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Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2 Launches

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Shadow Hog, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Shadow Hog

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    After an exceedingly long development period, SRB2 v2.1 has finally been released. An overview of the changes from 2.0.7:

    • The collision detection has been improved and can now handle speeds beyond the previous limitations. Super Sneakers and spin dashing have been dramatically sped up as a result.
    • Many bugs involving the controls beyond normal maximum speed have been fixed. This should make the controls feel more responsive when moving extremely fast.
    • When holding back, the character now skids to visually and audibly demonstrate that simply letting go of forward doesn't slow the player down as much as reversing direction.
    • Dropped rings now travel farther and become harder to recover when taking repetitive hits.
    • Knuckles has been updated with lavish new sprites.
    • Monitors have all-new sprites, and shields now all have individual sprites instead of being palette swaps of each other.
    • You can now record Animated GIFs in-game.
    Single Player
    • Techno Hill Zone Act 1 and Castle Eggman Zone Act 2 have been dramatically updated.
    • Techno Hill Zone Act 2 has been replaced with an all-new act.
    • Castle Eggman Zone Act 3 has been added with an all-new boss.
    • The special stages have been completely replaced with new stages based on NiGHTS into Dreams.
    • All the rest of the stages have been given a fresh coat of polish.
    • The final boss has been replaced with a new, actually fun design.
    • The emblem system has been completely revamped, with hidden emblems accessible as all characters. Explore for emblems however you'd like.
    • Record Attack, an expanded version of Time Attack, lets players set records in time, score, and rings for each act they've accessed in the main game and record a replay of the run. Beating the requirement in a category for a stage grants an emblem.
    • Record Attack replays can now be raced as ghosts in Record Attack, allowing players to directly see the difference while playing. They can also be saved as a guest replay to send to a friend's copy of the game for them to race against.
    • NiGHTS Mode allows players to set records on special stages similarly to Record Attack. Sadly, NiGHTS mode does not support replays and ghosts in this release.
    • Sonic can now have Tails follow him around through the single player game like he can in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3.
    • A large amount of multiplayer stages have been added.
    • In match and capture the flag modes, players now spawn with basic shields and losing players get free basic shields during the round.
    • The grenade ring has been completely redesigned, and the infinity ring from older versions has been reintroduced.
    • The old Classic Race gametype has been revamped and renamed to Competition. Similar to Sonic 2's versus mode, players race through single player stages and attempt to grab goodies in the stage before completing the stage. This gametype now actually functions well beyond two players.
    • The software renderer now features skyboxes, allowing for complex, animated skies by rendering another section of the level as the sky.
    • The system for adding custom textures has been changed to a very rudimentary implementation of ZDoom's TX_START/TX_END and TEXTURES lumps, so that two WADs with custom textures can be added to the game at the same time without issues.
    • A rudimentary version of ANIMDEFS has been implemented for animating textures. Support for Boom-format ANIMATED lumps remains.
    • Tall patches are now supported, allowing images larger than 255 pixels tall to be imported to the game as a single image.
    • TypeOfLevel can now use gametype names instead of requiring numbers.
    • Level headers for levels 100 and above can use letters instead of the decimal equivalent; eg Level A0, A1, AA, ZZ etc.
    • SOC format (a DeHackEd variant) now supports internal thing names, other enumerations, and basic math. Porting mods to future versions of SRB2 will be easier, as these names rarely change.
    • blarrg's Game Music Engine has been implemented, meaning you can now use rips of NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. soundtracks as music in-game.
    • There are now 25 different skin color options for characters to use, including returning colors from older versions such as Dark Red and Black.
    • Super forms for characters now glow like they did in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3&K, allowing yellow to be usable once again for match mode. Super Knuckles as a bonus flashes pink instead of yellow, but this is not available for custom characters.
    • Multiple characters can now have the same displayed name; no more "Tails2" if you add a custom Tails character.
    • All SOC actions and extra character abilities from SRB2Morphed have been imported, allowing SOC to be even more versatile.
    • Colors, abilities, and spin items are set by name, as with SOCs, to enable forward compatibility. If the color numbers ever change again, the intended color will still be used.
    • A scripting language based on Lua has been added to the engine exclusively for use by mods. It can be used to create entirely new console commands and thing behaviors in game, allowing a lot more flexibility for mod content without requiring editing SRB2's source code itself.
    For now, 2.1 is only available via torrent. It will be made available on at a later time. Source code is available here.
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    Wow, I didn't know it was still being worked on. Good stuff.
  3. Willie


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    Too bad version 2.1 wasn't finished a month ago. Then this could've been part of SAGE 2014 Act 1. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to playing the latest version of SRB2. It's always been one of my favorite fangames. Though question, can Tails and Knuckles achieve super form in the single-player or can they only achieve it in the multiplayer right now?
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    Man, I know what to do with my time today.
  5. Mr Lange

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    Is there a windowed mode? Not a fan of screen hijacking.
  6. Shadow Hog

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    Launch from the command-line with "-win".
  7. FlashTHD


    Hell, it was on the cusp of release last summer and that got derailed by a massive spam attack across (Long story.) Super Tails and Knuckles are still multiplayer only.

    Windowed mode also now supports resolutions above 640x400.

    Blivsey, the funny bit is X & Y also diverted attention from finishing the update for a while :p
  8. Saidian


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    Yay, I've found something to do while waiting for Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald to start! :D
  9. Blivsey


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    Looks like it also comes pre-packaged with batch files for windowed mode, OpenGL rendering, and both at once.

    That said, just played through as Sonic. + - Holy hell this game looks and plays better than I remember. Worth the wait.  

    + - That said, what's the deal with the final boss? It's apparently got an attack that spontaneously combusts Sonic, and I only ever dodged it once. The tiny pillars that sprout up often appear across the field from you, and even then, sometimes you just don't shake the lock off when you stand behind them.  

    Also, since there is no escape from the Day One Patch...
  10. Willie


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    So I haven't played this game since 2009. Back then, I used a terrible PC controller before switching to my DualShock 3 (and later my DualShock 4). I used to assume the analog controls were terrible because of my controller. Well, it seems like when I use an analog stick for movement, Sonic can only go in eight direct direction and how far I move the analog stick doesn't affect the speed. Fortunately, the DualShock 4's dpad is surprisingly comfortable for 3D platformers, so I guess I'll use that instead. Any chance the analog stick controls will get improved someday? Also would be nice to be able to strafe with right analog camera controls. I currently have the button mapping configured this way. Since the right analog stick is completely non-configurable, I did most of the mapping with XPadder.

    Jump = Cross
    Spindash = Square
    Camera L = R2 & Right Analog Stick to Right
    Camera R = L2 & Right Analog Stick to Left
    Look Up = Triangle & Right Analog Stick to Up
    Look Down = Circle & Right Analog Stick to Down
    Center Camera = L1, R1, & R3

    Ideally, I'd love to see the camera system to be more like a traditional platformer and have the option to strafe with the click of a button similar to what's done in some Ratchet & Clank games. The controls are currently designed where to switch from normal platforming controls to strafing controls, you need to change those settings in a menu. That, and you can't control the camera with a right analog stick. :/ Also would be nice to have analog controls that are more advanced than what can be achieved with a dpad. Any chance some of this might happen someday?
  11. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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  12. Lilly


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    Wow, the release came way sooner than I was expecting. Decided to grab it and the day one patch, so we'll see if the game works under WINE.

    Although why is the default resolution so massive? I'm having to look up startup commands again so I can set it back at one that's playable on my CPU. (640x400.) And why isn't the default configuration file included in the installer package? It's annoying not being able to set what resolution and stuff I want before starting the game for the first time.

    That's one of the problems with the game I've seen. Analog mode actually works on past Linux ports, because for whatever reason, some controllers being run through DirectInput on Windows don't receive any analog sensitivity in the game. You would be amazed how well analog mode works when it does as intended, but when it doesn't, you might as well be playing with a d-pad, and that starts to hurt after a while for me.

    Also, Sonic's thok, and character abilities in general, only work in 8 directions with analog mode, making some people who abuse Sonic's ability hate it unfairly and stick to keyboard/mouse controls. Otherwise I can't see how the single player campaign is playable without analog mode, platforming and precision is a joke when the camera struggles to keep up with you like a fat lakitu.
  13. Willie


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    Using a DualShock 4 with ControllerMax, it emulates a 360 controller (xinput) which has become the modern standard for PC gaming with controllers. If analog mode has worked great on some past builds, perhaps the coders could fix the problem with xinput which has a set of standards every xinput controller is supposed to have? I would love to have 360° movement in this game, especially since the new bonus stages are so inspired by NiGHTS.

    Note: I haven't tested the bonus stages yet.
  14. Lilly


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    It's a huge issue that I think has gone largely unnoticed by the player base, so it's never been fixed all these years, or it's difficult to troubleshoot. I don't quite know the story behind that.

    Also, this game runs under WINE, and the distracting white line that strikes across the screen doesn't show up in Windowed modes. However, even with PulseAudio disabled, the audio still broke on me once I got to Techno Hill Zone, the second stage, while sound from other WINE applications are just fine. Are there any sound options besides volume that I can adjust? The only thing I did was turn up the music volume.
  15. Mystic


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    It's not that it's largely unnoticed by the player base as much as the player base never even encounters it. The community consensus on the best way to play the game is using WASD and the mouse, like one would play a first person shooter. The game's controls are also designed with keyboard and mouse in mind, leading to common misconceptions amongst some players. For instance, in order to slow down in SRB2, you have to hold the opposite direction from your current momentum, as if you're holding left while moving right in the 2D Sonic games, which is rather contrary to the way the 3D Sonic games handle this.

    Personally I suggest you play SRB2 with whatever control scheme you play first person shooters with, such as WASD and the mouse, dual analog sticks like a console FPS, or even keyboard only (several of the developers play this way very successfully). Give it a little time to get used to playing a platformer with those controls and you'll find the game controls much better.
  16. Lilly


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    *never knew Mystic was on Retro too and flips out*

    So it's a known issue, but never been a priority? Keyboard/mouse controls are simply not as relaxing for me to use, (Staying close to the keyboard for WASD, and lots of arm movement for precise turns with the mouse.) so I prefer leaning back with a controller for single player adventures. On top of that, there are a lot of jumps and landings on very tiny platforms that I can't make without analog mode.

    It's largely a preference for me. I gave the keyboard an honest try while I waited to stock up on PC controllers again a couple years ago, my form was very stiff and sloppy for the whole two weeks. RTSs, and first-person shooters as far back as Doom, are where I prefer a keyboard, 3D platformers and racers are disastrous for me to play with one.

    Can I blame not playing enough pre-Dualshock PSX platformers as a kid on this one? :specialed:/> The controls in Croc and Tomb Raider were something else to adjust to.
  17. Willie


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    While I understand the majority of users prefers FPS styled controls for this game, I like playing it in analog mode and have done so for well over a decade. Though not being able to move in more than eight directions can be really frustrating. Is there any chance analog mode will be improved in the future so you can go in more than 8 directions? Regarding the controls differences from 3D Sonic games, I like how going backwards makes you stop in mid-air in analog mode since it makes jumping on certain platforms a lot easier. Also thanks to everyone who works on this game for releasing v2.1. A lot of the level design and graphical changes really improves the experience, though I have a lot of nostalgia for the old level design. I used to play this game so much when I was younger. lol


    Any chance analog mode might be added to multiplayer someday? I asked years ago on the official forum, but that was years ago and one of my friends is bugging me to play co-op. lol
  18. Lilly


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    I've already posted a lot in this thread, but it does work in more than 8 directions on Windows, depending on the method of input, (I have a generic USB controller from RadioShack that plays nicely with analog mode, but not my S-Type XBOX controller, WTF.) and on Linux, all of my PC controllers behave with SRB2's analog mode. That seriously needs to be fixed, I'd do it myself if I was any bit competent in C.

    The chances of it being added to multiplayer are kind of slim, sadly. One explanation I read years ago said that analog mode needs an extra object specifically for the camera, and I think that would have added up really fast in net games with a larger pool of players. A mode for four-player co-op with analog would be nice, however.

    I'd comment on the level design myself, but the sound issues I bumped into on WINE are a show-stopper for now. Although Techno Hill Zone does look way nicer now.

    And if you miss the older levels, there's a mod for that in the SRB2 forums' 2.0.X releases level section, (SRB2 the Past, I think?) it's pretty nice. Mystic Realm is the more massively nostalgia-inducing map pack for me, I beat it way before seeing what all the 1.09 demo levels had to offer.
  19. Willie


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    What? o_O It's possible to get analog mode to work well? Unfortunately, I gave my old crappy PC controller to a friend so I can't test to see if it works with that. If anyone could figure out how to get this working with xinput, that would be beyond awesome.

    Yeah, if I could use analog mode in co-op with a friend, that would be awesome.

    Yeah, I figured I could always use a mod or play an older build if I want my nostalgia fix.


    Worth mentioning I tested this game with my DualShock 4 plugged in without ControllerMax and experienced the same analog issues. I'm pretty sure the DualShock 4 is normally Direct Input on PC.


    I just figured out a way to get the left analog control to work great. If you have XPadder, set "Use Mouse" and "Mouse Move" to yes in the mouse options menu for player 1 controls. Then open up XPadder and make the left analog stick emulate a mouse. The option "Mouse - Normal" works great for me. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to make the right analog stick camera control works as nicely as they do with a mouse in the normal control settings. But if you want to strafe with a controller and have XPadder, I imagine making the right analog stick emulate camera controls should work pretty well.


    Tested XPadder with mouse controls emulated with the right analog stick and it works very well. Shame there's no way I can have true analog control movement for both movement and the camera regardless if I'm strafing or not.


    When using analog mode without a mouse set to emulate Sonic's movement, why does moving the mouse left to right make Sonic strafe to the left and right instead of moving the camera?
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    Was that really fucking awful water zone ever fixed? With the tedious platforming section at the waterfall that doesn't really gel with the game's pacing (before that looping underwater section with the left/right choices)? Because in the old version, I kinda played until I died there and STOPPED. Was the opposite of fun.