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Sonic Pocket Winter

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by ValleyBell, Nov 9, 2016.

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    researching PC-98/X68000 sound drivers
    copy-paste from the SHC page, yeah, which you can find here

    Screenshots from SHC page:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is a small proof-of-concept hack, made using a disassembly of Sonic Pocket Adventure that I worked on during the last year.

    - Character Select screen that makes you able to select Tails and Knuckles
    - It's now winter in Neo South Island Zone.
    - added Sonic's Super Peelout (simplified) and Tails' flying ability (Yes, you can hurt enemies like in S3K.)
    - added Knuckles including gliding (huge thanks to VAdaPEGA for drawing additional sprites!!)
    - new music (both ported and custom)
    - DAC voices for character selection
    - bugfixes and optional tile compression (to make room for the additional sprites)
    - edited first boss

    Thanks to
    - Hex-Rays for the Interactive Disassembler
    - Konstantin Norvatoff for the TLCS900 IDA module
    - Alfred Arnold for Makroassembler AS
    - Nintendo_6444 for Tails' flying sprites
    - MainMemory for SonLVL
    - Kent Hansen for Tile Layer Pro
    - Sonic Physics Guide (was a big help while coding Tails' and Knuckles' moves)
    - VAdaPEGA for additional Knuckles sprites and any additional graphics in general
    - W1P3OUT XL a.k.a SynthRye for the Ice Cap Zone MIDI I used for the boss' theme

    Things that didn't make it
    - all Knuckles sprites (VAdaPEGA was so nice and drew many of the missing sprites for me, but I told him that Pantufa has priority)
    - edited level layouts (I lack the creativity to do so)
    - edited special stages (technically possible and I planned to do a small edit, but I ran out of time)
    - more new music (I spent too much time optimizing the boss theme)

    Emulator support
    Both Mednafen and MAME/MESS seem to work pretty well.
    NeoPop has problems with the sound: Sound timing is a bit wonky and it outputs only the left channel.

    Small note
    I took some freedom regarding player movements, so you can make unrolled jumps and roll/unroll in air.

    If you want a direct download link - it's here. Alternatively you can just get it from the SHC page, which leads to the very same link.
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    researching PC-98/X68000 sound drivers
    Thank you all for enjoying my hack and thanks for the trophies!
    I really didn't expect to win so many.

    So, here is the full source code for the hack:
    The SonLVL SPA mod is not included, but I pushed a branch to the SonLVL GitHub Repo.

    I'll post some development trivia later.
    The release of the actual SPA disasm will be sometime later. I want to have a look at a few functions I might've labelled incorrectly.

    And here is a detailed list of (visible) changes:
    • fixed bug where holding "down" while landing on ground had no effect (very noticeable in Cosmic Casino)
    • modified moveset to roll/unroll anytime
      • unrolled jump: hold "up" while pressing A/B
      • unrolling while on ground: press "up"
      • unroll in air: hold "up" while pressing A/B
      • roll in air: hold "down" while pressing A/B
    • fixed debug sound test (most SFX and the last few songs weren't working)
    • added Knuckles as playable character
    • fixed Tails' tails still being on screen after jumping into Special Stage ring
    • added Character Select screen (including custom fade-out effect)
    • added Sonic's Super Peel Out (works like Spindash, because doing it like Sonic CD would be pointless with the modified moveset)
    • added Tails' flying ability
    • added Knuckles' gliding ability
    • added DAC voices to the character select screen
    • made background of Character Select screen scroll (disabled, because I think the current BG looks nicer)
    • added new Knuckles sprites drawn by VAdaPEGA
    • fixed NSI flowers having a missing tile
    • edited NSI boss
      • each time the hammer touches the ground, it will spawn some ice spikes that can hurt the player
      • The powerful hammer smash originally caused an earthquake that hurt the player. The earthquake now just knocks the player back, but also causes a wave of ice spikes that is likely to hurt the player instead.
    • added "Thanks for playing" screen (uses image hidden in the original ROM, custom text drawing routine)
    • added underwater palette for Knuckles, Special Stage palettes for Knuckles/Tails
    • edited the title screen to say "Pocket Winter" (thanks again to VAdaPEGA for quickly drawing the graphics)
    New music tracks are:
    • NeoGeo Pocket BIOS: BIOS jingle and BGM (used on "Thanks for playing" screen)
    • SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium: "The Force" (character selection) and "Choujou Kessen" (unused)
    • S&K PC Collection: Ice Cap 1/2 (music for Neo South Island 1/2)
    • Sonic 3 Invincibility (invincibility theme)
    • Ice Cap Zone (MegaDrive) remix by W1P3OUT XL (boss theme)
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    Well deserved, mate. I really enjoyed your hack. So much, that I said in my stream that I wish I had a NeoGeo when I was younger. Tails' flying and Knuckles gliding felt very natural and it didn't take me too long to get use to the mechanics of the game.

    The music was really well constructed too as I don't think there was one song that I thought was bad. I did feel one or two songs were out of place for the level itself, but then I got told the original game was like that.

    The game still needs a few creases ironed out here and there (the unintentional cameos I had for example, hehe), but otherwise, it was a great play. Good job (and to VAdaPEGA as well).