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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

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    I just ran into the same exact issue. Luckily, I managed to somehow fix it by heading into a special stage, and then force-closing the game (I was on PC). Continuing the game (which stated that I was in Special Stage 1) brought me to LRZ2 with my score and precious emeralds back. So if anyone else runs into this problem, try doing that. I would've lost all will to continue if I lost all of those emeralds.
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  2. Miles Wolf

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    I suppose it's a bug:

    In Sonic 1, if you die after a checkpoint, the game takes you to that checkpoint but with zero rings, as always.

    If you exit to Sonic Origin's menu and get back into Sonic 1, you will appear in the checkpoint but with the rings you had when you first went through the checkpoint.

    I had some minor music glitches while playing on Sonic 3.

    - - -

    Playing on the Steam version, Anniversary Mode.

    My PC specs:

    - Ryzen 7 3900X
    - 32GB DDR4 RAM.
    - RTX 2080Ti.
    - SSD Samsung.
    - Asus X-570 MB.
  3. That’s probably because the auto save is programmed to trigger when passing through the checkpoint but doesn’t trigger again for a death. More of an oversight than a bug.
  4. Zephyr


    Playing through Story mode on Switch. I didn't see these mentioned, but that doesn't mean they weren't:
    - Using the Drop Dash in Sonic CD, the high pitched sound effect of charging a Peel Out/Spin Dash plays when landing. If that's going to play at all, it should be while charging the Drop Dash, not while releasing it, right?
    - Exiting a Special Stage in Sonic 2, I still have all my rings. I haven't bothered with Sonic 2's Special Stages in a very long time, but pretty sure you're supposed to exit with 0 rings. Maybe this is a feature that was added to the mobile version (which I never played).

    I also played Sonic 1's Mirror Mode for a few minutes, and using the level select code I put "Sonic 2 and 3 items" on. This gave me the Insta Shield + Drop Dash combo ability from 3K in this collection. When I had invincibility I couldn't Drop Dash, presumably because it's tied to the Insta Shield when the latter is enabled?
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    I'd almost argue it's intentional. Since you're just saving your place there's no need for the punishment of losing all your rings when you die, especially in a collection that kinda puts training wheels on the games.

    But this behavior is like how they made it work in this version of Sonic 2 and all Sonic 3s when you exit a special stage or bonus stage. You still get your rings back since it's coming back from means other than death
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  7. Xilla


    Die in 2P mode right as the counter reaches zero and you can keep going (PS5)

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  8. In order to do things such as playing as Knuckles in Death Egg, you have to enter the Debug Mode code first, I believe this was something in the original too but I'm not sure.
    If you press the B button (Nintendo Switch)/A button (XBOX)/X button (PlayStation) on certain items such as monitors in Debug mode, you can see more items of that type.

    Might as well add that I've experienced that glitch in Sonic 2 where if you use the flight ability as Tails right before Act 2 fades, the sound keeps playing.
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  11. What, was this collection made by dimps or something? XD
  12. Turbohog


    I don't think these collision problems are new to these versions, but I still think they deserve to be fixed. It's just easier to notice them now that S1 and S2 aren't locked to mobile.
  13. I have two versions, PS4 and Switch and I'm currently playing Story mode on PS4.

    Things I've noticed, and there will be overlap with what others will say, I'm aware of that:
    • Hydrocity Zone Act 2: I agree with those who said the top of the screen during the boss fight becomes a solid ceiling, I had it happen. The physics bug that made the final Giant Ring impossible to get too.
    • Marble Garden Zone Act 1: debris keep falling throughout the level after a cutscene with the mini-boss
    • Marble Garden Zone Act 2: the place towards the end where the grounds rises up, not far from the boss: the camera locks in vertically, which it never used to do, and after the ground finishes rising, the parallax background visibly snaps to a different position.
    • Carnival Night Act 1: Either I've been VERY lucky all these years to not notice this, or this is an actual bug: since when can Bowling Spin's spiky spinning top kill me by crushing me against the floor or a wall?
    • Launch Base Act 2: Beam Rocket can be defeated by Super Sonic just by standing in the spot where it rises from the ground. IIRC, in the original, every time it took a hit it sped up ever so slightly and managed to fly away with one segment left before being completely obliterated. Not here though.
    • Launch Base Act 2: During the cutscene with the falling Death Egg, the camera tilts upward at some point, revealing the "ceiling" of the spot where the boss battles took place, making it look like there are two Death Eggs, one we're currently under and one that's falling in the background
    • Special Stage: When I walk on a yellow sphere, Sonic jumps, but Tails keeps walking on the ground
    • Competition mode: I can't play Sonic 3K's Time Attack solo on the Switch in handheld mode, the game asks me to connect a different controller, doesn't seem to care about the Joy Cons that are already connected to the Switch, and keeps opening either the pause menu or the Switch's controller pairing screen until I do.
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  14. I don't know why everyone's struggling so much with this- I got it first try as Sonic.
    Nah, that always worked.
    What's really happening is the camera locks in place so Sonic & Tails can fall off screen (this happened in the original game). The problem here is that the top Death Egg sprites aren't getting cleared out once the first go off screen, so once the camera locks and the platform falls, the Death Egg goes with it.
  15. This isn't a bug; I specifically remember dying this way during my first playthrough on the Mega Drive in 1994.
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  16. nineko


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    Not only that's always been possible, but if you're Super or Hyper it could get even worse.

    (just to make sure, the video above is from regular Sonic 3 & Knuckles and not from Sonic Origins, in case you overlook that it's been uploaded in 2007)
  17. Knucklez


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    It's sad really. In what other industry that sells a product to consumers, whatever it may be, can you get away with rushing out whatever you have to meet the deadline and then say "oh it's fine, we'll just fix it later"...?

    The video game industry is the poster child for this and we've allowed companies to pull this shit on us since online game patch updates became a thing. And I see no one making any attempt to hold any of these shit companies accountable for broken games on release.

    Imagine if a car company did this. You go out on the highway and 'oops' your axles pop out of place the moment you hit a certain speed. Your headlights just turn off and won't turn back on because your auto-sensor is assuming your lights should be off when it's dark. Your car won't unlock under any circumstance when it is on and in drive, but you need to escape due to an emergency. On and on. Imagine a company put out a car and every one of them had those dangerous issues and other ridiculous ones, and then they come out and say... "We're sorry your mother died in an accident, but we had a deadline to meet and we were going to fix those issues afterward anyway. We're sorry for any inconvenience."

    I don't care what we compare, it doesn't make game publishers any more entitled to such a privilege. There is no excuse for the release state of Origins. It's disgraceful that Sega puts it out like this, especially for games this old that only needed kinks ironed out in the code and not, you know, having to make a new game from scratch.

    Sorry y'all had to deal with this Stealth, but I understand, you owe us no apology for something out of your control.
  18. Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone 2P: The purple water is missing from the whole zone.
  19. IndyTheGreat


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    I'm sure this was pointed out already, but the audio in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is very muffled, and clearly playing back at a lower bit rate. I didn't have this issue with 1, 2 or CD but I'm having it with the sound effects and music for Sonic 3. I'm not sure how this even happened but I'm hoping it gets fixed sooner than later.