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Sonic Prime (Netflix Animated Series)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. TheKazeblade


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    The character models will make or break this for me. I'm not a fan of arbitrary design changes. I wasn't with Boom, and I'm not any more inclined to be so now, but if the actual models and animations are solid I won't dwell on it too heavily. I'm going to be honest, I am not a fan at all of how specifically Sonic and Tails look here. But I don't know how much of that is due to the style of the concept artist vs. what we can actually expect to see from the show, so I'll withhold additional judgement until we know for sure.

    At the very least it seems they're taking inspiration from some game locations, there's a lot of Eggmanland influence in those tech areas.
  2. Idk, regular Eggman is right there in the middle amongst the rest. It looks like he's gonna be here for sure.

    But now that raises the question. The show's not based on the games much, but will it be connected to them at all?
  3. Wildcat


    So how does this design not look enough like Sonic? The shoes and gloves are obviously story related. This is a serious question. This is not an actual redesign. Presumably it’s Modern Sonic if anything.

    And the multiverse aside what would be a “correct” adaptation of the source material? Does it have to be strictly inline with certain games?

    Anyway it looks cool. Should look great in cgi. Was hoping for any indication of SatAm...still possible but not seen in these pics. Red (Sonic 2) Grounder is about AoStH Grounder?
  4. Forte


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    I don't like Sonic's design. The art shows what I was afraid of - generic versions of characters that we know. Look! It's a young Eggman and Hairy Eggman, and old Eggman etc.

    I hope the show itself is more than just that. I know You can't judge anything by some concept art images but man... I'm not optimistic.

    I hope they use well established Sonic universes - satam, X, Boom etc. If not, this will be a waste. If Spider-Man can do it, why not Sonic?

    Give me enter the SonicVerse!
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    I see a lot of people here didn’t grow up watching the cartoons in the 90s.:V
    I’d have liked something like Mania Adventures too but I have no idea why anyone who read the announcement of Prime would have expected that. People freaked out about Boom as well and that turned out fine. And honestly, this seems way closer to the games than anything we’ve had outside of X. That’s Chemical Plant right? And the badniks are straight out of Sonic 2.

    Outside of possible cosmetics or Easter eggs? No, and I’d be willing to stake my life on that answer.
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    damn, Sonic's got the Yeezy shoes lmao
    All in all, some of these designs are weird but I think we should reserve judgement until the show airs. The storyline is meant to be about alternate universes or something.

    I imagine this is not how they intended for us to get our first glimpse at this show
  7. Ah yes, so we can have normal Eggman, Childish Eggman, Goofy Robotnik, and Serious Robotnik.

    I'm trying desperately to understand people's concerns and sympathize with why they're wary, but I literally just can't. I better just leave for now. I'm aware I'm not gonna get along in here- I have too much hope for the show lol.
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    The environments are fine. They fit right at home among, say, the bad futures of CD.

    The alternate universe takes on major characters like Amy and Eggman are...alternate universe takes on major characters. Don't really feel like there's much to say there.

    I do NOT like the weird shoes/gloves. Here's hoping Sonic starts off with his standard look before acquiring these and that they are what enables multiverse travel. That I could live with.

    Not a fan of Kitsune Tails. The two-tailed look was specifically chosen to evoke the image of a helicopter when he flies. The kitsune look kinda clutters that up.
  9. The link is dead... Was there anything else besides the 2 pics that were posted in here?
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    _20210623_132344.JPG _20210623_132304.JPG _20210623_132234.JPG _20210623_132207.JPG _20210623_132133.JPG
    Screencapped the mobile version of the site. I still had the tab open for some reason.
  11. Thanks! I guess the artist wasn't supposed to share these after all...
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    We got em all here.
  13. Guess I'm gonna be the weird one here and say that these designs are fine. Like, the model is still recognizably modern Sonic.

    Its pretty restrained for the most part compared to past reinterpretations. Game purists really shouldn't be worried.
  14. I liked the designs, they look really cool. Better than Boom honestly, not that I hate Boom design. I think only Tails' tail looks a little weird here. But that's it, for now.
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    I didn't really like this new design, but I didn't know (or had I forgotten?) that Sonic Prime would involve other universes and such. So I think it makes sense to have these differences. It's like Crash 4 I think?
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    Yes, exactly.
    I'd take well established Eggmen, over some generic ones. Best case scenario? Use them and add some new, interesting ones. Best of both worlds. New fans get what they want, old fans get what they want.

    It's not like the concept of another dimension is new to Sonic. We have Sonic Shuffle, characters like Blaze and Eggman Nega, heck - even Mania Sonic is now from different dimension.

    Enter the SpiderVerse used well established characters like Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir and new ones like Spider-Gwen. Other than copyright/license issues, I can't really see why they should not reintroduce Satam Robotnik or Eggman Nega.
  18. Dark Sonic

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    I think this looks fine. At least the environments look like they belong with Sonic. Sonic boom was on some weird Donkey Kong esq island, Sonic X was in Chris's city, AoStH was a Warhol wet dream, and SatAm was traditional 90s grim dark (and Underground is just a worse extension of that). Ok his shoes and gloves are weird but given how the main Eggman looks like Eggman, said shoes and gloves are prob plot related.

    But ya would have been nice to have classic Eggman with the other Eggmen at least but also, this is concept art. Who knows what stuck?
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  19. Overlord


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    It's less of a radical departure than Boom's designs were, I'm thankful for that at least.
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    I bet this show is gonna be cel-shaded because of limited budget.

    As for the designs, HARD PASS. Can't just stick to the original look, at least the Modern Sonic look? Is it too much asking for?

    Also, being in alternate universe is no excuse.