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Sonic Ready to Take 2018 by Storm at SXSW 2018

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by 360, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. big smile

    big smile

    If they are going to make call backs to "Sonic R", then I hope they have a mode to play without cars.

    Sonic R is one of my favourite post Mega Drive Sonic titles. It was the only 3D game designed by Yasuhara and it feels a lot more like a classic Sonic game then anything that followed from Sonic Team. I know it had lots of problems, but I'd love it to get a proper sequel without any of this car nonsense. Even though Sonic didn't control that well, I always thought it was creative to put him on foot. Having him in a car feel 'less creative' (even if it controls better), so the option of ditching the car would be a nice touch.
  2. Turbohog


    Honestly, I think SonicTeam should ditch the boost formula for mainline Sonic games and use it for a Sonic R - esque game. Sonic can already drift and shit in it, so why not?
  3. Creature SH

    Creature SH

    My favorite part of the Q&A was this exchange:

    "Sonic was my Childhood"
    "May I ask how old you are now?"
  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I've always thought that was a brilliant model for a racing game. Itd work perfectly. Hell Unleashed had levels that were basically laps and tracks. Maybe they were experimenting with the idea back then.

    I'm still in shock over Mighty and Ray, but one of the things I'm most excited for are the pairings we'll be able to do on the PC version with mods. Knuckles and Mighty, Sonic and Ray, that kinda stuff (because you know the default pairing will be Mighty and Ray). I wonder what their specials will be. I'm guessing Mighty will have his Chaotix wall jump, but what about Ray? He's never been in a 2D game.

    So many questions. New moves? Super abilities for those 2? What's encore mode like? Any chance of Hyper Sonic due to encore mode? What else is in store? So many questions. Although to be honest when they we first started speculating I thought this would be a level pack. This surprised me, but 2 shockers and remixed remixed levels sounds fun too.

    ... think they'll finish the transitions now? I mean they have to revisit them with Mighty and Ray and encore mode anyway so why not.
  5. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

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    Honestly, what ticks me off is that Webber said it was an update for existing owners, then turns right around and says that pricing will be discussed later, confusing everyone.

    If you have to pay for it, it's not an update, it's DLC. Unless this is like what happened to Retro City Rampage on Sony consoles where the DX version replaced the old version in the digital storefront and everyone who owned the old version had to buy the new version.
  6. Pengi


    I still think bullet deflection and spike bouncing would be good abilities for Mighty! Also aqua/flame/lightning barrier abilities that are different to Sonic's.

    Ray is the more intriguing one though. I imagine he'll have a Knuckles-style glide, since he's a flying squirrel. But he almost certainly won't have Knuckles' "barrier destroying" strength, and climbing seems unlikely as well (flying squirrels can climb trees, but Ray's character design doesn't lend itself to the idea). On the other hand, Ray's jump height will most likely be higher than Knuckles'. But he needs something more than that. I'm sure the team will surprise us with something, just as they did with Sonic's Drop Dash.

    I'm sure everyone on the team is aware of how much demand there's been from the hardcore fans for those missing level transitions. So hopefully!
  7. LowSeasCaroz


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    So physical release with bonus stuff then. Nice.
    A racing game made by... someone who's prorobably not Sonic Team. Sure why not.

    Inb4 4 years until next disappointment from Sonic Team
  8. 360


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    On ResetERA a few users pointed out that Mania was so astoundingly successful it's basically its own "franchise" now. I mean they green-lit all these Mania projects mere months after the release of the game heavily inferring that there's more Mania to come and a sequel is pretty much destined to happen now. Sonic Team's comments were basically honest then, in that Mania's reception would determine the future of the series.

    Also of note is that more news on the "Sonic R" Racing game should be coming March 22 (date was mentioned in the last Sonic stream). Sega Europe retweeted a recent tweet about it.
  9. Axanery


    Ha, now I have to rename my fangame! I've been working on Sonic Encore for a few months and will try to seek better name options. It was originally a full-game edit mod over Mania, but I recently made the decision to move it to an upcoming engine.
    Either way, love the announcements. I'm really excited, and I look forward to modding Sonic Mania Plus.
  10. Turbohog


    I'd be happy if Sonic team (at least headed by Izuka) never made a Sonic game again. So I'm glad we heard nothing about whatever dissappointment they're currently working on.

    Edit: Someone mentioned the taxman-stealth Sonic 3 got mentioned at some point. What was said?
  11. I'm very excited about today's news. Mighty is one of my favorite-designed Sonic characters, so I'm very glad to see him back (Ray is cool too, I guess). A physical edition is also amazing so I can support this game even more than I already have.

    Mania Adventures is also something I've wanted to see forever so I'm glad it's finally happening. Don't have much to say on the new racing game, other than that I hope there's a no car mode. :v:

    Something I noticed though - the cartridge in the Collector's Edition of Mania is styled on the older (pre-1993) Genesis carts, while the box art is based on the 1994 and later style. Ruined forever! :argh:

    actually the cover is sick but shh let me complain in peace
  12. LukyHRE


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    Okay, I calmed down. Well not quite, but at least I can type.

    So much happiness. I'm glad that all that research on SteamDB was for something, not only Plus was confirmed, but we also confirmed it's a content update. I really hope Encore Mode brings all the crazy stuff we asked for. What does "encore" even mean, though?

    But holy shit, I was NOT expecting a fucking mini animated series by Hesse, AND music by Tee Lopes. This is beyond amazing. As 360 noted, Sonic Mania is on road to become a franchise on its own, and that makes me incredibly happy.

    I have NEVER whatched a game panel with such excitement as today, or as all panels prior to Sonic Mania launch. I feel like a child again, but this time, a happy one :)
  13. Beltway


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    Mania physical release was really the major thing I wanted (aside from individual sales, which they didn't cover) so I'm satisfied with the on principle alone. The deluxe-style physical release (reversible cover, hologram cover, artbook, $30 budget price), Mania Adventures and Mania Plus are just so much gravy I'm also pleased with. Overall the announced Mania content gives me a much brighter perception on what happens to the classic half from Sonic from here on out.

    The IDW information, Sonic + Puma shoe, RPO footage, and Speed Battle Mystic Jungle content are stuff I can do with or without.

    The racing game teaser I'm not really impressed with due to how vague it is and having hardly any information revealed for it. Apparently Sega Europe (or some other party, apparently) said we will get more information about it later this month on March 22nd; so as long as we don't have to wait too long about it, I'm not too bothered.
  14. Axanery


    Webber said that he hopes we are satisfied with Whitehead & co making Mania but thanked the kid asking and said that it was good feedback for the mobile team.


    A Physical release is an unexpected surprise, as is the Ray/Mighty addon. Of all the characters we theorized they'd add, those were never really considered here.

    It's pretty hilarious. Stealth/Tax literally just forced the unusued pre Sonic-R 90s classic characters back into canon. All in one game now.

    Despite buying the game twice already (Switch CE and PS4), I likely will pick up a physical copy too to vote with my dollar. Sonic Team needs to get it in their heads that this is an ongoing life for the franchise of sorts.

    Having said that, hoping for new content in the main game too. Fixed transitions would be neat. Maybe an expanded final boss? New stages (not as likely, but one can dream)? New Mighty/Ray routes? 2 characters are cool, but I have to admit I'd like to see a bit more meat in the collection itself. A few more updates really could push mania past s3&K if done right (something it is just below right now)

    Hoping for the best.
  16. MykonosFan


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    I've now heard Iizuka say "Dunkey mode" and have successfully added about 3 years to my life span
  17. plushifoxed


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    This is all pretty much fine, imo. I do wish they'd said for sure whether there would be new zones or just redone layouts/stylistic flourishes in the original ones, though. Encore Mode could be their way of saying "yeah, we want to add more zones, but we also don't want to mess with the original 'Mania Mode' presentation of the game too much besides polishing it, so they'll only appear in the new mode", or it could be them straight up saying "yeah, it's just some remixed stages".
    I'm pretty happy with this either way, new zones would just be icing on the cake honestly. Hopefully they'll also fix little things like the lacking stage transitions in Mania Mode. (Speaking of Mania Mode, will we be able to play Mighty/Ray in that too? Will they have stage transitions? Hmm...)

    What did he say about it? I didn't watch the rest of the panel, just the Plus announcement.
  18. Chimera


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    Oh goodie Sonic (R)acing info just what I wanted on my birthday.

    Would probably be hyped 10 years ago rofl

    What DID get me hyped was the 5 episode mini series. A cartoon like this, just made to be GOOD, even just existing is a dream come true, and I hope Tyson the best. That's something I could only dream of being a part of and seeing my hero from SCAD get to that position is just *beyond* sick. Congrats man and excellent work with the expression sheets!!!

    Oh yeah mania plus will probably be hella fun. Hoping more levels is a thing they just chose not to spoil/talk about, and can't wait for the physical release for my switch \o/ (even if I get a digital copy as well just for the pure sake of convenience). One thing I really like is how they're using the Mania logo as a kind of lock-on gimmick, with offshoots/extensions of the Sonic Mania idea literally locking onto the bottom of the logo, in Plus and Adventures. Can't wait to see what else happens with this... if Tax Stealth and PGW are allowed to just make their dream games, ive no doubt in my mind that, from them alone anyway, we're gonna be getting some quality games. FINALLY, FUN GAMES. I've been STARVING.

    Also yeah what when did he acknowledge donkey mode and did he say why it got PURGED ?
  19. Glaber


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    you know, the way things appear to be made for mania, Forces could just be skipped. sure Mania Adventures taks place after forces, but in sonic's mania ending, there was no visual cue for him to be in forces. So if you wanted, you could skip forces and go directly for Mania Adventures and it would still make sense.
  20. big smile

    big smile


    When Dunkey mode was mentioned, Iizuka went "Dunkey Mode?", so I don't think he knew what it was.