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Sonic Prime (Netflix Animated Series)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Logic_Mage


    Count me interested! As Josh said, I would've preferred a 2D animated show in the style of Sonic Mania Adventures after seeing how well the project shaped up, but that's an entirely subjective qualm obviously. The production studios also seem like good picks. Man of Action does Ben 10 and while I've never watched it, I hear good things about it on occasion. Wild Brain also made that awesome Netflix-exclusive Carmen Sandiego reboot.

    It's possible that this was actually intended as an announcement for the Game Awards show later tonight but went up early by accident.
  2. Myles_Zadok


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    So does this mean I should stop expecting any more animation shorts from Tyson Hesse like Mania Adventures? This announcement isn't bad news to me at all, I was just hoping Classic Sonic's world in Mania Adventures could have been fleshed out more.
  3. KingOfBunnies


    Mana is the first person I've seen who's ever said Avengers: United They Stand was good. Everyone agrees that show was fucking dog shit. Unless you mean Avengers Assemble which was in 2013, which was also dog shit. Ben 10 I can live without. My main problem with Man of Action is Ultimate Spider-Man. That show was also fucking awful, but I guess dumb comedy with Family Guy cutaway gags works better with Sonic. I haven't seen Mega Man: Fully Charged, but I've seen people who like it, even Protodude on twitter, who runs Rockman Corner. But I know designs are the first impression and people judge by that.
  4. Metalwario64


    I just really want a decent series similar to what I've heard about the IDW comics (still need to get around to reading them) that hopefully has good character interaction and isn't just obnoxious memes and jokes on autopilot.

    Sonic has this large, diverse cast and the series fails to do anything with any of them.
  5. Ravenfreak


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    I'm super hyped for this, but I'm also kind of worried. Mega Man Fully Charged wasn't really that great IMO... But then again I've heard Ben 10 was amazing. I have a feeling it's going to be loosely based around the games, but be it's own thing. I hope it follows a story line rather than having one shots, but seeing how most popular animated series now days follow the one shot rule, I doubt it'll have a consistent story...
  6. Jay T.

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    Can't forget that Man of Action also created Generator Rex. Zak Storm wasn't so bad neither.

    I'll be one to admit that they found some enjoyment out of Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider Man. They had flaws, no doubt, but I still found something to like. The cutaway gags did ease up as the series went on, if I remember right. Fully Charged is definitely a mixed bag, but it got better, especially the 2nd season. Capcom did specifically tell MoA that they couldn't copy any existing stuff. Also the comics from Boom Studios (a sequel to the cartoon) is pretty interesting too.

    I do think a MoA Sonic series can work, if they go in a direction like Ben 10 (Either the original, Omniverse, or maybe even the reboot. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien might be a tad too serious) and/or Generator Rex. Though as said, wonder if they're going with an original story or based off something. I wouldn't be surprised if they went with something original like Fully Charged, but it will depend on what SEGA wants to see.
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  7. Man. I did enjoy generator Rex so hopefully optimistic. Would love throwbacks to the older DiC work, especially if through Sonic Dash it gets characters back in circulation. Also, learning Protodude was onboard with Fully Charged makes me kinda want to go back and check it out at least. The visuals were off putting, yeah, I fell into that trap. As well as I felt some minor resentment because if I remember right the Archie comic was canned because of the rebranding around it suddenly. A lot of weird decisions.
  8. Dek Rollins

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    I'm disappointed this is happening instead of a "Mania Adventures"-esque thing, like others have mentioned. Even something in the style of TSR-Overdrive/Chao In Space would be preferable if they specifically want to keep the modern character designs for something like this. I just hate lazy 3D animation, and I strongly dislike the 3D character models used in the games these days. This show will undoubtedly combine those things together and will probably be about as fun to look at as Star Wars: The Clone Wars is (or Sonic Boom for that matter).

    That said, I haven't really seen anything these people have made that everyone has been discussing, so I don't know what to expect from the rest of the show.
  9. Mecha Sally

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    The fangirl part of me hopes this is SatAM-related, but I won't hold my breath. It's more likely this will be it's own original thing, or perhaps a spinoff/sequel to the live action films (since the sequel will be out the same year).
  10. Wildcat


    Well it’s technically from the same company as SatAM right? Imagine if they reintroduced the Freedom Fighters? Or at least Sally. That would be awesome. Probably not the same continuity but what if Sega thought it was good way to test out the character(s) again in a new version.

    Anyway I have not seen Mega Man. I want to but I’ve only ever played MM2 on NES. I have seen a lot of Ben 10. I think any of those versions could work. Even Omniverse. It was not as dumbed down as people think imo. I stopped watching Boom. Didn’t really like the sitcom format. Some were good and I know they tried other stuff so I wanna finish it.

    Must be more action-focused which is why I’m really excited. Of course there will be humor. That’s fine. I don’t care if it’s 3D or 2D. Should look good either way. Whatever universe they use I’ll be happy.
  11. Sid Starkiller

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    Haven't seen any of these shows (I really should watch Big Hero 6, I loved the movie), so don't really have any expectations. I'll definitely try it, though.

    But please, no Freedom Fighters. The games alone have plenty of characters that we really need more than 1 or 2 OCs, if any.
  12. Everyone here is debating what should or shouldn't be in the show, if the people creating it are qualified enough, or other stuff- but I'm just focused on one thing...

    I'm just happy we finally got some great new sonic stuff to look forward to. The next sonic games still haven't even been announced yet, so just knowing for sure that a new tv show is in the works is a breath of fresh air. I honestly have high hopes for this. (I don't care if you have beef with anyone else's completely valid opinions in here, but if anyone tries to tell me that I shouldn't be hopeful for this, I will fight you. Diplomatically, but I will fight. We're allowed to feel how we want to about stuff, and no sonic tv show is more or less valid than any other).
  13. XAndrew


    I hope it's more closer to the Classic/Adventure style game stories, than the Modern style. I can't handle anymore cringe jokes, underused/underdeveloped villains (Especially Eggman himself. He has been a joke these last few years. He needs to be more threatening like he was back in...let's say...Sonic Adventure 2) and the rest of the cast being completely useless. I want Sonic to have epic stories on this Netflix TV series, not Saturday morning cartoon stories.
  14. raphael_fc


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    I'm just thinking that the upcoming game will arrive only in 2022 and this Netflix thing will be tied with. Just like Boom series, but hopefully better.
  15. Mana


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    So I don't know why you just attacked me but I hope you realize a grown man shouldn't respond to something like this in such a rude manner.'s_Mightiest_Heroes

    I meant this show which was very well received and the closest thing to the comic mythos to ever come out. Notice you didn't even mention this show AT ALL because not only are you rude but you have an agenda to push. I won't respond to anything else you said. Fuck off.
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  16. RDNexus


    I'd rather finally see a proper adaptation of the Classic/Adventure games and develop a proper continuity/timeline from there.
    I'm sick tired of those episodic games with little-to-nothing to offer continuity-wise. Even Sonic X ain't enough to me nowadays.
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  17. Depending on the target demographic, I think a lot of you are going to be upset lmao.

    Its easy to forget that we're not the target demographic for the series, and I think it goes without saying that a lot of us have outgrown modern kids shows with few exceptions.

    So keeping that in mind, I'm not really expecting anything amazing but something that will keep me entertained. If its at least on the level of the comics, I'll accept it.

    Can you just...please put Ian Flynn on this? That's the best way to get some good will for this show going.
  18. KingOfBunnies


    Man of Action did not develop Avengers: EMH, which is why the show is so good. Weird that Wikipedia states it was them, despite even on their own website, Man of Action does not take credit for it. But that's wikipedia for you. I wasn't even attacking you. I was just expressing surprise that I thought you were praising a show that is universally panned. No where did I say that you were dog shit. I said you were the first person I had seen to say that. That's it. But I don't expect you to respond to this, but I am sorry it came off as an attack on you when it wasn't. I was just saying those shows sucked.

    EDIT: Ok, so they wrote some episodes in the back half of season 2 of EMH. But other than that, there was no other involvement.
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  19. RDNexus


    I forgot to say... I grew without reading the comics.
    Looking back at them, I'm glad I never read them.
    I also barely remember AoStH or SatAM.
    Unfortunately, I still kinda remember Underground.
    BOOM, I avoided like the plague. I just...can't...

    It may seem a bit hater speech, it seems so to me.
    But those hardly felt Sonic to me. I can't enjoy them.
    To me, ONLY THE GAMES felt so. And only up to SA2.
    From 06, only Eggman & his robots still matter to me.

    Hence me ever hoping someday SEGA remembers why Sonic was memorable.
    As I said in other threads, they should look bad and learn from their mistakes.
    But yeah, most likely many of us will end up disappointed by the end product.
    They made a CG remake of Saint Seiya. It was a mess many want to forget...
  20. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I regret jokingly posting that picture of Mega Man and subsequently getting a notification every time someone responds to this quote-pyramid squabble...

    I've never seen MMFC, but I don't think it looks very good and am aware of the fact that it caused quite a stir because of its character designs and premise. I've also not watched anything else produced by the studios involved here. So like... :V

    Being a 3D animation pushes me towards thinking that it'll be geared towards kids. I always get that impression with 3D animated cartoons. And I don't mind that because even Boom managed to be a legitimately fun show to watch. I just hope we're not looking at another "slice of life" sitcom ala Boom. Boom was fine, but far from what I personally wanted.

    There are so many things I can put on my wishlist for this show, but I've rewritten this post several times already trying to best express myself. Ultimately though, I can't really have a very sensible wishlist for the show when all that we really know is that it exists. Just keep game designs and make good use of those characters in an action and story orientated series instead of a humour based one. Is that reasonable to ask for?

    It would be truly amazing if it took cues from the IDW comic and had Flynn as a writer. Thats probably not going to happen though.
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