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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Actually its even simpler than that.

    Sonic Origins on PC is using your Integrated Graphics by default, when it should use your actual graphics card. Using Nvidia Control Panel and brute forcing the EXE to use the correct graphics card fixes the wierd PC crashes.
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    Gonna make my post here and come back to it with edits as I play through story mode.

    Map islands chug like hell even though I'm playing on my Nvidia. I've got a HP Omen laptop from ~2018 so hopefully this isn't indicative of how Frontiers will perform for me. Will try and fiddle with my 3D settings later.

    My controls locked up after the GHZ boss. I think it was because I was trying to spam spindash inputs as he was leaving but I don't know for sure. Either way, it was easily fixed by pausing and then unpausing.
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    I went through the full "normal" soundtrack and here's what's incorrectly labeled:
    • No.141: Sandpolis Zone Act 1 - should be "Sandopolis"
    • No.142: Sandpolis Zone Act 2 - should be "Sandopolis"
    • No.176: Unused Song (S3&K) - "This was unused BGM in the Mega Drive/Genesis version." It didn't *exist* in the Mega Drive version, aside from the 11/3 prototype...
    • No.177: Staff Roll 2 (S3&K) - "This was unused BGM in the Mega Drive/Genesis version." Likewise, but it *was* used in S&KC in S3-only mode.
    • No.185: Boss (Spinball): This is actually the Bonus Stage.
    • No.186: Bonus Game (Spinball): This is actually the Boss.
    • No.208: Credits (S3D) - This is actually Invincibility.
    • No.209: Menu (S3D) - This is actually Credits.
    • No.210: Invincible (S3D) - This is actually Menu.
    Chaotix has a whole lot of errors:
    • No.213: Door Into Summer (Isolated Island) - This is actually Midnight Greenhouse (Botanic Base).
    • No.214: Electoria (Techno Tower) - This is actually Speed Of Sound (Speed Slider).
    • No.215: Speed Of Sound (Speed Slider) - This is actually Labyrinth (Amazing Arena, dim).
    • No.216: Seascape (Marina Madness) - This is actually New Moon (Amazing Arena, lit).
    • No.217: Midnight Greenhouse (Botanic Base) - This is actually Seascape (Marina Madness).
    • No.218: New Moon (Amazing Arena, lit) - This is actually Electora (Techno Tower).
    • No.219: Labyrinth (Amazing Arena, dim) - This is actually Walkin' (lobby, morning).
    • No.220: Trial And Error (Amazing Arena sub-boss) - This is actually Hyper-Hyper (lobby, day).
    • No.221: Walkin' (lobby, morning) - This is actually Evening Star (lobby, sunset).
    • No.222: Hyper-Hyper (lobby, day) - This is actually Moonrise (lobby, night).
    • No.223: Evening Star (lobby, sunset) - This is actually Nice Meeting You (Combi-Catcher).
    • No.224: Moonrise (lobby, night) - This is actually High Five (partner chosen).
    • No.225: Take Off (character select) - This is actually Chaotic World (attraction selection).
    • No.226: Combination (practice/tutorial) - This is actually Decision (attraction is being selected)
    • No.227: Take A Nap (Isolated Island, before getting Espio) - This is actually Decision 2nd (attraction chosen)
    • No.228: Surging Power (invincibility) - This is actually Tachy Touch (bonus stage).
    • No.229: Mechanical Dance (game over) - This is actually Tube Panic (special stage).
    • No.230: Tube Panic (special stage) - This is actually Have Some Fun (boss approaches).
    • No.231: Crystal Nightmare (Techno Tower boss) - This is actually Pendulum (Botanic Base boss).
    • No.233: Soda Pop (Marina Madness boss) - This is actually Trial and Error (Amazing Arena sub-boss).
    • No.234: Pendulum (Botanic Base boss) - This is actually Silver Screen (Amazing Arena boss).
    • No.235: Silver Screen (Amazing Arena boss) - This is actually Soda Pop (Marina Madness boss).
    • No.236: Tachy Touch (bonus stage) - This is actually Crystal Nightmare (Techno Tower boss).
    • No.237: Chaotic World (attraction selection) - This is actually From Party to Party (transition between end of level and lobby).
    • No.239: Nice Meeting You (Combi-Catcher) - This is actually Oriental Legend (Metal Sonic Kai).
    • No.240: Have A Happy Day (file select menu) - This is actually Tribute (Chaos Rings being destroyed).
    • No.241: Reach The Goal (level complete) - This is actually Surging Power (invincibility).
    • No.242: High Five (partner chosen) - This is actually Mechanical Dance (game over).
    • No.243: Decision (attraction is being selected) - This is actually Reach The Goal (level complete).
    • No.244: From Party To Party (transition between end of level and lobby) - This is actually Destructive Power (bad ending).
      * Description says it's when a boss is defeated in an attraction; that's incorrect.
    • No.245: Have Some Fun (boss approaches) - This is actually Just Another Day (good ending).
    • No.246: Oriental Legend (Metal Sonic Kai) - This is actually Take A Nap (Isolated Island, before getting Espio).
    • No.248: Tribute (Chaos Rings being destroyed) - This is actually Combination (practice/tutorial).
    • No.249: Destructive Power (bad ending) - This is actually Door Into Summer (Isolated Island).
    • No.250: Just Another Day (good ending) - This is actually Take Off (character select).
    • No.251: Decision 2nd (attraction chosen) - This is actually Have A Happy Day (file select menu).
    The few Chaotix songs that are actually labeled correctly:
    • No.232: Child's Song (Speed Slider boss)
    • No.238: Surprise! (penultimate boss)
    • No.247: Steel Heart (Eggman's first appearance)
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    Sonic 1:
    • General - The drop dash is not implemented properly and does not consider collision/inertia at all
    • General - Some of the Invincibility stars have the wrong priority, and show up in front of high layer artwork. This did not happen in the mobile version
    Sonic 3 and Knuckles:
    • General - You can outrun the camera. This was not a feature of the original and is strange, as it's not present in Sonic 1/2
    • General - Get a 1-up and the level music restarts instead of continuing from where it where it was before
    • Blue Sphere - Music does not speed up over time/as the character speeds up
    • Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 - The small area before the boss after the large pulley is missing several tree log decoration pieces
    • Desert Palace - Doing a charged spin dash at the start allows you to go over the loop and onto the wrong layer
    • Desert Palace - You can jump onto the wrong path from the sand pit area
    • Desert Palace - Priority is wrong on the sand pit/sand block
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    Gonna rattle off a few S3&K issues that I brought up in the main thread but haven't seen mentioned here. Playing on the Switch version, if it matters:

    -The music erroneously cuts out once the last blue sphere of a special stage is collected. It's supposed to play a bit longer and stop just before the emerald jingle plays.
    -In Marble Garden Act 1, after the boss is teased and it flees by burrowing into the ceiling, the brief falling debris effect that it temporarily triggers instead, distractingly, occurs for the rest of the stage (unless you die or enter a bonus/special stage).
    -The ceiling collision for Hydrocity Act 2's boss room is now as low as the top of the screen, which wasn't the case before (you used to be able to go offscreen vertically). This makes it difficult to take advantage of the intended strategy of using Eggman's bombs to propel you upwards, since you can no longer use them to bounce nearly as high into the air.
    -For whatever reason, Anniversary Mode uses the Sonic 3 extra life jingle while Classic Mode uses the Sonic & Knuckles one. I wish they would just use the S&K one for both since it's what S3&K originally used anyways (and it sounds better).
    -Sonic seemingly can't reach the last big ring in Hydrocity Act 2 unassisted anymore (the one shortly before the end of the level, above and to the right of the shaft with the two cylindrical platforms). He used to be able to barely jump up there but can't due to the nuances of the port.
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    Yeah the game is weirdly inconsistent with using either themes. Title is Sonic 3, invincibility is Sonic and Knuckles. I get hands are tied with the MJ tracks and the new Super theme but I feel maybe this should have been a toggle or something like CD.

    Also not sure if this is an oversight or not, but kind of a shame the PAL version mostly lists Genesis instead of Megadrive (though at least we got the Europe manual scans and box art).

    I'd also say that, unless the porting deleted it for some reason, it feels like Sonic and Tails mode should be available in Sonic 1 given it was in the remake.
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    On Switch, pausing during the S1 special stages caused my entire console to freeze, necessitating a hard reset. It didn't happen again.
  9. Angel X

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    Many on Steam are having problems with DRM, which mainly causes slowdowns.
    For those who want to know, there is also on Epic Games :D

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    • I was able to replicate that Super detransform glitch in ice cap. Transforming before a slope reverts you
    • The camera is weirdly vertically locked in the ground sinking section as Knuckles in MGZ 2
    • the mid boss in CNZ 1 took 6 hits instead of 4
    • The 1st upper drill bot in MGZ 1 resulted in rocks falling until I reached a check point (funny in the original game, the rocks stopped but the vibrations could continue, this is the opposite)
    • You no longer can stand on the water columns made by the boss in HCZ 2 in super form while he's causing the whirlwind. You just kinda Bob up and down at the top instead. Not sure if intentional but weird.
    Also not as much glitches but interesting behaviors
    • You can now complete AIZ 2 as Knuckles if you get into Sonic's path. The bombing cutscene plays and you see Robotnik in the background :eng99: the boss plays as normal though
    • Beating the CNZ 2 boss as Knuckles doesn't let you get to the cannon, the teleporter triggers as soon as you walk to its horizontal location as Knuckles
    • Continuing an active save file in S3K in mirror/anniversary mode anyway resumes you at the lady checkpoint you left off at and not the beginning of act 1. That was interesting.
    And not a glitch but just weird
    • Jackson's sound team is still credited in Sonic 3. Kinda stings considering the circumstances
    Oh and @E-122-Psi Sonic & Tails is still in Sonic 1 and can be accessed on the level select menu. So it's removal was either an oversight or a weirdly intentional choice (maybe their logic was "Sonic 2 was the & Tails game so that's the one that should have partner Tails for all"?)
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  11. Pengi


    System: Nintendo Switch
    Version: 1.1.0
    Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    Mode: Boss Rush
    Character: Knuckles

    During the Mushroom Hill Zone boss, the spike balls are white, like the colours have been inverted or something. I have not attempted this in any other mode or with any other characters.

    This issue is NOT present in Sonic Stadium's gameplay footage (system and version unknown):

    System: Nintendo Switch
    Version: 1.1.0
    Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    Mode: Boss Rush
    Characters: Knuckles, Sonic

    After defeating the HydroCity Zone boss, the propeller can still hurt the player. I have not attempted this in any other mode or with Tails or Sonic & Tails.

    I have not experienced this. When fighting that boss in Boss Rush mode with Sonic or Knuckles, I WAS able to go off screen vertically. I haven't tried it in any other modes, or with Tails or Sonic & Tails. Nintendo Switch. Game Version: 1.1.0.
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    Dunno if anyone's posted this yet but Sonic CD's victory jingle is very quiet.
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    (Switch) It's been mentioned a few times already but Tails is completely broken in Sonic 2 and will not respawn when off-camera, instead opting to jump continuously... for the entire duration of the level.
    Hope it doesn't happen with Sonic 3, but since this one was handled by Headcannon I'm guessing it won't. Still, tho...did they playtest the games at all before releasing it in this state?
  14. Dark Sonic

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    Really makes me wonder why they didn't give the other games back to Headcannon to alter. He made the damn things with Taxman why get some B team to alter their work when he's over there with the tools readily available?
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    Seems like it's just a thing for the main game and not boss rush. I've pretty thoroughly tested this out in the campaign, but I hit the top of the screen every time, everywhere. This is probably a prime candidate for a patch.
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    It seems a lot of PC gamers are having a hard time running the game:
    7650B418-2FE7-460E-884A-90F4818614F2.jpeg 97597FEB-D07E-4F2D-B5C9-D439102CF0ED.jpeg 923CF575-AA44-4116-9F94-3C8D4D53BB1E.jpeg
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    That might specifically be on Sonic's path, as I don't recall this while playing as Knuckles

    Oh and good job Sega on another fucked Denuvo implementation. Jfc
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    You're right. I had forgotten that Knuckles fights the boss in a different location, and sure enough, the problem isn't present for him there. It's only an issue for the Sonic/Tails spot.
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    Can't wait to see Denuvo cracked here. This thing runs like aaaaasssssssssss on my computer - it's an Intel NUC that's several years old, but even the Exodus emulator runs better than this. As such, the intro videos were very broken up (Origins and 1, didn't bother with the others).
  20. There are major issues with Sonic 2 when playing as Sonic and Tails. Tails seems to not be able to jump high enough to follow Sonic and constantly gets stuck, jumping over and over and not respawning near Sonic like he should. Makes the game unplayable.