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Sonic puzzle original painting on Heritage.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Buyatari, Sep 7, 2022.

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    So, was this an image used on a puzzle? It's similar to Greg Martin stuff but different. Did he draw it?

    Neat little thing I noticed, the white dust trail sonic-booming through the sky, and the same white dust trail on the loops, indicating Sonic's path.

    Adds a real sense of motion to the picture.
  3. Not sure who did the work on this but it is not one of the 3 Sonic Gregs.
    Not Greg Winters, Greg Martin or Greg Wrey.

    Heritage has auctioned two other MB jigsaw puzzle covers in the past. I wonder if they have come from the same seller. Only 1 more to go.
  4. Here is a Sega Visions page with images of the 4 puzzles.

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    These aren't paintings but rather offset prints of them, like a test print before they were glued to cardboard and cut into the puzzle pieces.

    You can even see the crop marks and registration symbols used to align the CMYK plates on the edge.

    I honestly don't know why they're selling for so much. It's literally the same artwork, except it's not cut.
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    Probably because the people buying them think that they are the originals…
  7. Ended today at $9600


  8. No, these are the original hand drawn paintings.
    Here look at this picture below. Those 4 sets of black and white crosshairs on the are physically added to the artboard to set alignment. When they photograph the original and make prints sure you will see them on the prints as well but this is the original where they are physically added before that process.

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    Heritage Auctions.

    I think that says it all.