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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Yash


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    I will say that this is a pretty fun way to explore how much more stable games are now compared to when Sonic 3 originally came out. There are several glitches in Sonic 3 where you do something you weren’t supposed to, and the game freaks out and sends you to some blocky, garbage data virtual hell because it doesn’t know what to do, whereas here even though there’s some weird stuff it’s still pretty functional.

    It reminds me of how in the Gen 1 Pokémon games, if you somehow get into a battle without having any Pokémon the game completely wigs out, whereas in Gen 2 and onward they programmed it so the battle just automatically ends.

    Not to say any of this is justified of course (comparing a remaster in 2022 to an original release in 1994, of course you’d expect the remaster to be more stable), it’s just neat.
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  2. sayonararobocop


    In Marble Garden Act 2 my score reset to zero, but I closed the game, reloaded and my score was intact.
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    Can't replicate it, but I experienced a bug when I paused the game during the Ice Cap Zone Act 1-2 transition to clean off the floor after my cat dropped a glass of water, and when I unpaused the game it was suddenly in the state it would've been if I hadn't paused during those approximately 30 seconds, i.e. the score tally and act title card sequences had played and some seconds had passed in the timer.
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    As of this post, a cause for this bug still hasn’t been found yet right? Seems very odd for this to happen out of the blue unless something triggers it
  5. No idea why this happens. Just playing normally :( .
  6. Prototype


    It definitely is neat, although it's interesting that while modern games often handle glitches better, it doesn't mean that they're any less glitchy. Since you brought up Pokémon, the "remastered" Diamond and Pearl contain several basic bugs that even the spaghetti code'd early games managed to avoid.

    One thing I find interesting is the ability to patch games now. That often leads to rushed broken releases in many cases because they assume there's room to patch it later. But nevertheless, it's possible. Compare that to the older days, where you'd occasionally get a REV01 or 02 of a game released later, but you'd never know it unless you were very technically oriented or it was advertised on the release (like Shane Warne Cricket (96) on Megadrive, which was an updated release of the 95 release and had a (V2) sticker on the box, which were in turns reskins/updates of Brian Lara Cricket 95/96, which itself was a port of Graham Gooch Cricket on DOS...tangent).

    That brings up another interesting point, because we've seen a few times where they've created later revisions, like in the case of Sonic carts, with their own set of bugfixes. But in many cases these bugfixed ROMs don't always end up as the base version for future releases.
  7. FollOw


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  8. Prototype


    Possibly one of the sprites that initializes the animation up the fake 3D ramp in the first level. A sideways pose before rotating his body with the ramp I suppose? I'm not all too familiar with CD either but it seems like a transitory pose.
  9. Devon


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    Basically this ^

    Look to your left and you'll see a segment of a fake 3D ramp. Sonic CD has specific checks for those 3D ramps/loops so that it knows when to set Sonic's sprite for them. In the original, the Sonic object checks which chunk Sonic is located in to indicate that he's in a 3D ramp/loop. In the Taxman version, it looks like it uses a separate object to handle it and checks his X position, and it seems that it is a tad bit off from the original.
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  10. Neo Geo MVS

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    Yes, and that area is not supposed to have a title card the first time you enter it, yet it does in Origins.
  11. One of my friends played through Story Mode today on PC and I made a number of clips, primarily from S3K. (hold up while standing on a capsule button to cause this, apparently)

    And one glaring issue from my own playthrough (Nintendo Switch, Story Mode)
    In Sandopolis Act 2, all the checkpoints appeared as though they had already been triggered, and when I died I was sent back to the very start of the Act. I'm not sure when this started, I believe I died once very early and I also entered the first special stage ring - it was *fixed* after I entered the special stage ring right before the boss - the final checkpoint was 'normal'.
    I have a number of other issues from my playthrough recorded, but right now I don't have the means to transfer them to my computer.
  12. Another thing I just remembered (PS4 version):

    If I time travel while underwater in Tidal Tempest - Present, Sonic's sprite remains shaded with a blue tint as if we's underwater during the time travel cutscene.
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    I've since done a playthrough of 3K on PS5 in Story & Anniversary Mode and was able to complete the game with all super emeralds/Hyper Sonic and got the best ending without issue.

    Once you've completed Story Mode it states "100% complete". If you then select "continue" under the Story Mode tab it takes you back to the final zone "Doomsday". Today when I loaded up the PS4 version of Origins, selected "continue" in Story Mode; Instead of taking me to the last zone it took me back to Lava Reef Act2 with my score & all emeralds collected/Hyper Sonic fully restored and I was able to make it to Doomsday zone and get the best ending...

    Perhaps this bug occurs more frequently on the PS4 version.

    I did a Mirror Mode live-stream today of 3K with Knuckles and encountered a glitch in Mushroom Hill where Knuckles got stuck on one side of a loop-de-loop after being attacked by that Mole badnik, so I had to restart the act. I've time stamped in the video (2:23:30):

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  14. Has anyone else noticed the elemental shield double jumps in S3K sometimes just don't work?
  15. _Sidle


    Are you holding up while it doesn't work? That's likely intentional, 3 Complete did it.
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  16. E-122-Psi


    Been binging S2 VS mode and noticed some oddities:

    * If the player dies when the countdown reaches 0, the Time Over doesn't play and they can just keep going until they reach the end signpost.
    * Additionally no countdown music.
    * Does Drop Dash not work for some when invincible?
    * Not sure if this is a bug or design choice, but everytime you finish a game it goes back to Origins' main menu. I feel like it would be more sensical (and less time consuming) if it went back to S2's SEGA screen like the original did.
    * Did the remake use elemental shields in fixed mode by default?
  17. simtek34


    Just encountered a bug on Sonic CD, with the opening animation. I don't know if it applies to all the animated cutscenes, or only the Sonic CD intro, but I had the Xbox menu opened while it was playing, and the video had major lag and slowdown, with "You Can Do Anything" cutting out and struggling to play. When I closed the Xbox menu, the song started to play normally again and the FMV sped up trying to catch back up to the song.

    This happened on Xbox One S, with the current version of Origins.
  18. Sappharad


    One that may or may not have been mentioned already: The AIZ1 end of level sign post is supposed to drop by default in a spot that gives you a monitor, to introduce that feature. It falls in a seemingly random place instead, on one play it was near the left of the screen, but never has it started in the "correct" place. Mushroom Hill 1 though correctly defaults to a position that gives you a monitor.

    I ran into the S3K save glitch in story mode as well, but my situation was also different. (Switch version, 1.1.0)

    After starting the game, I had all of the Chaos Emeralds by the end of Hydrocity zone. At the start of Marble Garden 1, I stopped for the day and quit to the title screen and exited the game. The next time I played, I progressed through Marble Garden and everything was working fine. Did the CNZ1 boss as Super Sonic, still everything normal. I think it was CNZ2 where I attempted to transform into Super Sonic and it didn't work. Went into a special stage ring and instead of 50 rings it started the special stage. At the end of the special stage I earned a 3rd emerald. I had to re-collect emeralds 3 through 7, which I managed to do by the end of Ice Cap. I triggered the "Super Sonic scrolled the screen so fast that I was able to beat act 2 without fighting the boss" bug mentioned earlier in this thread, and so there was no ICZ to LBZ zone transition, it just faded to black and went into LBZ from there. Finishing the Sonic 3 half went normally, and I got the first Super Emerald in MHZ1 then quit back to the title screen and exited the game again to come back later.

    When I came back the 2nd time, my save file loaded into Marble Garden 2 but I had all of the emeralds again. I had to replay the rest of Sonic 3 again. I saved and exited in MHZ1 again after getting the first emerald. This time when I came back to it I was actually in MHZ1 where I had saved, and was able to finish the game from there normally. No other weird emerald / progress loss.

    I did have to restart Hidden Palace twice. Apparently you can't fight Knuckles as Hyper Sonic? Both times I tried, you de-transform after the fight but the Super Sonic music comes back instead of the LRZ2 music and the screen scroll remains locked so you can't follow Knuckles and trigger the next cutscene. When I fought Knuckles without transforming into Super Sonic first the cutscene played out as expected.

    I haven't posted all of the bugs I encountered here, just the biggest ones. Now that I've 100%'d the main game (finished the museum as well as story mode) I'd say that despite being buggier than the originals it's still extremely solid and a great way to play these games. S3K's physics actually do seem better to me than the originals in this version, there are long sections of connected loops & curves like in Hydrocity 1, Launch Base, where you'd sometimes get stuck in the original trying to roll through them. This version handles those flawlessly, and I recall other sections that I had never been able to smoothly move through in the originals just working in this one.
  19. Ashura96


    I swear I've also had it not work while holding left or right during a jump.
  20. Titan


    Glad this isn’t just me- it’s particularly frustrating in some missions in Mission Mode where you’re required to do shield attacks!!