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  1. RedStripedShoes


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    sonik metro by analoq is better.

    Oil Spill is great too.
  2. NintendoBrad, both those remixes were awesome. Are they using samples from Sonic CD? I've only played that game once. I'm not a huge fan of Hedgehog heaven myself. Not that into techno. I'm loving Oil Spill though :D
  3. Gah, I really hate the fact that "Sonik Metro" has that name on the OCRemix site, but on the official Hedgehog Heaven site its name is "Next My Generation". Someone has problems with consistency. >.>

    Anyways, Project Chaos and to a limited extend, Hedgehog Heaven are my favorite.

    I'm also very partial to "Metamorphic Rock" and "Lightning Star".
  4. Phos


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    Does anyone know of an Ice Cap arrangement that attempts to sound "like the original only clearer", rather than something else entirely?
  5. NintendoBrad


    Dr. Gigglyman uses voice samples from the game's music, yes. Sonic 3 MegaD mix definitely uses sound effects from Sonic 3.
  6. test-object


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    Powerglove (named after the peripheral) makes some good speed metally remixes. So Sexy Robotnik is good, but my favourite so far is Mario Minor. I think it's due to the sentence they yell in the beginning.
  7. Aww man, So Sexy Robotnik has a lot of potential to be really good, but it was a bit random with that opening (what sounded like a string section) and also having the sax in there. I really liked the idea of turning mystic cave into a funk thing.
  8. This is a remix for a new generation sonic game but it's still awesome.

    His World Dance

    I was listening to it non-stop until like a week ago when I lost my headphones x_x.
  9. BlazeHedgehog


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    On the subject of orchestral remixes...

    Sonic 3 Boss Orchestral
    Unfortunately, the guy who did this went nuts with the volume so it's extremely loud to the point where a lot of the song clips out. It would be awesome if not for that fact.

    Sonic 2 Boss Orchestral
    Same guy who did the Sonic 3 one, but this one has a much more logical volume level.

    Moving away from orchestral...

    Sonic 3 - Polar Groove
    Everybody remixes Ice Cap Zone, so, I mean, yeah. But I dig this one.

    Sonic 2 - Sky Chase Zone
    Metal Jonus does some pretty okay guitar work, and this is no exception.

    Sonic Boss Medley
    A Dance-ish remix of all of the Sega Genesis Sonic boss tunes.

    And let's not forget that Dwelling of Duels dedicated an entire month to doing remixes of Sonic the Hedgehog music. The top three (Sonic Gargles with Garden Marbles, Diamond Crush, and Blue Blur in Green Fields) are really spectacular.
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