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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

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    It's kinda sad but the movie industry started pulling the shame shit: nowadays early screenings of marvel movies generally have wonky cgi, only for it to be fixed a few weeks after the movie's release.

    Movies are literally getting patched lmao
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    IIRC this also occurred in the mobile version. I think it's intentional due to the water rising gimmick.
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    In the Sonic 2 mission "Bullet Hail" the octopus enemies do a jumping sound when they shoot rather than the usual sound in Oil Ocean (PC).

    I experienced it myself but you can also hear it at 2:46 of this video:
  4. The same just happened to me on PS4. Also in Lava Reef Act 2.

    The first Giant Ring I found in the act was a Sonic 3 one, which took me to the first Special Stage from Sonic 3, after which the game informed me I had two Chaos Emeralds, the green one and the yellow one.
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    I watched a playthrough - I'm not sure the new old music is looping properly. It's most obvious in Launch Base Act 1 - there is an introduction section, then the main loop. In our prototype, the introduction is only heard when you (re-)enter the level, but in Origins, the whole track loops.

    Even the PC version avoids playing the introduction part again... unless you get an extra life or invincibility because it doesn't log where the level song was.
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    I am not sure if this was posted already, but it appears its quite easily possible to go out of bounds in one of the missions found in Sonic 3, which causes all kinds of side effects.
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    I dunno if it's just me, but it feels like you sink into semisolids (Oil in Oil Ocean, Mud pits in Marble Garden, Quicksand in Sandopolis) a bit quicker than I'm used to?
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    Ah, so this wasn't me just getting lost then. There are still enough rings to get Hyper Sonic at the end of the act though so I thought nothing of it at the time.

    This is also despite the fact that "Day 1" Patches can be months old and the game patched multiple times before release anyway.

    This also happens on Xbox as well. Only seen it happen with the intro just like you though.
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    I mean: You're not going to die from a glitched videogame. A better comparison would be a TV show or movie that's badly edited.
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    My sentiment precisely. Publishers shouldn’t rely on post launch patches as an excuse to put out an incomplete and/or buggy game but you’re also not going to die as a result of that happening. When used judiciously, such patches help far more than they hinder.
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    Three glitches and two oversights

    • In mirror mode S3K in FBZ Act 2, after exiting the bonus stage at the star post after the laser mini boss, I transformed into hyper Knuckles before the gate and the gate closed in front of me, then the screen looped in weird ways and i was stuck.
    • Also FBZ Act 2, it's pretty easy to carry the inside background outside.
    • Knuckles uses Sonic's transition at the end of SOZ Act 2
    • If you play a level from S3K from the leaderboard menu the special Stages remain active making it really easy to throw you off.
    • Also because these times are ripped from normal playthroughs, some of these times are Super times. This isn't as bad in Sonic 3 since you have the save select, but in Sonic 2 you're in for a worse time, you'll have to go replay the game to get new super times.


    They shouldn't but the reality of tight development timelines and poorly managed resources will plague the industry for awhile. For me, the real test of a developer is how effectively they fix it.

    I don't mean that as an excuse. Had I have known it'd be this bad I would not have pushed this collection. But I do believe SEGA had a chance to do the right thing and at least try to get this game patched/fixed. Most big AAA titles that launch in a bad state actually do fix major issues over time. And SEGA delisting all the old versions makes this whole situation much worse, they are literally releasing worse playing versions of some of their most cherished games. That's just bad.
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    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet but, in the switch version at least, the in-game cutscenes have this weird jaggy scaling that's only apparent in docked mode. In motion, its pretty distracting, especially close up. I thought this was just a problem with the switch version that was consistent, but then in the museum, they're actually filtered and look fine!



    I was able to overlook most of the issues people have been talking about, but the shimmering on the cutscenes drives me crazy, and the new animation was my primary motivator to play the game. That's what I get for buying the switch version, I guess...
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    Nm it was Sonic and Tails route thing. Sorry about that!
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    That's a Sonic and Tails only route. Go back and read the signs!

    (although you can cheat your way through)
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    Ooooh! I see. I now found the right route. I was sooo confused hahaha. I'll delete the post bc its unneccessary now as I totally forgot D: . Apologises!! (I haven't played Knux routes that often tbh so I barely remembered its stuff)
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  17. Follow-up on this bug I've encountered too: while TheOcelot kept playing, I ragequit when I saw the bug. Now I tried continuing the game nonetheless, because why not, might as well, and everything came back. I had Hyper Sonic, the good ending, everything. So, apparently reloading the game helps with this issue.

    Some other things I noticed:
    • Sandopolis Zone Act 1 and Lava Reef Zone Act 2: no music after the boss is defeated, while the signpost/capsule is falling down.
    • Hidden Palace Zone: if I turn Hyper before facing Knuckles, once he is defeated the Super/Hyper theme plays instead of the Hidden Palace theme.
    • Sky Sanctuary Zone: Sonic's spinning animation when he's teleported is noticeably slower than in the original.
    • Also Sky Sanctuary Zone: The pillar from which animals emerge followed by an Eggrobo triggers too late, and when I jump into the Eggrobo as it's coming out of the pillar, I phase through it.
    The separate map with the bosses in Death Egg Act 2 also had two things I found odd, but I have a feeling like it might be on purpose. I don't know. The first item might be.
    • The title card "Death Egg Zone" reappears without an act number.
    • Every time I defeat one of the bosses as Hyper Sonic, I lose the Hyper form.
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    I'm not sure if that should be listed as a bug, though. Either way, I shamelessly added a video as a reference for that, since other bugs on that page have video references. I could have added even more videos for other bugs, but eh, the captcha thing is annoying.
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    I'm not sure how to tell you this but this is already a thing :( Teslas in particular have a pretty notorious reputation for both software bugs and hardware build problems needing fixing on brand new cars, and "over the air" software updates are pretty common these days in newer cars.
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    Cars are governed under much stricter consumer protection laws.