source Linux ones, or your favorite apps might have Linux-native clients you didn't know about. Some do their tasks better than what I used on Windows. (Windows Movie Maker is a crashy POS compared to OpenShot, never had a problem with it.) Admittedly, I must have spent weeks "shopping" around for the right software my first time on Linux, but Ubuntu comes with a lot of good ones out-of-the-box, so it's less daunting.

    Your mileage will vary based on the app; you might have to sift through a lot of sub-par programs to find the quality ones. 90% of everything I needed came from the Ubuntu Software Center, and that most of stuff is as easy as clicking "Install". Others I installed through PPAs in the terminal, or Debian packages manually downloaded from PPAs. It's certainly different from Windows, but just as simple if you know what software you want. It also helps having the second opinion of another Linux user on what software to get too.

    Of course, every OS has its problems, so definitely stick to the one that gives you the fewest headaches. I'm mostly describing how I've been getting around on Linux versus Windows for years. It's a different beast underneath and I like it for that, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. As simple as it is to use, that learning curve's still there.
  4. Willie


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    Does anyone know if it's possible to force this game to natively support xinput? After all, the game is extremely mod friendly, so it can't be that hard, right? I've spent hours today trying to perfect controller support with this game, but some of my goals are impossible without xinput support because my ControllerMax device's direct input support makes my DualShock 4 triggers function like digital buttons. Ideally, I want to make it where the triggers have analog camera controls for both analog mode and strafing controls. Plus if the game supported xinput, anyone using an xinput controller could download my autoexec file and xpadder profile to have great controller support quickly without little setup involved.


    Main goals I accomplished tonight:

    -Ability to toggle between analog mode, strafing mode, and first person mode with the press of a button.
    -Analog sensitive camera controls for analog mode.

    For those who are curious, this is what my autoexec.cfg file currently looks like.

    Code (Text):
    1. cam2_rotspeed 20
    5. alias cam1 "cam_rotspeed 1"
    6. bind 1 cam1
    7. alias cam2 "cam_rotspeed 2"
    8. bind 2 cam2
    9. alias cam3 "cam_rotspeed 3"
    10. bind 3 cam3
    11. alias cam4 "cam_rotspeed 4"
    12. bind 4 cam4
    13. alias cam5 "cam_rotspeed 5"
    14. bind 5 cam5
    15. alias cam6 "cam_rotspeed 6"
    16. bind 6 cam6
    17. alias cam7 "cam_rotspeed 7"
    18. bind 7 cam7
    19. alias cam8 "cam_rotspeed 8"
    20. bind 8 cam8
    21. alias cam9 "cam_rotspeed 9"
    22. bind 9 cam9
    23. alias cam10 "cam_rotspeed 10"
    24. bind 0 cam10
    25. alias cam11 "cam_rotspeed 11"
    26. bind q cam11
    27. alias cam12 "cam_rotspeed 12"
    28. bind w cam12
    29. alias cam13 "cam_rotspeed 13"
    30. bind e cam13
    31. alias cam14 "cam_rotspeed 14"
    32. bind r cam14
    33. alias cam15 "cam_rotspeed 15"
    34. bind t cam15
    35. alias cam16 "cam_rotspeed 16"
    36. bind y cam16
    37. alias cam17 "cam_rotspeed 17"
    38. bind u cam17
    39. alias cam18 "cam_rotspeed 18"
    40. bind I cam18
    41. alias cam19 "cam_rotspeed 19"
    42. bind o cam19
    43. alias cam20 "cam_rotspeed 20"
    44. bind p cam20
    45. alias cam21 "cam_rotspeed 21"
    46. bind a cam21
    47. alias cam22 "cam_rotspeed 22"
    48. bind s cam22
    49. alias cam23 "cam_rotspeed 23"
    50. bind d cam23
    51. alias cam24 "cam_rotspeed 24"
    52. bind f cam24
    53. alias cam25 "cam_rotspeed 25"
    54. bind g cam25
    55. alias cam26 "cam_rotspeed 26"
    56. bind h cam26
    57. alias cam27 "cam_rotspeed 27"
    58. bind j cam27
    59. alias cam28 "cam_rotspeed 28"
    60. bind k cam28
    61. alias cam29 "cam_rotspeed 29"
    62. bind l cam29
    63. alias cam30 "cam_rotspeed 30"
    64. bind z cam30
    65. alias cam31 "cam_rotspeed 31"
    66. bind x cam31
    67. alias cam32 "cam_rotspeed 32"
    68. bind c cam32
    69. alias cam33 "cam_rotspeed 33"
    70. bind v cam33
    71. alias cam34 "cam_rotspeed 34"
    72. bind b cam34
    74. alias analog-off "useranalog 0"
    75. bind - analog-off
    76. alias analog-on "useranalog 1"
    77. bind = analog-on


    If anyone is good with XPadder, I'm having a couple of really annoying issues with it. [LINK] Let me know if you have a solution that might fix any of those issues.
  5. Shadow Hog

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    Code (Text):
    1. bind - "toggle useranalog"
    Much simpler, wouldn't you agree?
  6. Dark Sonic

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    Any one have a mp3 of the Metal Sonic act/boss music? It's addicting.
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    Man, I didn't even know SRB2 was still a thing. I know what I'm doing for Spring Break!
  9. MotorRoach


    Yep, it's still a thing and it's still being updated. So much that I actually felt convinced to update Sonic's animations:


    And this is just one of the quite many things to look forward to in the next version~
  10. I completely forgot about this! Haven't touched it since around after the last patch. Really excited to see what the next update will bring!
  11. bookman the stinky

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    For the sake of this not being a wasted post, I'm really looking forward to seeing this fully in action.
  12. Boinciel




    D-does this mean it's actually a Sonic game now? We're beginning to rival GZDoom with our software renderer here.

    EDIT: Just to clarify we don't know how the speed cap is going to work with the actual game, so these physics are extremely temporary.
  13. I see something glorious. Really excited to see its implementation.
  14. Dark Sonic

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    Holy shit. Slopes? No more stairs let and right?

    My god. What's next? Loops? I can't believe that this has also been around for almost as long as the original Sonic Adventures. It's just insanity.
  15. Willie


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    Oh my god, you guys have finally been able to implement slopes. This is going to change the game a lot.
  16. Boinciel


    Rendering is okay, but there's lots of back-and-forth with regards to the specific physics we want and what would be best for the future of the game. Only floors can be sloped, and steep slopes just look dumb (and rendering bugs out at 80 degrees or so), so loops are out of the question.

    I'm personally excited about the new multiplayer gametype possibilities this offers:
  17. Stink Terios

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    This is incredible. As SRB2 is literally my ideal for a 3D Sonic game, I am STOKED. This is gonna allow for so many silly physics-based shenanigans.
  18. GHFan


    This takes me back to the SRB2 forums on April Fools Days for years. Slopes + Loops 4ever

    Really excited to see what this means for the game!
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    I had no idea this game was still alive! I can't wait to see what you'll be able to do with slopes in the future! :specialed:
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    Slopes and slope physics.
    This is the biggest thing I would've asked of SRB2, but never imagined it would actually happen.
    Color me surprised.