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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Very minor thing, but Amy no longer giggles when she hugs Sonic in Palmtree Panic.
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    Is that not the drop dash sound?
  3. Exoticus


    There's a very annoying oversight when it comes to rebinding controls on the PC. It's impossible to map anything to the Arrow Keys; the default settings are WASD + K/LMB. Bizarre, especially since Arrow Keys + Z/Space is such a common control setup when it comes to 2D platformers on a computer.
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  4. ELS


    They cut all the voice clips from CD.
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    I guess they’re really committed to having the classic cast be mute, huh? I don’t like the choice but I can say I’m particularly surprised either tbh.
  6. I never said "the QA team" should have handled this. QA = "the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production."

    I'm a product manager, I know what QA is and have had to do it myself. I am referring to the entire process. I'm well aware of who does what.

    Sure, maybe the QA team noted all of these bugs, the producers asked for a delay, and management said ship it anyway. That happens. I'm still going to say that the quality of the quality assurance process is lacking, and it is.
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    Is it? Why is it part of the blue wheels, Beam Laser, and Big Arms now? I found it so jarring.

    Does drop dash activate by using instant shield? I'm not familiar with it I suppose.
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    This can happen in the original game too although in this engine it is probably easier to get crushed.
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    Been there, tried that. Still crashes on bootup.
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    Screenshots show up black in the Steam release, at least when playing in full screen.
  11. D.A. Garden

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    All of these issues were encountered on a UK Nintendo Switch running Sonic Origins 1.1.0 during a playthrough of the story mode.
    Apologies for how long this is. Also, this is just my first play through. I dread to think how many more issues there are that I didn't see.

    • General - You cannot pause the game if Sonic's controls are locked at the end of an Act. However, Sonic 2's Act 2 doesn't lock your controls, and so you can still pause
    • General - There many places where you can pause the game, but the only option is to Continue, and no option to quit out of the game
    • General - The spin dash sound effect still doesn't increase when charging
    • General - The drop dash doesn't unlock your air control. In Sonic Mania it did
    • General - No on-screen prompt for Super/Hyper transformation, and it's not clear how to trigger it
    • Menus - Console is listed as Genesis in many places, even though it's the Sega Mega Drive here. A lack of consistency
    • Special Stage - When pausing, I have no option other than Continue. I cannot quit out of the game at all
    Sonic CD:
    • General - The drop dash makes time travel easy, as you can keep doing drop dashes back and forth on a small bit of straight land and you will maintain your time travel speed
    • Collision Chaos 1 - Amy doesn't make a noise when Metal Sonic grabs here
    • Tidal Tempest - The water warning noise is the wrong pitch
    • Tidal Tempest - The drowning music doesn't play. The countdown just silently starts without warning
    Sonic 2:
    • General - Tails doesn't respawn properly when off screen. I can hear him constantly jumping and trying to get to Sonic
    • General - Tails' flight assist cannot be controlled with just the d-pad. You have to keep pressing jump to maintain flight
    • General - Using Tails' flight assist at the end of an Act 2 will cause the flight sound to play endlessly
    • General - If you're too fast after defeating a boss, the camera unlocks to the Egg Capsule but doesn't re-lock. You can run to your death
    • Special Stage - The bomb and ring hitbox is much bigger than before. This makes it easier to get rings, but also means you cannot be too close to bombs like before. A good example of this is Special Stage 3, where at the end, you used to be able to run through the lines of bombs down the middle. You cannot do this anymore
    • Chemical Plant Zone - When you die, the pylons in the background that move disappear
    • Chemical Plant Zone - Destroying the boss causes a horrible noise to play instead of the usual explosion noises
    • Hill Top Zone - Upside-down spiker badniks that hang to a ceiling do not load at all
    • Mystic Cave Zone Act 1 - A set of moving boxes is going the wrong way round
    • Oil Ocean Zone Act 2 - The background position is incorrect for the boss
    • Metropolis Zone Act 2 - The set of 3 rings that gave you 4 each hasn't been fixed
    • Sky Chase Zone - You can die if you spin dash on the plane (Fixed in Sonic Compilation/ Sonic Classics)
    • Wing Fortress Zone - If you have too much speed when you fall/jump down after defeating the laser boss, you will walk right off of the platform and die (The cutscene will begin to play, but will not stop you in time)

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles:
    • General - When a star post is hit, the rotating star on top is using the wrong colour
    • General - Lightning shield sparks have wrong priority
    • General - Lightning shield doesn't attract rings when returning from a bonus stage
    • General - Continuous sound effects aren't continuous and clearly stop/start repeatedly
    • Glowing Sphere Bonus Stage - The HUD shows your score and a timer
    • Gumball Bonus Stage - The HUD shows your score and a timer
    • Angel Island Zone Act 2 - The falling waterfall logs de-spawn too early, making it difficult to get the first 1-up monitor
    • Angel Island Zone Act 2 - In the final long tunnel before the boss, you can just hold left, and go back to the rest of the level. The screen also locks low down as a result
    • Hydrocity Zone Act 2 - If you drop dash towards the moving wall as it starts to move, you can get under the wall
    • Hydrocity Zone Act 2 - Underwater palette for Supersonic is wrong
    • Hydrocity Zone Act 2 - Boss whirlpool isn't solid on top
    • Hydrocity Zone Act 2 - After the results finished, Sonic and Tails went back into their end of level poses
    • Marble Garden Act 1 - Debris still falling after mini-boss encounter
    • Marble Garden Act 1 - Spinning tops don't work correctly. They seems to gain and lose momentum without warning, and don't rise correctly
    • Marble Garden Act 2 - You can trigger the first Eggman cutscene from the platform before
    • Carnival Night Zone Act 1 - Cannot connect to the rotating wheels from below
    • Carnival Night Zone Act 1 - Spiral tubes don't speed up as you descend
    • Carnival Night Zone Act 1 - Single anti-gravity platforms don't move left/right
    • Carnival Night Zone Act 1 - Mini-boss has 6 hit points instead of 4
    • IceCap Zone Act 1 -Cannot get the extra 10 rings on the ski slope
    • IceCap Zone Act 1 - Slopes don't give you as much speed
    • Launch Base Zone Act 1 - Alarms still spawn endless Flybot-767 badniks
    • Launch Base Zone Act 1 - The tower that Knuckles blows up always displays as indoors
    • Launch Base Zone Act 2 - On the highest path, there's a loop back to a fire shield and 2 10 ring monitors that are now inaccessible due to a missing path swapper
    • Launch Base Zone Act 2 - The collapsing platform after the above mentioned section is using the wrong art
    • Launch Base Zone Act 2 - There are 2 Death Eggs at the end of the cutscene after Big Arm
    • Mushroom Hill Zone - Tree log decoration pieces are missing entirely. Both the top and bottom are missing their decorative pieces that connect them to the wall
    • Mushroom Hill Zone - See saw machines don't stop when they get to the top. The camera moves unnaturally when pulling on them
    • Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 - You can jump with Hyper Sonic, or fly with Tails, over the boss and get soft locked
    • Flying Battery Zone Act 1 - Battery block moves too fast
    • Flying Battery Zone Act 1 - Indoor/outdoor chunks displaying incorrectly at times
    • Flying Battery Zone Act 2 - You can scroll the camera in the boss
    • Flying Battery Zone Act 2 - The boss does not move correctly
    • Sandopolis Zone - Moving blocks and moving switches using wrong sound effect
    • Sandopolis Zone - Swinging platforms move too fast
    • Lava Reef Zone Act 2 - After triggering the Knuckles boulder cutscene, you can go back through the level with the cutscene music playing
    • Lava Reef Zone Act 2 Boss - Getting a single ring with over a hundred rings grants a life/coin
    • Lava Reef Zone Act 2 Boss - The two collapsing platforms at the bottom of the staircase break too early
    • Hidden Palace - Super Emeralds - Teleporter lets you exit back to the level you came from, without landing on a greyed out Super Emerald
    • Sky Sanctuary - Some Egg Robos now drop into the stage, but are invincible while doing so
    • Sky Sanctuary - There's a tiny pit at the right of the platform before the Mecha Sonic fight that I fell into
    • Death Egg Zone Act 1 - Blue swinging platforms move way too fast
    • Death Egg Zone Act 1 - Gravity tunnel countdown uses wrong sound effect
    • Death Egg Zone Act 2 - Long blue staircase object loses collision when it collapses and collapses much earlier. makes Death Egg Zone Act 2 much more difficult to traverse compared to before
    • Death Egg Zone Act 2 Egg Robo - The fingers attack seems to be missing some animation when they smack down
    • The Doomsday Zone - Super/Hyper Sonic moves way too fast in phase 2
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    Nothing that concerns this place in the least.
    For whatever reason, Proto Palace Zone is inaccessible in the Sonic 2 port, even though a ring chime still plays after entering the code.
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    Not an error; CD only had a sound effect for drowning, not music, and it didn't start to play until the timer hit 3.
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    In Sonic Mania it's activated after jumping by holding the button for a second or two - I don't know how they're handling it here, but it could be getting set off as you interact with certain objects.

    One quick check would be to see if it occurs with Tails or Knuckles.
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    There's one particular glitch I encountered towards the end of 3K when I played through Story mode which pissed me off;

    I was playing the PS4 version; I got the good ending in S1, CD & S2. After I unlocked Hyper Sonic in Mushroom Hill I then lost everything at the start of Lava Reef act2; my score reset to zero, I lost all chaos & super emeralds, could no longer turn Hyper Sonic (the game wanted me to start collecting the chaos emeralds all over again when I entered a special stage giant ring in LR act2...), and as a result I got the bad ending in 3K...fuck.

    Also encountered the glitch in S2 where if you play with either Sonic or Knuckles with Tails AI; Tails gets stuck and the jump sound plays repeatedly.

    If it's any help; this is the playthrough I did where I had these glitches:

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    Oh for those curious, Tails doesn't come back to Sonic in Sonic 1 either (if you enable Sonic & Tails through level select anyway its not a file option because reasons)

    Also, Sonic 3... what's up with the underwater palettes? Knuckles isn't purple even though the signpost in HCZ is, and Super becomes like cyan. He looks like a fan character or that Nazo Sonic X thing.
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  17. Xilla


    Soft lock in Mission Mode, playing on PS5:

  18. Ashura96


    Completing the Sonic 3 Competition Mode Grand Prix with one player results in a TIE even though the absent player two is given all 9'59"99 times and should be 1P WIN / 2P LOSE like in the original.
  19. Dark Sonic

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    You'd think given the effort to adapt the 2 player sprites for 1 player only they'd just make a new screen for 1 player only that just shows your times.
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