Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2 Launches

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  1. Oh, you weren't the only one who was mad. If it wasn't you starting it, it would have been someone else, (most likely me!) trust me. :psyduck:

    Yeah, there will always be people who are incredibly insufferable and won't ever listen to reason, most of us simply develop a psychological shield or filter to their verbal tantrums; I know I have. And I suppose, given what you've said, this is largely what you expected to necessarily ignore.

    However, all it takes is a little transparency to make reasonable people calm down, even the easily angered ones, so I still believe it could have been impactful. It wouldn't have made the loud and angry any less irritating, but, I think I'd prefer the one or two village idiots hammering their keyboards, versus a community-wide argument where almost everyone and their cat wants to weigh in on the matter.

    Again, it's too late for that to matter now, but maybe there's PR hindsight to be extracted from this.

    Even as an adamant analog mode user, I also find it surprising that a non-negligible amount of people used analog mode. Most people I played the game with seemed contented with playing the game on the keyboard, especially in competitive game modes. I thought that was the norm before all of these people crawled out of the woodwork on the SRB2 forums just to post about analog mode's "removal".
  2. I've been looking forward to playing the new version, I just can't get into it without at least drop-shadows, since the sprites make depth perception rather difficult for me. When I played 2.1 way back when, I found two mods that really helped me, those being drop-shadows and 3D character models for most of the sprites in the game.

    I'm assuming that mods for previous versions of the game won't work with this one, since that's how it works with most modded games. Any idea how long you want to wait until opening the mod submissions for 2.2? Like I said, I'm dying to play the game, but I just know I'm going to get needlessly frustrated unless I have something to help alleviate the issues with depth perception

    Although I am a bit curious now. SRB2 Kart included 3D models with the download, which was a pleasant surprise and while not as necessary gameplay-wise, was a very nice graphical alternative. Was there any consideration to releasing an equivalent with SRB2?
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    True Dude

    I forgot to bring this up in my post, but adding drop shadows would REALLY help with people (like me) who have depth perception issues, even if it was just for player characters only.
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    To be fair one complication with 3D and drop shadows is that this release is currently on software mode, meaning it can't really achieve either without drop shadows looking a bit janky in the latter case. Once they open modding up proper and let OpenGL loose for this version hopefully that should be pretty quick to do.
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    Am I missing something? The game doesn't come with one by default, but making a config file to run 2.2 in opengl mode is really quick and easy. That's how I've been playing since it came out because the software renderer is really dark and ugly in most places.
  6. True Dude

    True Dude

    Thing is I prefer for the most part how software mode looks over OpenGL aesthetically, it's just difficult sometimes to tell where I'm going to land a jump on smaller platforms. A drop shadow would be a good solution to those issues.
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    There's this camera mod that came out a while ago that fixed all gamepad issues for me. You guys should give it a try and see if it fixes the issues for you. I played up to Arid Canyon without much issue.
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    Man, what an insane update this is. And to think that 2.0 felt like a big jump forward at the time!

    Haven't played this game in half a decade and have been enjoying the hell out of this update. It really can't be overstated how comprehensive the visual updates alone are. And then you have all the huge changes to the levels, music, etc... this update is a hugely commendable step forward in terms of additional polish.

    probably gonna sink dozens more hours into this thing looking for secrets and messing around with the other characters. what an absolute joy.