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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Blastfrog


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    One thing that bugs me about Metropolis Zone in the Tax/Stealth remake is that it's somewhat difficult to get onto the rotating gears, because in the original there was a larger window of time, but that's gone with the smooth motion.

    Not according to the JP S3 manual. There was a gap of time between the two events.
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  2. JcFerggy


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    One of my biggest issue with the remakes is how Sonic's hitbox is handled, causing me to get crushed way more often that I do in the originals.

    My ideal version of this collection would have Sonic, Tails (with coop), and Knuckles playable across all the games, along with a bonus additional character to round out the collection. Amy or Metal would be the obvious choices. I would also like other unlockables, like alternate tracks for Sonic 3 or the option to use the different sprites throughout the different games. Similar to Nineko's suggestion, I would love a Egg Shuttle'esq run through all the games. The Megaman Legacy collections is the current benchmark for retro collections, and I hope Sega can make something just as interesting.
  3. Ravenfreak


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    At first I was disappointed that they’re releasing the 16-bit games in a collection yet again, but then I remembered that the movie most likely brought in new Sonic fans and this gives them the opportunity to play most of the classic titles. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sega released Origins right around the time Sonic 2 hits theaters. Either way I’m still getting Origins. I hope we get the final S3K soundtrack since overall the final tracks are better than the prototype ones, but only time will tell.
  4. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

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    Now I'm wondering if there's any chance of we getting Egg Gauntled (officialy this time) for Sonic 2 as extra content. Or maybe even a full stage.
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  5. Beamer the Meep

    Beamer the Meep

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    To be honest, I'm kinda curious if we'll get Knuckles in Sonic CD or any of the other features Taxman had planned for the 2011 release. That said, I'm just glad we seem to be getting these releases at all.
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  6. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

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    Good point, I forgot he was planning a proper final boss for Sonic CD...
  7. JigenD


    Assuming the collection will be based around Taxman's Retro Engine, it would be very nice to have some of Mania's graphical goodies. I don't mean anything particularly "advanced"; just simple stuff like rotating sprites or more frames of animation for characters and enemies. The fact that it seemed like Sonic had a slightly different shade of blue (erring towards Mania's shade of blue) plus the fact that word-on-the-street suggest the gameplay footage we saw was very work-in-progress leaves me cautiously optimistic.

    What's more, it would be great to have more advanced implementations of CRT shaders than those in Mania, in addition to the expected widescreen for all games. Many recent games of the Retro variety have been including a multitude of shaders as bonuses; those of you who may have played Dusk may know exactly of what I'm talking about. As an example, check these different CRT/ up-scale shaders out:

    Either way, these are just feasible possibilities. It's all up to SEGA at this point in time, BUT at the same time, and given there's still a lot of time ahead, there is also the fact that getting more and more people talking about these features will definetly put more pressure on SEGA to implement these. Or anything (feasible) we can think of. A Sonic Jam 2 of sorts, with all manners of challenges, timeattacks and boss rushes (or even maybe a simple polygonal 3D hub of sorts) would be all feasible, relatively cheap to implement, and above all, great and memorable for fans, both new and old.

    As a conclusion of sorts, I'd just add that in the Fighting Game Community, it is often the case that repeated and relentless fan pressure (i.e. talking about whatever issue that concerns you) that gets things like Rollback Netcode properly implemented, or certain characters or mechanics added or removed.
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  8. TheKazeblade


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    I'm incredibly excited at the potential of a Taxman S3&K at long last, but at the same time, I'm a little bummed this collections seems to be so bare bones. If we're talking games that need the overhaul treatment, I think Spinball would benefit the most from getting an overhaul in the Retro Engine too and obviously Chaotix is still tethered to the 32x.

    Obviously giving S3&K the glow-up will take up most of the time between now and release and while I'll be happy to support it just for the fact we'll finally be getting those versions of Sonic 1 and 2 off of mobile devices at long last, the four mainline classics still feels a little too meat and potatoes for me to feel fully satisfied for a new collection.
  9. Ah yes, about time that barrel got removed.

    In all seriousness, I really do wonder what kind of changes a S3K remaster would have, now that it seems to be right around the corner as part of this collection... for all its bugs, S3K is still the most polished of the classics, and doesn’t really have much I can think of being done. Maybe they could flesh out that unfinished DEZ1 route? Maybe they’d give us some prototype objects to mess with in debug mode like the last two remasters? Perhaps a new 2P experience? I dunno.
  10. TheOcelot


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    There's a tweet from the SEGA Japan Official twitter account which states the following:

    Stating a "large" collection from the Mega Drive era gives me hope there will be more games than just 1,2 CD & 3K. This tweet makes it sounds like Spinball, 3D Blast, Mean Bean Machine and Chaotix could be included.

    In the full 3K lock-on I want them to restore the Big-Arm boss and the Orbinaut Launch Base badnik (both of which were only in Sonic 3 alone).

    Would love it if they provide an option to put Flying Battery between Carnival Night and Ice Cap and change Mushroom Hill's name to Mushroom Valley. Also an option play with Knuckles and Tails AI. Always a blast using Tails to help Knuckles explore the Sonic & Tails routes he normally can't reach.
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  11. Laura


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    I'm going to call it now. The Sonic 3 release will have the original OST. I think it's unlikely they will re-release the game without resolving the music controversies.

    If I turn out to be right I can smugly grandstand but if I'm wrong you can mock me :ohdear:
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  12. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    I hope you're right. I just realized that if the games in this collection are all ported well, this will be THE definitive classic Sonic compilation, since Jam and Mega Collection didn't have CD. The original 3 OST should definitely be part of such a collection.
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  13. RetroJordan91


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    So this hidden gem popped up in my YouTube recommendations (coincidence maybe?):

    A hilarious stream but very cool insight on what a 3&K remaster might include from Taxman and Stealth. Some things that caught my attention were obviously the development time of a potential remaster (at least a year), turning the 2P zones into 1P zones, and 4 different game modes:

    - Sonic 3 alone
    - Sonic and Knuckles
    - Sonic 3 & Knuckles (released locked on game)
    - Sonic 3 Complete or Complete Sonic 3 (locked on game with the original zone order; CNZ => FBZ => ICZ)

    Im sure there’s more that I missed (the overall campaign is over 3 hours) but this just only makes me want Taxman and Stealth to be involved even more with Origins.

    Fun fact: The ending in Sonic 2 remastered with the crashing Death Egg was actually just put in by Stealth without SEGA even knowing lmao

    I will hold you to that Laura :V challenge accepted ;)

    On a serious note, I do feel that the MJ music tracks would be too expensive to license nowadays and with all of the previous controversy and legal action, SEGA will take the safe route and use the prototype tracks (unless they somehow DID strike a deal but I do feel that’s unlikely)

    And yes, if the final OST isn’t used, it technically won’t be the definitive Sonic 3, but knowing what we know now, what we will get is a suitable replacement
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  14. Starduster


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    Thing is, if we’re getting other games, the question becomes what happens with those? Do they get remade in the Retro/Star Engine?

    There’d be such fewer questions of they had just come out and said up front whether we’re getting the Taxman versions.
  15. Diablohead


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    I am expecting at the BEST a direct 1-1 port of taxman 1, CD and 2, and whatever they feel they can do with 3k for as cheap as possible.

    And that's about it.
  16. Gestalt


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    The question is: What does Sonic Origins stand for? The behind the scenes prototype or Sonic 3 as millions of Mega Drive owners experienced it? Adding the MJ tracks should be a no-brainer ngl.

    Come on, show some good will. *shrug*

    Either way, looking forward to this. Nothing against M2 or whoever's in charge of the collection, but I've clocked countless hours into the Taxman versions and would love to see him/them taking a crack at S3 (& Knuckles).
  17. nesboy43


    I'm aware of this but it just seems so odd to me to announce a compilation game of 20-30 year old games that are incredibly easy to emulate, with no release date, and saying more information won't be available til next year.

    Not a big deal to me as I can play these on my Genesis or any of the compilations I have, but it just seems like Sega is missing the mark here.
  18. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Actually if I was in charge, rather that remove it, I'd turn it into one of the elevator-type barrels.

    Better idea: if you're right do nothing and if you're wrong I'll do nothing.

    But seriously, you're probably right that they would have to have resolved stuff to release it after such a hiatus, but is that resolution "buy the rights to the songs" or "pay off the overdue royalties and be allowed to release it with the proto songs?" We won't know until the game comes out. I suppose they could mention it closer to release, but if it is the original tracks they probably wouldn't. Only us hardcore fans know about all this music stuff, and "With the original soundtrack!" is kind of a bizarre pitch to casual fans who don't know better.

    Well it seems to be the case that they're not emulations. Especially if they are in fact using the StealthTax ports, and especially in the case of 3K which didn't have one, they're putting in way more work than "slap together an emulator and call it a day". Whatever alterations are being added aren't ready to show off yet.
  19. PicklePower


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    Does anybody have access to the Sonic Origins trailer in the Sega press site? I'm curious if the trailer has any kind of metadata that reveals the origin of the (low quality) S3&K footage in it. I know the trailer was made by a marketing team that probably has nothing to do with the development of the game, but I'm still curious.
  20. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I have access to the SEGA Press site and I totally forgot all about it. My login still works too! Wow...

    Anyway, unless I'm totally blind I actually can't see the Origins trailer at all. Rangers has a single video, the Ultimate trailer is up in various languages, there's a ton of other materials for everything else that they talked about too but Origins seem to be missing. I guess that it didn't get an actual trailer in the presentation now that I think about it; it just had assorted footage with commentary from the narrator of the entire thing. Makes sense that it's not there.
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