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Sonic Prime (Netflix Animated Series)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Dec 10, 2020.

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    Jack shit.
    Actually, no. In SA2 Shadow does it without to save Rouge.
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    As a kid i always assumed he was using the emeralds Rouge was holding but its hard to tell the rules for shadows powers are so vague
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    + - So I guess that was just an unnecessary lie.  

    I enjoyed the episodes well enough. + - It was fun seeing ALL of the characters and their variants bouncing off of each other, and the action continued to be solid even if it got a little nonstop. But even with a steady stream of character moments, the back half really is just one prolonged battle that can't escape some repetition (just how many times did Nine get tired and push past it, or his bots go from winning to losing to winning?), and part of me wishes we could've enjoyed just a bit more of Sonic's reunion with his original pals before the "here we go again" tease.  
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    that's not what I remember sonic advance 3 looking like
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    Ian Flynn never said "something in the show will explain how it's canon", he said "when the show is over, I'll explain how it's canon because it's a spoiler", and the answer was

    It doesn't matter, it Sonic'06 itself out of existence.

    Generally, it doesn't seem like he was too happy about the whole thing.
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    This show is proof again of the age old truth.

    It doesn't matter how good your acting, production values, or cinematography is if the script sucks.

    And a good director can salvage a bad script but there has to be SOMETHING there to salvage.

    This was a show aimed at children that didn't consider or care about writing for anyone but ages 8-11.

    Sonic Boom and AOTSH, even with the Sonic Says sequences so it could get an E/I rating, are both comedies but they (in the main episode) never talk down to their audiences. Its a show that kids will enjoy but adults will love for the writing.

    The episode of Sonic Boom where Sonic gets kidnapped by a fan who embodies some of the worst online Fandom stereotypes is only truly funny if you're old enough to understand these type of people. An 8 year old isn't.

    I think Man of Action has burned everything they've worked on since after Generator Rex. Avengers Assemble, Megaman Charged Up, and now this.

    They aren't whst they used to be and while I hope they find other opportunities I hope they never work on Sonic again.
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    At some point I'll go through all of them and see how they flow together, but yeah, I agree the last batch was a bit weak and stretched out. I would have been fine with five episodes if the final showdown were more streamlined. Were the writers listening to Tubthumping when concocting the most repetitive fight they could drum up? We knocked the robot dopplegangers down, but they got back up again. And again. And again. And again. And again.
    I audibly groaned when the Big robot got back up for another round, though I admit I cheered a bit when Mangey and Sails were revealed to be inside.

    One thing about this show I didn't expect (or expect to love so much for that matter) was the amount of screen time Sonic and Shadow shared and how they played off each other.
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    I was wondering why what was an autonomous robot had a cockpit to control it.
  9. To Kyro's point, they are always vague. It cetdain doesn't help. I also didn't mean to imply that Shadow needed the emeralds to use Chaos control in the earlier post (Since main continuity has examples of the opposite let alone other continuities). Meant more to imply that that whenever we see Dimensional shenanigans like Sonic or Blaze crossing Dimensions it tends to be Emerald related so it was a plot device related to that.

    Without it even though he might be able to use the ability he might not have the juice to jump past the Prism effect Though with the end of the last episode no clue if they are playing it in this continuity if Shadow does require the Emerald or not to use Chaos Control. Even now it's vague and often contradictory.
  10. This show feels like such a giant waste of time. I haven't watched the new season yet, but from what I can tell, I'm not missing much.

    I genuinely liked a lot of the character moments sprinkled in, but that only carries a show so far. It's a show that does the bare minimum at having an actual story worth caring about and in the end, everything was put back to where it was before, so my only feelings coming out of this was "That's it?"

    Loved the animation, Nine and Shadow are the best characters, but I don't really got much else to say. It kind of sucks that every post-1998's Sonic media just sucks so much.

    I guess the OVA really was as good as it was going to get, which is a damn shame tbh.
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    In the Patreon Discord Server Ian Flynn said yesterday when recording a podcast episode that Shadow can use Chaos Snap to teleport short distances without an Emerald but long distance requires an Emerald.
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    I'm not finished with the show yet but I almost don't think I should finish it until I'm done being angry with this stupid fucking fanbase because I have a feeling that's going to impact my experience.
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    Damn, what did we do?
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    Just finished it now. Also got fatigue due to the loooong fight.

    I don't want to be whiny but

    - I couldn't understand if the Shatterverse was created because of the Paradox Prism, or if it has always been there and the Paradox Prism let Sonic (and Shadow) go there. I'm assuming it was created, but then I don't get how those universes remained "alive" after Nine restored Green Hill. At least I'm assuming they are alive, because that what looked like to me.
    - I couldn't understand why the whole universe is just Green Hill. Where are the other cities and places? Are they fine? Are they shattered? Do they exist at all? They only care about Green Hill. They never say they want to restore the world, it's always to restore Green Hill.
    - I couldn't understand why was Sonic so impressed by robotic doppelgangers every single time throughout the show. I mean, how many doppelgangers he have faced at this point? At least Metal Sonic for god's sake.
    - I couldn't understand why there were 5 Eggmans in New Yoke and none in every other universe. Did the show tell that they came from the other universes and got together in one of them? I don't recall. If not, then why was it like that?

    I feel I simply didn't understand anything of the story.
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    There’s like 50 different distinct parts of the fanbase, you’re you’re gonna have to be more specific. Classic fans? Hackers/Modders? Those zoomers who love Sonic 06? The freaky deviantart guys? Twitter psychos? Etc etc
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    I can answer (some of) these questions.

    The Shatterverse exists because of the Paradox Prism breaking. However, the Shatterspaces found a way to exist even when the original Green Hill is restored and the Paradox Prism is put back together. Sonic and Shadow remember because they were always "outside" of the Shatterverse, which is why there aren't other "thems".

    Simply put, they didn't or couldn't address any other setting, so they made it simple and made everything Green Hill. It's not that, say, Aquatic Ruin Zone doesn't exist, it's just that it doesn't matter to the story, so for all intents and purposes, the world is Green Hill.

    I frankly have no clue either. This continuity error is somehow both very minor but obviously wrong. I just chalk it up to "they forgot".

    They did not explain why five Eggmen were in the same universe instead of split up, unfortunately. Since they don't fit the themes of the other settings, we are meant to believe that New Yolk always had five Eggmen at once.
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    Fatigue is pretty much how I've felt with every season. I can't fully explain why I feel fatigue, but for this season, it felt like I kept watching the same episode for 5-6 episodes in a row. I absolutely loved the final episode, I legit felt sadness. That, IMO, was well written. Unfortunately, I absolutely disliked the story direction of almost all the other episodes this season. For me, overall, I think it is the direction of things I have a problem with, versus the writing itself. I love when Sonic and Shadow are together, their dynamic is enjoyable.

    Outside of repetition, the biggest thing I had a problem with this season was
    when it was thought that those two Tails from alternate worlds (I don't remember their names) "died", Sonic was extremely sad and emotional for a bit, then he just got back to normal and everyone moved on like nothing ever happened. I absolutely HATE when writers do this, like ... that could've been a seriously powerful moment. Am I wrong to think that I feel like writers in anime typically excel at emotional moments, yet most others don't?

    Overall, Sonic Prime was a fun ride. I agree that it'd be nice to go back to a Sonic show that appeals to all ages again.
  18. Show was fun. I liked Shadow and Nine.

    But the scripts where weak IMHO.
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    Well this just dropped…

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    The Sonic Advance 3 animation got bettered enormously by a fan inside 24 hours. And the person who made the original, in the comments, said it took 6 months. Wow....

    The last "season" could have been half the length by removing fights that already effectively happened, as noted above - that aside, the show wasn't terrible? Tails as a villain is certainly a novel idea and Shadow was actually useful for once (though I did chuckle at the "Edgelord" line from one of the Robotniks, true facts). Largely inoffensive show that undid itself outside of Sonic and Shadow's memories.