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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.



    Yeah, it works and solves the problem. At this point my only real desire is to get the Super Forms to work with Restored+Knuckles somehow at some point. Beyond that and 'maybe' a completed version of R2, CD has just about everything a fan could want now in these collections (even a passable version of playable Amy Rose), similar to the state 1 Forever, 2 Absolute and 3 A.I.R are all in.

    Still, to be clear, my continuous praise of these community versions doesn't mean I don't want a solid official release for Origins. If anything, modern consoles simply need a good version of S3&K more than anything given how crucial the game is to Sonic's legacy and Knuckles as a character. My 'hope' is for a robust set of extras, but as long as the ports themselves are decently solid and playable with at least a few good extras, I want to support the collection and encourage others to buy it so the next generation of classic fans can easily play the games on Switch and the like.
  2. RetroJordan91


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    One more minor news update for today: it appears that the website for Origins is up (ofc at the moment we get the “access denied” message once clicking the link)

    This also occurred with Frontiers several months back before the Game Awards so I predict some sort of announcement very soon

    EDIT: In case anyone was wondering, the Frontiers domain was discovered three days before the game’s official reveal at the Game Awards. Now this may not apply for Origins, but it is a possible scenario to be on the lookout for; so if Thursdays are when SEGA releases news, then we are awfully close. Take this with a grain of salt for now.
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  3. Dek Rollins

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    I'm not really sure what you're getting at.

    It's because widescreen and stuff like Tails flying etc. That's all some people care about for some reason. I wish more love and care had been put into making the games not worse in basically every other way. Hopefully Origins will be entirely new ports.
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  4. Xiao Hayes

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    I'd buy this collection if the remakes work well and feel like the originals. I haven't bought many re-releases, so that's a minor issue for me. In fact, having official good versions (not emulations) playable on PC (what I have) or Switch (where they'd be portable) is a reason to break this habit of not buying re-releases.

    For reference, this is what I own:
    (MS: 8-Bit 1)
    MD: 1, 2, 3K (3D, MBM).
    Old PC: CD (3D, R).
    Steam: CD Remake, 1, 2, 3K on that shitty emulator.
    I don't use mods or the decomps, and haven't played ROM hacks like S3Complete either.
  5. shilz


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    This put it in a bit more of a palatable way because I no good with words and use first word in brain:

    I don't blame people for preferring the additions, but I think the newness isn't equal to superiority.
  6. Snowbound


    Alright I’m callin’ it: we’re getting some kind of news either this Thursday or next Thursday... looking forward to publicly being wrong.

    I don’t wanna derail this thread, especially since we don’t even know the details of the remakes in origins but I would like to say why I personally enjoy the retro engine remakes. It’s not just that they added stuff, it’s how they added stuff. For instance, they didn’t just add Knuckles to Sonic 1, they created alternate paths for him that made parts of his campaign a new experience. In Sonic 2 they didn’t just add hidden palace zone, they used HPZ as an opportunity to turn an unfair death into an exciting secret. While on the topic of Sonic 2 the fully 3D half pipe made it much easier for me to see objects ahead.

    I wanna make something very clear: it is okay that you prefer the originals. I respect your view & you’re absolutely right that “newness isn't equal to superiority” but for me it’s not just that it’s new, it’s that I feel that real improvements were made to the game. I get wanting the games to be as close to the originals as possible.... but you initially said that the retro engine versions are “pretty terrible outside of the minor additions” and Dek said the retro engine remakes are “worse in basically every other way”... and neither of you have articulated WHY. I’m legitimately curious: what about the base gameplay in the retro engine remakes is worse? Is it the physics? I sincerely want to know. The only thing I view as worse in the remakes are Sonic 1’s Special Stages which are too smooth for their own good.
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  7. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    Honestly, it'd be stupid of them not to include them since they've done it before. If this can't even be on the level of Mega/Gems collection, then there's not really a reason for me to buy this. Widescreen isn't enough to justify a buying an otherwise barebones rerelease imo.
  8. kyasarintsu


    I think that having new ways to revisit a classic is fun. Challenge modes, unlockable characters, and interesting modifiers are fun to play with. Hell, throw in some new zones, some cross-game features, and some enhanced multiplayer. The kinds of stuff that made some of the other ports interesting.
    That wouldn't be authentic, but... I'd rather it not be. I already have way too many ways to play plain rereleases these games, which can be cheaper and just as easy to acquire as Origins. If there's nothing exciting about this collection, beyond "well, it exists", then I really don't have much reason to go for it.
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  9. Turbohog


    All of you are expecting way too much out of this release. I simply hope it's on par with the mobile remasters (if not literally them) and priced reasonably. The only extras I will even allow myself to hope for are digital manuals.
  10. kyasarintsu


    I'm not expecting anything. I'm expecting ports (or recreations) of the four classic games. Maybe a sound test, maybe a manual viewer.
    That's just not enough for me. I want something as transformative as their other rereleases can be.
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  11. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Honestly you could sell me just by shoving Chaotix in there. It's not really a great game, but after playing it for the podcast I am firmly convinced that it deserves to be preserved, if only because it looks and sounds great.
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  12. kyasarintsu


    There are many games in this series that, while I don't like them, am eager to see them rereleased. There are so many oddball games that are easy to forget about due to inaccessibility.
  13. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    If these are based on the mobile remakes, I really hope they add a mode that allows you to use the new features (7 emeralds and Super Sonic in S1, elemental shields, etc.) in the campaign. It's such a waste that they implemented them only to make them cheat-only, meaning that if you use them you don't get the option to save and continue your game.

    I also hope Sonic CD adds Knuckles, as well as a S3K/Mania-esque save system. After beating the story, it should let you play previous levels, remembering which ones had a good future created in them. It should also let you create good futures in the ones that are still bad.

    I'm not big on the remake's HPZ either. Its level design was awkward and didn't feel like it belonged to a S2 level IMO (Tax and Stealth definitely made great strides in the level design department with Mania), and I hate how they gave it the MCZ multiplayer music based on Stealth's stubbornness. That track was already used for something else, whereas track #10 was unused and fit the level IMO, being a nostalgic song for an ancient, forgotten place like Hidden Palace. Not to mention it was used by the final game's HPZ (even if this one was incomplete and inaccessible).

    And yes, the added glitches and regressions were also pretty off-putting. But don't get me wrong, additions like Knuckles were gold. I really appreciate all the effort they put into enhancing the games. Which is what made these ports' issues all the more disheartening.
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  14. biggestsonicfan


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    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    Mobile ads between acts was added to the mobile port and it would suck to see them in the PC release lol
  15. Starduster


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    And, to add injury to insult, the implementation of ads required the games to (and, code monkeys, please forgive me if I'm butchering the technical details here) be put in a kind of shell using another engine (if memory serves, it was Unity), which absolutely buggered the controls. I remember dipping back into Sonic 1 after it was rebranded to SEGA Forever and I've not picked up the mobile version since then because the controls were so unresponsive that I couldn't stand another second. It was a damning blemish on what I feel were spectacular remakes.
  16. McAleeCh


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  17. Linkabel


    Really hope they do end up releasing it close or on Sonic's birthday.

    New animations and the museum bonuses sound intriguing as well
  18. Yuzu


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    AUS/NZ PSN listing sourced in that link suggests that it’s being released on June 22nd 2022. So pretty close to the birthday!
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  19. jubbalub


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    Well THAT was unexpected. So it is a Sonic Jam-like remake with new stuff in it. Very interesting!!!
  20. Ah this sounds all so exciting. Trying to temper expectations, but another trailer like Mania's reveal one will seal the deal for me.

    Makes me really think that if it wasn't for a certain Pandemic this would have and should have been the 30th anniversary title, instead of it being Colours getting a special edition. I do hope this gets a limited / collectors edition in some way though. The art's too good to be refrained on a bog-standard game case.