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Sonic R - 1997 Japanese Preview Footage Unearthed

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by OKei, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. OKei


    OKeijiDragon Member
    I've been in a Sonic mood lately. So I'm kicking off July for myself by uploading an old short Japanese preview of Sonic R for all Sonic fans -- nay, everyone -- to see.

    This preview features some rudimentary details, most notable is a scratch version of the famous Sonic R theme "Super Sonic Racing" (though you would have to listen closely as the obnoxious Japanese announcer guy keeps blabbing over it. =P)!

    This segment originated from a Sega promotional VHS tape titled "????????????? 1997?12??" (or Sega Saturn Video Magazine - December 1997). The complete video that I found the Sonic R footage from, actually originated from Nico Nico Douga. Original URL source:

    I hope you enjoy this footage!

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  2. NomadTW


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    I like how every character outside a vehicle has a blue jumping sprite appear around them. :v: And Sonic has grey soles in his shoes? BLASPHEMY.
  3. Captain L

    Captain L

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    I think the scratch version of Super Sonic Racing sounds better. Why didn't they use that? I do like the racer icons on the left side. The icons seem cooler than the final release.
  4. MathUser


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    That scratch version sounds awesome. Wish there was somewhere to download it.
  5. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    But... she sounds like she's high, and the icons look like MSPaint ass. I'm not sure I'm watching the same video. :(

    Interesting footage, nonetheless.
  6. It's okay ICEknight, I'm with ya. Everyone's looking at it thinking that these things would have made a better Sonic R.

    It wouldn't. The game was awful, but it was nifty, and let's leave it at that.
  7. Skyler


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    I love the "THIS IS COOL" at the end. It's like they have to persuade people. :P
  8. NomadTW


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    That' interesting way to describe something.
  9. Rosiero


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    I know what he means, and I find it hard to describe right too. By all logical standpoints, the game sucks, but it's still fun somehow.

    And yeah, that scratch version sounds... well, like a scratch version.
  10. I dislike Sonic R's music with a passion, but that scratch version sounds okay.

    Aside from the icons, everyone being blue when they jump, and those other subtle differences I see nothing noteworthy.
  11. muteKi


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    You all don't think she sounds flat when the chorus comes in?

    I still love the game but only got it for $2.50. And it was the PC version, with its significantly better handling and extra features. It's just too short for more than that :P
  13. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash

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    Looks the same to me, it can't be that early in beta lol. Only difference is the draw distance is terrible (stuff popping in, etc) the controlling looks somewhat worse, and textures seem somewhat different. Okay, I guess that's a few differences however they all just seem to be being worked on, so really they were still finalizing stuff - not like there's any lost or scrapped stuff. Still pretty cool to see though =P
  14. I personally like Sonic R, though when I play it on my Sega Saturn I start feeling pain in my wrist, maybe I should get a 3d controller.
    If I am remembering correctly the beta can be downloaded off Rapidshare.
  15. Huh, the shadows of the characters flicker between being blue and normal...