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Sonic Origins - Known Issues

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mustapha, Jun 23, 2022.

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned previously or not. But in Sonic 3 (not sure if this is in the other games or not, it just pissed me off so much right now to post) every spring gives off a noticable whine or droning note after each hit. It is fairly subtle - I use headphones for my gaming which may explain why some may have missed it but now I know it is there it's infuriating.
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    Yeah, I noticed this too, and I find it quite annoying.

    I recorded a video of it and posted it in the main thread, and @Pobert-Eii made this post in response with explanations and information about it.

    I tested with BGM off in the other games, and none of their spring sound effects have the same issue.
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    So I played around with Sonic 2 a lot to get a feel for it...

    I think the Tails jumping glitch is caused by the flag that caused him to respawn not triggering at the same distance it used too, partially because in widescreen increases the distance where the computer thinks he can "catch up" to Sonic, whereas in the old aspect ratio he'd be too far away and the respawn flag would trigger. The constant jumping is the AI trying to catch up with the player because it thinks he's still close enough to Sonic to reach him. However, for some reason when porting over, the flag/distance from the player that usually triggers this respawn is failing to activate, leaving him unable to fall behind "far enough" to make the computer think he needs to respawn.

    From what I noticed, when trapped, Tails would sometimes get stuck on the lower left screen as the level scrolls along. On rare occasions I could see the scrolling screen forcing him to move right and get caught in walls as you also move right. I think normally once he's at this point where the level "drags" him forward, the despawn mechanic would trigger, but for whatever reason it's failing to do so here and so he keeps jumping until you "force" it to trigger (by attempting to make him fly). Note, that trying to make him fly only works when he's not caught in a wall and can't move at all.

    tl;dr - If someone can correct his respawn flag to trigger closer to the player like it should (same distance as it would in the old 4:3 aspect ratio), it'd solve the respawn glitch. I guess that's the thing to watch for if it gets fixed.
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    If it were a problem with the game being widescreen, you'd expect 2013 to have the same issues with Tails respawning, but yet it doesn't.
    In 2013, once Tails is this far offscreen or beyond (horizontally is what I'm measuring), he has a little over 4 seconds to get back onscreen, or he gets respawned like one would expect. This isn't very far as all.


    This Origins footage shows a Tails desync that gets him stuck, which is pretty easy to replicate.
    • Sonic jumps on a hard angle to get a shield and bounces, getting him onto the platform, letting him fall down onto the ground with all his momentum.
      • Tails has nothing to bounce off of, so he lands below and follows Sonic up a ramp, killing all of his speed.
    • Sonic darts over the bridge, which eventually despawns once it gets far enough offscreen.
      • Tails is too slow to make it over the bridge before it despawns, and falls into the water, landing on the ground safely but unable to jump out. But he sure will try!

    My attempts in 2013 had Tails reliably gets stuck around 0:06 or 0:07, but he successfully flies back into view quickly, once the distance criteria was easily met.


    The Origins video clip linked above gets him stuck around 0:06, but the clip ends on 0:31 when Sonic is halfway through the stage like 300 meters away, and Tails is still there trying to jump out.


    The offscreen detection distance being slightly different than the '92 og should not be the thing causing issues here. My immediate suspects on where things could've been broken between 2013 and Origins:
    • whatever horrible gunk code the Hedgehog Engine is cramming in
    • RSDK4's update/tweaks to get split-screen in 2P VS
    Hopefully someone knowledgeable with the underlying systems will take the time to suss out the True Culprit behind this plague to people's ears.
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  6. Here's a list of the issues I've encountered and I'll list what I find major and what I find minor.

    SONIC 1:
    1. You can get stuck in Spring Yard Act 1 in a certain area which had a way of being prevented in the original version. (MAJOR)
    2. A ring is missing in the short cut for Labyrinth Act 1 which while was not there in the original western release was put there for the final Japanese release, and hence should not have been omitted. (MAJOR)
    3. If code enabled, playing with Tails is a bad idea as he can get stuck and has no way of despawning until you reach a cut off point, so you have to keep on hearing him jump. (MINOR)
    4. In the 7th secret Special Zone, a block blocking a Goal sphere may not mean much as you can still touch the sphere despite the block being there. (MINOR)

    1. We don't have the soundtrack loops from the previous remake release. I don't get it. Why was this omitted? (MINOR)
    2. Sonic and Amy's voices are gone, though this may have been intensional since when Sonic gets a 1-up now, a sound effect (which was also used for Tails) is heard instead of Sonic going "yes." I would say maybe it's a rights issue, but I still hear the vocals for FUTURE and PAST which I think was the same VA, so I don't know. (MINOR)
    3. I saw from YouTube footage that the ending sound effects in the Japanese track are gone. Why? Music and vocals are one thing, but I don't get the sound effects being removed at all. (MAJOR)

    SONIC 2:
    No issues beyond a couple that were in the original due to level design. In fact, it's the most improved version so far.

    1. There's a swing above spikes in Angel Island Act 2. In the original versions of the game, swinging above these would not hurt you. However, in this version, they DO hurt you. (MAJOR)
    2. Monitors do not fall out of the stage clear signpost where they were originally supposed to. Tested this in classic mode as well as anniversary for more accuracy on this. I can give Anniversary mode a bit more of a pass due to the wider screen, but I can not give it a pass for classic mode. (MAJOR)
    3. Encountered one time glitch where I couldn't pause in the slots bonus stage. Has not occurred again. (MINOR)
    4. One of the drillers in Marble Garden Act 1 (the upper one). After they drill, debris never stops falling. It doesn't affect gameplay, but for it to keep going is incorrect. It does stop once you leave the area however. (MINOR)
    5. When you have to escape Eggman causing a second earthquake, the screen does not stay in place with you until it stops. This did not happen in the original. (MINOR)
    6. You can't quickly jump off the mushrooms in Mushroom Hill before the launch you. If enemies are near by, since you can't spin in this case, this can cause you to take a hit. (MAJOR)
    7. Knuckles is a lot tougher and can quickly recover and hurt you after you land a hit on him. (MAJOR)
    8. The hitbox for Mecha Sonic is smaller when he does his backdash attack, meaning you're more likely to take damage when you should be able to hit him. (MAJOR)
    9. In Death Egg, you can't jump in the gravity chambers which allowed you to control staying on top or bottom. (MINOR)
    10. Enemies in Death Egg are now harder to dodge and avoid. (MAJOR)
    11. The bumper boss in Death Egg has the mines move faster when you attack them and they don't hit the boss. This only happened if you were Super or Hyper Sonic, but here, it happens as normal Sonic. (MINOR)
    12. The fingers of the giant Eggman Mech no longer give an indication of when they will attack, so now you just have to remember the timing. (MINOR)
    13. The falling floor in Eggman's escape in Death Egg Act 2 is harder to avoid and you are more likely to get killed now. (MAJOR)
    14. One change Sonic 3 Complete made and Sonic 3 A.I.R. made from the original is after defeating Eggman's escape, if you gained all Chaos or Super Emeralds, Eggman gets away with the Master Emeralds instead of it dropping as that made a lot more sense as you go into the Doomsday Zone. Here, it still drops like the original. Considering other cutscene changes allowed in this version, I'm puzzled this one stayed like the original when it makes no sense. (MINOR)
    15. When you defeat Eggman's escape ship in Doomsday, it no longer gets darker as it falls. I always liked that graphical effect, so it feels odd that it's removed here. (MINOR)
    16. Escaping Death Egg Robot is now easier to hit as you move MUCH faster than you used to when pushing the action button. I feel it's TOO easy. (MAJOR)
    17. On the Switch version at least, Sonic 3&K won't let you play the Time Attacks in competition mode unless you have a second player which makes no sense as the time attacks are single player. (MAJOR)

    I haven't played as Knuckles yet, but so far, this is the worst version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles I have played. For me, the definitive version will always be Sonic 3 Complete which is an amazing hack for the Mega Drive. There's also Sonic 3 A.I.R. which from what I viewed is the far superior remake in terms of gameplay and has been constantly updated to keep on improving. Now Sonic Origins CAN be patched, so I am hoping enough of these issues can be fixed down the road, but for a game as great as Sonic 3 & Knuckles, it was inexcusable for Sega to rush HeadCannon as they did. Sonic 1 and CD are fine enough even with a couple of gameplay shortcomings for Sonic 1 and the lack of sound effects in Sonic CD, and I do feel Sonic 2 here is the definitive version. So those are fine, but I could not be more disappointed with how Sonic 3 & Knuckles turned out.
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    This is because you're somehow touching "up", and "up+jump" is the command for making AI Tails take you flying. The real bug is detection of this command will stay active even if there's no AI Tails to take you, while the rest is an issue with the high sensitivity the controller may have as well as not letting you activate the shield, which makes sense if you really want Tails to take you for a ride, but it's not the case for the most part of the game (if ever).
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    Re 4:58: I've had Knuckles get stuck in that area in the mobile version as well.
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    Same thing applies to Sonic 2

    This appears to be an intentional change as the original fight was just way too easy.
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    ngl at first I thought that screenshot was from an edgy 2000s sprite comic that made Sonic bleed or something
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    That's a thing in the original game for sure, at least if you didn't have all the Chaos Emeralds prior to entering a Special Ring from Mushroom Hill onwards.

    I don't believe that was possible in the original game if you DID have all the Chaos Emeralds though.....
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    I was playing a Sonic & Tails Sonic 1 run on the Switch with 7 emeralds and Sonic 3 items (latest version 1.10 I think) and I had one minor and one major issue:

    MINOR- I think this was mentioned before but if you have a lightning shield (idk about the other shields) and you’re going through secret walls in Marble Zone, you can still see the shield even though Sonic is inside the wall/passage

    MAJOR- After beating the sixth special stage and collecting the sixth chaos emerald out of seven, prior to Spring Yard Act 3, my game crashed during the score tally.

    UPDATE 7/5/22: I played another Sonic & Tails run in Sonic 1 and yeah the game still crashes during the score tally when you collect the sixth chaos emerald if you’re playing to get 7 of them.. have to see if it will still crash when 6 is the max with S&T
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    Does Sonic 3 AIR play in 60 FPS? If so I think its fair to call it superior. If not then I'd say Origins is superior despite the issues.
  14. Kimberly


    Here's a completely unedited (video editing-wise) playthrough of Sonic 3 A.I.R (Sonic 3 alone part) that was recorded after Origins

    You can compare it (same recording settings) with Origins here:

    I'll leave the judging on you.
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    Slightly off-topic, but I've heard a few people mention a glitch which wipes out your Super Emeralds on entering Lava Reef Act 2. I've now collected all the Super Emeralds on my Story Mode playthrough and intend to play all the way up through The Doomsday to get the good ending in each game - however I'm worried I'll encounter this glitch and lose the opportunity to do so. I've heard some people saying they were able to recover their Emeralds by restarting, but I'm unclear on whether they mean restarting the stage from the pause menu or closing out the whole game and reloading from scratch. Does anyone know the correct method? I'm presuming you have to have not saved within the stage (i.e. hit a Star Post) after the glitch has activated to be able to recover your Emeralds - is this correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated - I've still got half of Flying Battery and all of Sandopolis to go before I have to worry; just double-checking in advance in case it happens when I get there...!


    AIR is 100% in 60FPS.
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    Its definitely the superior version then. I do like Sonic 3 Origins despite its many flaws, but there's no question that AIR is superior.
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  18. I couldn't tell what way to restart the game is correct, but from having encountered this glitch on the PS4 version, it appears that once stuff gets reset, the game stops saving. Can someone confirm this?
    The first time I played S3K, I lost all my Super Emeralds in Lava Reef Act 2, the first Giant Ring I found took me to the Special Stage with the second Chaos Emerald, which I completed. Then I kinda ragequit. When I relaunched the game the next day, my Super Emeralds were back.

    Last night, in the Switch version 1.1.0, I think I got hit with a version of the bug where nothing got erased, but the game stopped saving nonetheless: after finishing the game as Tails with the best ending, the save file was on Marble Garden Zone with all Chaos Emeralds.

    Also, another bug with the same version, tested with Sonic and Tails separately: it can happen, in Hidden Palace Zone, that if you defeat Knuckles while in a Hyper form and he runs off after losing, the camera does not unfreeze and does not allow going right.
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    Thanks for the heads-up. Managed to continue on my lunch break and on reaching Lava Reef Act 2 I thankfully didn't get hit by the glitch, though was very careful to collect 50 rings and transform as soon as possible just to be certain.

    Another related bug - even if the aforementioned camera lock glitch doesn't happen, the music can also screw up in this segment when using Hyper Sonic. I beat Knuckles as Hyper Sonic and Sonic detransformed at the end of the fight as usual - however, instead of starting up the level music again it began playing the Super/Hyper theme instead! I hadn't been Hyper before the boss fight either, so that theme wasn't playing at any point in the Zone prior to this. Obviously it only lasted until the next cutscene began, but it's an odd little glitch nonetheless.
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    The score issue for me triggered during the transition to Marble Garden Act 2, so it's interesting that your save file sent you all the way back there.