Sonic P-06 Release Shadow out now

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Guess I misheard. I remember someone talking about the remake making it easier to mod the game, but that was a while ago now that I think about it.
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    I genuinely think this is one of the best things to happen for Sonic when it comes to fangames in a while, and that's saying much because Sonic fangames are fantastic. There's so much added detail and little fixes here and there that really make me smile. And one thing you can't take away from this game is that the level design is engaging that it actually looks fun to play, unlike recent titles; the scattered terrains of White Acropolis, Tropical Jungle, Wave Ocean (for Shadow) and Dusty Desert (for Sonic), the multiple pathways of Kingdom Valley, and the fast-paced race against time in Radical Train that really give you (well, me at least) a sense of speed and urgence. It looks so beautifully done and I'd genuinely be happy if, and this is wishful thinking of course, SEGA picked up and gave it console releases lmfao. It's such an incredible work. Every time he releases a new demo I still feel compelled to go and play the old stages because they're just so much fun to go through.

    Only gripe I have with this game is that some elements don't feel rewarding, like how easy it is to S rank Radical Train, or how simple transforming into Shadow's Chaos powers is. There needs to be more elements of difficulty here and there so that it feels more rewarding. But of course, this is a beta still and I trust ChaosX will know what to do when it comes to these aspects.

    Just because this game is based off of '06, doesn't have to mean it's just the same. The characters play just fine and are very fun to use. The level designs feel like they've been used to their maximum potential, and I love that.
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    Yeah I only now just got around to downloading it but S-ranking it seems so easy. Then again I was fighting everything in sight and generally having fun knocking stuff around in the physics engine (which does give you some points), so maybe Sonic level design is at it's most interesting when you're not just rushing to the end of a meter wide hallway in 2 minutes.