Sonic Prime (Fall 2022 Netflix series)

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  1. Ben Schwartz works for the specific Sonic he was created for.

    Just like how people think Roger fit Boom Sonic the best, since they design is tied to Roger's voice.

    The annoying thing about Sonic is that because he's had three different actors that are all supposed to be playing the same character, there's no way to internalize what the character is supposed to sound like.

    By comparison, the Mike Pollock is so popular because outside of Deem Bristow, nobody else has played Eggman.

    So unless this new series just reboots the games, the new actors are gonna run into the same problem of not sounding "right". Cognitive Dissonance is a bitch.
  2. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I mean, Colors pushed the Wii to its limits, and no matter how much people try to shit on Lost World that game looked really good too.

    And if you’re taking the Switch into consideration, then yes, Forces pushed that system to its limits.
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    You got me there, haha. I suppose I was a little blinded by the prospect of Sonic instantly blazing between zones/universes, but being as the underpowered Switch is the biggest name in town and Sega generally caters to 8 year olds who can’t afford the latest console tech, this probably was wishful thinking. Still though, it would have all worked together very well to connect everything. Maybe some day. Sega keeps going they way they are, we’ll be playing the next instalment on the abacus.
  4. MH MD

    MH MD

    Not that weird, usually sonic games get announced at around March/April of the same year before release, with few exceptions like Sonic 2006 and Forces...
    So hopefully we get some news soon
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  5. Starduster


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    Art...always art...
    Ohhh. Oh deeear.

    I suppose the general art style is intact, but there’s just a bunch of unnecessary design changes here. Why can’t we just get an animated series using the visuals of the source material straight up?

    Also, Jesus Christ, stop with the sodding Fortnite dances. They were juvenile and cringeworthy before Sonic did it, they’re juvenile and cringeworthy now…they just look absolutely ridiculous.
  6. raphael_fc


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    I'm scared.
  7. Hmm, I wonder... Oh, hear me out... Maybe it's because this isn't about the source material? Crazy, I know, it was just a fleeting thought I had.
  8. Starduster


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    Art...always art...
    Well yes, clearly - there’s no need to be a sarcastic jerk about it.

    But Sonic hasn’t had a faithful animation series of any kind since Sonic X, outside of the one-shots that have just gone straight to YouTube. There’s no reason a multiverse story couldn’t be told while still using the mainline universe. I really have no desire to see Sonic reinterpreted and redesigned with each new animation just because somebody wants to “leave their mark” in such a superficial way.

    And beyond that, there’s nothing wrong with the main designs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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    Not where I want to be.
    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Crazy thought: people want to see a cartoon that faithfully adapts the source material that they're fond of. Crazy idea, I know.

    Just disagree. That's all you had to do.
  10. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    The plot is about traveling to different universes, so seeing different variations of certain characters are expected. I'm guessing Sonic's shoes and gloves allow him to jump to different universes? If so, kind of reminds me of the time travelling shoes Sonic used in AoStH. Also, these are just the concept pieces. They don't fully reflect the final product. So that Fortnite dance that's bothering you was probably made just for fun and nothing else.

    I'm interested, though cautiously optimistic. The concept art does look nice and admittedly I kind of do like Sonic's new shoes. I do wonder if Nicholas Kole is working on the character designs like he did for Spyro: Reiginted Trilogy. He did do a pretty interesting take on Dr. Robotnik a while ago.
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    I don't think I'll ever see a faithful cartoon adaptation in my lifetime any time soon, to say the least. Besides, Sonic's always brimming with the potential for exploring new ideas, so might as well see how this goes.
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    Why are his tails

  13. I agree.

    However, it's been obnoxiously apparent since the beginning that this was going to be yet another interpretation of Sonic- and everyone knew it. Literally everyone I ever heard talking about the show knew it was going to be different and disconnected from the games and everyone was cool with it.

    Then this concept art comes out and sooooo many people across the internet are complaining that it's not close enough to the source material that they already knew the show wasn't going to be based around.

    The duality of the Sonic fandom lol. Never change guys, you keep things interesting :eng99:
  14. Childish


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    hmm maybe to imply there spinning really fast? Or possibly + - "you're that Tails from another dimension aren't you?"  
  15. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    Tails from a different universe, I'm guessing. Looks like he has rockets attached to his shoes since this version of him has 9(?) tails instead of 2.
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    Whatever I don't lose interest in.
    I wish Mega Man Fully Charged had concept leaks like that. Would be interesting to see what they had in mind in terms of visuals or setpieces for that.

    I'd honestly expected them to have a tighter leash here but I don't know why they would, they keep advertising that they're hiring for the show to (potential) fans and I guess you can't really stop people from not knowing what's allowed to go out when.
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    Everyone was cool with it, expect the people that weren't and wanted them to use Sonic's design in this show about Sonic.
    Now admittedly that was too much to ask for, but why are you acting like we all knew what we were gonna get when the only thing we knew about it was the name and logo?
    Did I miss the interview where Izuka said "yeah we're doing a fortnite dancing sonic with weird gloves and shoes fighting a teenage eggman for the new show"?
    I guess I wasn't part of the people that literally knew it, my bad.
  18. Okay that's actually funny :D
    Of course not. No one ever said that. But iirc, it was said multiple times that this was not a show based on the games. I, personally, was going into this expecting all of this crazy stuff, so I'm not surprised or, as seems to be the case with a majority of internet users, let down by a piece of concept art not fully representative of the final product.

    I guess what I mean to say is, there's a lot more cynicism coming from people than I feel there should be. This isn't even the trailer. It's concept art for a WIP show. I'm fairly confident the show will at least look somewhat different, and won't include any fortnite dancing.
  19. SuperSnoopy


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    I sure hope it won't lol.
    I'd like to clarify and say I don't actually hate what I'm seeing here btw. It's overall faithful to the game and despite playing dumb in my original response to your post, I totally expected some weird Eggman shenanigan since the show was about multiverses and whatnot.

    Still, still... I don't know why every western Sonic related thing in existence desperately feel the need to redesign him. Thank god for the IDW comic.
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