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Sonic Prime (Netflix Animated Series)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Dec 10, 2020.

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    I finally watched all Sonic Prime episodes so far, so I might as well share my thoughts.

    The animation and action are pretty good. The comedy, not so much. There is just too much slapstick, at least in the first season. Not that slapstick is inherently bad, but it gets old to see Sonic run into a wall for the 50th time in the same episode. Good call on them toning it down a bit in season 2. Can they please tone down Sonic's preachings about friendship in season 3?

    I appreciate that Prime was truer to the games than previous western cartoons. The characters actually looked like in the games, and seeing Green Hill in a cartoon for the first time was a treat. Took them long enough!

    Sonic's over the top characterization was disappointing, though. Like previous western cartoons, Prime made him too immature, buffoonish and annoying for me. Though at least he's not as bad as movie!Sonic.

    Rouge's outfit change feels unnecessary to me, though her new outfit isn't bad so I don't mind it.

    How come Knuckles' counterparts have a more fitting Knuckles voice than his real self? Were they contract-bound to pick a VA that sounded close to Dave B. Mitchell for Knuckles, so they used the excuse that his counterparts aren't technically Knuckles to give them a "better" voice?

    The story is fun, though I'm not really feeling the "parallel universes populated with with counterparts to Sonic's friends" angle. Well, the "Sonic's reality was split into multiple parts and needs to be put back together" plot is engaging enough, but I'm finding myself not caring that much about most of the alternate universes or their inhabitants, except maybe for the New Yoke universe. Nine is admittedly interesting, and Rusty has potential. The Chaos Council is kind of lame, though. As for the other universes. Thorn Rose was annoying with her repeated refusal to listen to reason, Dread was too unlikable, and don't get me started on the Scavengers.

    Speaking of the alternate universes, I'm guessing the idea is that each counterpart is based on a different facet of the original character's personality, but exaggerated? Not just the universe was shattered in pieces, but also the characters. Like, Thorn is based on Amy's love of nature (which she showed in a few episodes), Nines is based on Tails' angst and loneliness from the days he was bullied, and so on. It seems that all of Eggman's counterparts are concentrated in a single universe for some reason, though. They appear to be based on Eggman's cunning side (Mr Dr Eggman), childishness and immaturity (baby Eggy), eccentricity and flamboyancy (Dr Deep), old wisdom and temper (old Eggy), and um… emo side (teen Eggy)? Where did the last one come from?

    Despite my nitpicks, I'm enjoying Prime so far. It's overall a fun and enjoyable action adventure show. Though I find it frustrating that the first western Sonic cartoon to be closely based on the games isn't centered on the actual Sonic characters (aside from Sonic and Shadow), but a bunch of deliberately flanderized counterparts.
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    Clip from the "next chapter" of Sonic Prime (as Wildbrain put it. Better than calling it a season, I guess.)

    I wonder how this will fill out the remaining episodes.