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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    You know what I don't get about the rotating special stage in the S1 remake? They added more rotation frames for smoother rotation, yet they kept the same number of pre-drawn rotated sprites as before, making everything look more jittery. Why didn't they just use true sprite rotation? Would have made things look so much smoother, and the stage would no longer look like it's about to fall apart.

    Here's hoping they do that this time, and also for the slot machine bonus in S3K.

    I mean, I've seen people in this forum and others bash or dismiss whole games based on lesser issues. Gamers will be gamers I guess :V
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    Ah, good call! I completely forgot that was briefly shown in the proof of concept video (At circa 1:59.), and indeed it looks almost identical to how Sonic 1 mobile's Special Stages rotate.

    Smooth rotation concerns aside though, man does it feel all kinds of good to finally see this become an official reality, and beyond just a mobile version at that! :)
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  3. Crappy Blue

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    Oh definitely. Not to insinuate the change didn't have some justifiable reason behind it, just that it certainly has some repercussions for folks like me who get bored unreasonably quickly when their control is taken away or they have to wait for something in the game to progress without them. Undiagnosed inattentive ADHD Sonic fans come together with me on this issue, we'll make SEGA understand how important this is to us actually I've lost interest already
  4. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

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    I have to echo the grand majority's enthusiasm here - Sonic Origins looks fantastic! Lots to enjoy and dissect here, and most of it has been raked over, but I'll make a few brief points. My stand out parts of what I'm seeing so far:

    - The animated sequences look amazing. Hesse has refined the work that he started in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Adventures, and him and his team have the characters looking more on model and consistent now. I keep trying to think about how I would have reacted had I seen these animated scenes as a child, and the part with Sonic and Knuckles fighting in Hidden Palace was something I would have lost my mind about if I was 10 years old. Very, very good. Probably the crown jewel of the collection from what I've seen so far.

    - The lack of specific information regarding the coins system, the two museums and the options menus in general is intriguing. I wonder how all this will play out - whether there will be a toggle to start with to play with lives in Anniversary mode, or whether you'll have to get all the Coins to play that way. The "notepad" icon by Sonic's starting prompt is also interesting. I really hope it's not just a "Save File info" button, and is a method to choose whichever Sonic sprite that you want. Playing with the Sonic 1 sprite in Sonic 3 is one of my favourite modifications in Sonic 3 Complete, so to have it available in Origins would be a huge plus.

    - The 3D animated dioramas are absolutely beautiful. I'm excited to see how gameplay progress affects them. We've already seen Angel Island out of the water and I have to assume each diorama has its own changes once you've beaten each game in different ways, with Emeralds or no Emeralds etc.

    - I do hope that the Classic mode involve true authentic emulations of the original Mega Drive/Mega CD games. While I don't agree with shilz or Dek Rollin's negative takes on the Retro versions, it seems silly not to include the original ROMs (or ISOs in the case of CD) in this collection. I guess we'll see, but I don't see it as impossible. Especially for the four MD titles. I think the original programming and presentation needs to be present in this collection. Tie it together nicely.

    - I am very excited about the Mission mode. Doing weird achievements like that seems like a good way to collect coins and unlock museum treats. Hopefully some of the ones further down the list are really tricky things to accomplish. Definitely will add replay value for me!

    - Glad to see them taking such care to upscale the Sonic CD intro/endings. I had a feeling the original film negatives were missing and/or junked, so this is the next best thing. The example screenshot on the site looks very, very nice.

    - Speaking of the CD intro... I wonder if the Casey Rankin estate music issue has been cleared up? Some clarification on this would be nice, as well as the more obvious Jackson-shaped elephant in the room for Sonic 3. The instrumental recreations of these opening and ending tracks were quite awful in the original Retro version 2011 release, so hopefully those aren't wheeled out again, if the originals are unavailable.

    Okay, that's not as brief as I wanted it to be, but I'm super excited about Origins and will probably double dip on Switch and Steam, and buy a physical copy if that comes to pass. The care and attention in this collection is stunning. I hope a lot more is revealed in the two month lead up to release.
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  5. _Sidle


    oh god yes; the simple luxury to goof off while you wait for the unskippable number counting :oldbie: My two brain cells miss that glitch deeply...
    I've always had the theory that the Signpost Shenanigans were removed as a result of doing CD first (which fully locks you up in the original) and building off of CD for 1 and 2.
    Come to think of it, the '92 Super Softlock glitch is weird... Why is it that the game is capable of putting you in the walk/fall animation post-transformation, yet not capable of unfreezing you? Feels like it should be both or neither, not just getting halfway. An open question for any passerby disassembly scholars, I guess~
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    damn, I thought I was the only psycho that did this
  7. nesboy43


    My issue is that its needlessly dividing to do the DLC this way.

    Just charge 5 dollars more and call it a day.

    The mirror mode feature you can only get by preordering the game, meaning anyone not getting it prerelease can never get this feature. Seems aggressive on Sega's part to lock features out this way.
  8. Peri


    I have Archival Brain so a lot of the issues raised with the taxman/stealth ports, particularly by Dek, are things that bother me too. But like plenty others have said, the actual originals are out there and easy to access so ultimately its Fine imo. I'm good with this being a different way to play the games with some different quirks, be that the curse of the smooth scrolling S1 special stages ,or getting coins instead of 1ups.

    Similarly, I'm a bit bummed to hear the Sonic CD intro is gonna be AI upscaled/touched up, and not a new scan of the original. But if the original isn't there, it isn't there - it makes sense for them to have gone this route instead of just sticking to the last take, from gems collection or whatever. And that version is still there for people who'd prefer it (me!)
  9. jubbalub


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    And this is why the marketing for this dlc is crap, people misunderstand it. The pre-order bonus unlocks mirror mode from the start, if you don't pre-order it you have to unlock it.
  10. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Pretty sure it's unlockable and pre-ordering makes it available from get-go, but now I will try to go find where I read this yesterday.

    EDIT: Ninjered. Also the Origins website words it as "unlocked with pre-order" as opposed to "included with pre-order."
  11. Ch1pper


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    I believe it says you'll unlock Mirror Mode at the start, while in the standard version it just unlocks after playing a while. The wording is a bit alarming if you're not paying attention to it.
    The one true "bonus" that won't be accessible after preorder (or w/e DLC I forget) is the set of 4:3 classic borders.

    Edit: Ninja'd by another ninja. :V
  12. Wow, I was literally just about to bitch about that misconception myself.

    Let it be said, let it be heard, and let it be blasted to the naysayers as many times as it needs to be-

    Mirror Mode is unlockable for everyone- pre ordering just means you have it unlocked at the start of the game.

    Are the like, 10% of the population who don't like this game so bent out of shape about it that they're literally trying to spread misinformation to get people to not buy it? Holy shit...
  13. I simply can't justify paying what SEGA's asking for this here in Brazil... This is like 7x more expensive than Mania was back when it first released, which makes absolutely no sense!

    I do plan on getting Origins eventually, but not until the price drops or SEGA goes back on their recent inexplicable decision of suddenly increasing all prices in Brazil.
  14. _Sidle


    DLC should not have to be deciphered and interpreted @[email protected]
    Here's my mock-up chart, yell at me if I'm wrong. (Removed the pre-order bonuses cuz they're irrelevant in the future when the game is actually out.)
    (minor edit to make the key readable)
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  15. Xilla


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    Also, this:

  16. RetroJordan91


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    I actually just thought of a fifth question that SEGA hasn’t given info about:

    5) Will we be given the opportunity to play Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles separately? If that answer is yes, then it technically runs up the total game count to 8 (if you include the lock on games), which is one more than Sonic Jam

    I know a lot of people will say it’s not necessary since the lock on game is the true experience, but I know there are some people out there who would prefer the stand alone games as well, specifically for the musical differences
  17. Ch1pper


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    I don't speedrun so I have no need for something like Knuckles' spindashing from a midair glide.

    That said, I thought I was imagining things regarding the viewable distance in S2's Special Stages. Not a dealbreaker, just something "a bit off" but I'm glad to know it wasn't just me. The S1 rotation does mess with my head far more than it should, so admittedly I agree with detractors about that, but whatever, I'll deal with it.

    Curiously none of them have mentioned the utterly inexcusable boneheaded move of the sped-up stage music actually sounding like compressed ass out of a can. How could the devs not have simply rerecorded and remixed every single stage theme at the proper speed increase straight from a Yamaha instead of artificially doing it in a DAW?! Did they think we wouldn't notice?! [/s]

    Seriously, that's the one nitpicky thing that gets under my skin but it's only really noticeable with headphones and doesn't last too long, so it's totally just my own issue. *shrugs*
    Oh, and Collision Chaos flippers not being retrofitted to match Casino Nights' superior flipper physics. Lame. :V
  18. RikohZX


    We dunno if things like the "animations in the menus" stuff is DLC/deluxe edition exclusive, but basically everything that actually matters in terms of content is going to be unlockable. I don't even know why all the extra stuff matters when either $5 extra and a pre-order gets all of it to begin with.
  19. BlueSkiesAM2


    Much better. I feel like so much of the bad press is from piss-poor communication surrounding the DLC. They may as well have sent an Excel file to people. That said: super overblown reception from the public that the media was more than happy to exploit for clicks. No surprise there though.
  20. Yash


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    You know, I never thought about this specifically, but I have always found the pinball stuff in Collision Chaos less satisfying than in Casino Night.

    I guess what's always amazed me even more is how they got it so right in Sonic 2 and then completely borked the physics in Sonic Spinball, a game built entirely around that one mechanic and supposedly inspired by its presence in Sonic 2.
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