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Sonic - project : S.E.E.P

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by GameNerd Advance, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Ollie


    Hello, first of all it is a great idea, but I want to give you a few tips and advice, first of all becuase the sprites are so small it makes the map empty, if you have got time you need to make the sprites bigger or put more on the level layout.

    Also are you just going to stick with the sonic 3 2P Levels or are you going to put more levels in, if so try and put levels from different sonic games. You need more infomation about the game, then you will get more downloads, once you put the download link on.

    That is it for now, I hope that some of those bits of advice will help you, I can't wait to give it a go!

  2. Well, by the very end of this, I hope to have:
    All 2P S3 levels
    Gigapolis(Sonic Chaos)
    Robotnik winter(Sonic TT)
    Aqua lake(S2 GG)
    Iron ruin(Sonic drift 2, Can't remember if that's the real name)
    Bridge zone(S1 GG)
    At least three of my own custom levels
    At least 1 custom level from someone else.

    Of coures, all those GG zones may need touching up to suit 16-bit.
  3. Ollie


    Very good, I like the idea of GG levels 16 bit, and I like the custom level idea, another tip is that make them very different from each other!

  4. Knux13


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    Keep the small sprites; it reminds me of the old MegaMan games.
  5. sLorD


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    zomg you are my hero. Always wanted some 1P Azure Lake or Desert Palace.
    that's divine. can't wait to see more :drool:
  6. ICEknight


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    Port it to the Genesis and it will be perfect.

    Plus, you won't have to make a new physics engine.
  7. Gigapolis 16-bit:


    Tips, ideas and critisism would be nice.
  8. Shade


    It's still too simple looking, if you ask me. The art overall just needs to be a bit more busy/16-bit-ish. Not sure that stripe design on the wall tiles is workin' out either. Still, I love the idea. I cannot wait for this fan game to be released.
  9. Teaser shot:


    I'll explain the pic. Mighty is the one in control, as you can see from the colour of the lives counter (You may of also noticed the HUD has experienced some slight changes). Mighty has ran through the door into the BG platforms, and Sonic is following (you can choose anyone to be your partner), but hasn't gone through the door yet. The box in the FG (Credit to 8-bit dragon for letting me use it) needs to be activated by fulfilling a certain task, which hasn't yet been completed in the shot. And, unwanted info, this is the Third act (The first three acts are normal acts, and the fourth act (OMG) is the tiny boss act. Also note I'm willing to take ideas for bosses).
  10. Replies PLZ. Just to let you know, I'm considering having 16-bit Sonic triple trouble sprites and extra levels instead of what we have now.


    I also intend on getting rid of Ray + Mighty, and replacing them with Tails + Knuckles, because I want this game to take place just after S3K. Fang will be a playable character, With double jump and shooting (Maybe). Basically, I'm adding touches of Triple trouble all round, because that game just seemed to link to Sonic 3, well at least to me.
  11. Liliam


  12. Well, they'll be unlockables then.
  13. SGR


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    Sounds good to me. :D

    Are you making a 16-bit version of Triple Trouble? :P
  14. Well, the 16-bit GG levels will mostly be From Triple Trouble, and there will be little additions from it, but it's a new game with a new story.
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