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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    That's some good art. I love classic Eggman so much, it's nearly impossible to not smile a little looking at him.

    I'll also outdo all your "not going to happen" wants by foolishly hoping that Origins could offer some kind of rebalanced score attack mode.
  2. astroblema


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    I hope they have a mode where you can play the levels of all the games back to back in a single sitting
  3. The art is lovely, even though it looks like Amy has three pupils, and I'm excited for more news on this... finally! They did promise us "more later in the year" in the announcement video, and it's almost been a full calendar year since then.

    Here are my pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams for Origins (of which I expect nothing), in order of least to most likely.
    • Zone playlists (set your own order of 10 zones from any of the games to play in a single run)
    • Online multiplayer
    • 2D playground/hub world
    • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy playable in all games
    • 8-bit games as unlockables
    • Knuckles in Sonic 1 and Sonic CD
  4. Before now, I never knew I wanted something like a zone playlist... but now I want it badly.
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  5. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    My hopes; sorted by the chances of it actually happening

    -lol. lmao.-
    playable Amy, Metal, Mighty, and Ray in all games.
    -CD's R2 level reimagined/recreated ala Hidden Palace Zone
    -the alternate level layouts from Sonic Jam
    -a combination of the extras from both the taxman ports and the later rereleases
    -an extra mode that presents all the times with remade, Mania-styled sprite art and animations
    -Knuckles Chaotix in any shape or form.
    -CD's animations being properly remastered

    -don't count on it-
    -Some kind of special animated opening like Sonic Mania and Super Monkey Ball
    -Never before seen concept art
    -CD getting the vocal versions of it's Japanese OP and ED music back
    -a music player for the tracks in every game

    -probably depends on who's working on this and/or what SEGA will allow-
    -the 8-bit games, Fighters, 3D Blast, R as unlockables

    -i guess it could happen-
    -the galleries, character bios, and music from past compilation games
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  6. Professor BV

    Professor BV

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    The absolute most I'm hoping for in terms of extra content is a gallery with previously unseen artwork and maybe a few emulated Game Gear games thrown in 'cause why not. Frankly I doubt either of those will happen.

    On one hand, this whole collection kinda feels 'too little too late' with stuff like Sonic 1 Forever, Sonic 2 Absolute, and Sonic 3 AIR existing. People have been asking for the Retro Engine remakes to be ported for a long time now, and the fact that the fanmade ports have robust extra features and mod support doesn't really help Origins' value proposition for hardcore fans.

    On the other, this is great for getting younger fans into the classics, and not everyone has access to a PC that can run those fanmade ports, so there's still reason to be excited.
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  7. Forte


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    I just want a "Zone Shuffle Mode", where You can align and play 7 zones of your choice, from these games.

    That and memorabilia galery please, Capcoms MegaMan X Collection did it right.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    thanks i hate it

    In terms of wishlists, everyone's coming up with awesome ideas that inevitably won't be in the game. I just hope that all games reach the same standard of quality and features as the mobile remasters. That's means Tails and Knuckles in all games, and remade special stages with smooth scrolling. And just because its standard now, the Drop Dash should be retrofitted into any game that has the Spin Dash.
  9. Come on Sega... we know you're planning something...
  10. Jason


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    It's hard to get hyped for games that I own multiple copies of already. I would imagine, depending on the level of effort, this collection may not even be aimed at us diehards. Considering the clunky additions to Colors through Ultimate, I'm not expecting great things. It would have to have damn near every 2D classic game for me to be interested at this point.
  11. Yash


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    It would be nice to see some of the other games available - only 1/2/3K/CD really need the red carpet treatment, emulation for the others would be fine.
  12. This! It doesn't even need to be done up in fancy modern graphics, just give me more of that Saturn-chunk, add a few new missions/characters and fill the museums etc with as comprehensive of a "Classic Sonic" history as is possible. Do agree it's not going to happen though haha

    Otherwise I'm genuinely just happy to revisit the classics on console in a nice package (hopefully). The Taxman remakes are the standard I'm expecting/hoping for though, so Tails/Knuckles playable in other games, time attack, leaderboards etc as a minimum. Anything on top of that is a bonus, anything less is a bit of a kick in the teeth considering it was nearly a decade ago that we got the Taxman versions...
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  13. I admit that half of my hype are on Sonic 3 & Knuckles because it's first time we're getting a official Sonic 3 re-release on wide screen (and hopefully on Retro Engine). Also because there's a chance that we could play Hidden Palace officially on consoles / PC for Sonic 2. Honestly, just having the features from the Mobile / 2012-PC-CD remakes feature on modern consoles and PC is more than enough for me.
  14. I second this. Been hoping for it ever since people started clamoring for a collection of the Taxman/Stealth remakes.

    Running around a 3D version of Studiopolis or the Harmony art rendition of Joypolis would be a dream come true. Especially if they implemented Christmas NiGHTS-esque weather and seasonal changes. Maybe even offering character-specific challenges for unlockables and letting you pick from the main trio + Amy.


    Let's not forget Sonic CD Restored (at least not once you fix PimpUigi's stubbornly misguided forced alternate soundtrack choice).
  16. TheOcelot


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    If 1, 2 & CD in Origins are not enhanced versions of the StealthTax remasters (with all the same additional content), then all I'm expecting is an easy mode along with the original gameplay mode, I think the drop-dash is an absolute guarantee and...that's it. I mean I really hope SEGA is pulling out all the stops with this collection. Just don't want to get my hopes up only to end up getting something mediocre.

    In terms of what I want as a bare minimum:
    • Knuckles playable in CD (as well as 1&2) to capitalize on his popularity in Sonic Movie 2 is a no-brainer (and also because it's awesome playing with Knux in any of the classics). Of course Tails should be able to fly in all games.
    • An animated intro (from Tyson's team) for the collection or a separate one for each game.
    • Both the JP & NA soundtracks with an option to switch between them in the middle of each act via the pause menu (as other members have already said).
    • Tee Lopes to remaster the music in all games.
    • To be able to access level select & debug modes.
    I would be content with the above and anything else is a bonus.
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  17. LordOfSquad


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    Is there an easy fix for this btw? I was interested in checking that out but was offput by the soundtrack thing as well. Haven't fucked around with Sonic CD mods yet so wasn't sure how easy or hard it might be
  18. foXcollr


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    As others have said, anything less than the StealthTax ports is kind of a tough sell, especially given how long it's been, especially given how many times we've bought these games on emulation, and especially given how late this is coming.

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm expecting, but I sincerely hope these games are running on a solid engine (Retro or similar), and not a shitty in-house dumpster fire. Dropdash in every game is a must-have for me, and the other Mania characters would be really nice additions. To be honest, I personally have no idea what this game was supposed to be when it was announced... it seems like their biggest selling point is 3K finally ported to widescreen + not running on emulation , but that wasn't even announced in the original trailer, and they didn't have ANY new footage at all of 3K. It seems aimed at new fans who became hooked on classic Sonic after playing Mania, but even then it's gonna be hard to sell new players without some extra polish. And, if that is the demographic they're marketing this toward, I'm a bit confused because I've seen more newer fans on Twitter asking "hey didn't they release this same collection over a decade ago?", because obviously most casual fans don't know what goes on under the hood that makes this collection any different from say... Mega Collection, or Classic Collection.

    But again... HPZ, alternate CD soundtracks, Tails+Knuckles, etc really should be in there considering how those ports have been setting the standard for years now. I'd be pretty disappointed if they properly ported these games to modern hardware on a brand new engine and didn't take advantage of the opportunity to add some minor new features.

    Also I know y'all just aren't brave enough to say it, but I'll say what everybody is thinking...

    Give. Us. Vape. Mode. In. All. Five. Games.
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  19. Overlord


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    I'm expecting ports along the lines of what's already been put out on Android/iOS devices. Maybe a gallery of art or something. Anyone hoping for more than this is most likely deluding themselves.
  20. RetroJordan91


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    Is there anyone here who will actually NOT buy the collection because of the games that are included? Or is perhaps waiting for a glimmer of hope that more games are announced to be part of it?

    I’ve seen people on social media go off saying that the first 3 spin-offs should be included along with SEGASonic and Knuckles Chaotix and that it doesn’t warrant a purchase because of the current game list.. meanwhile it’s the mainline Genesis games plus CD which have never been bundled together before (and in 16:9 widescreen with extra content)

    My opinion is that the spin offs aren’t needed but that I would welcome having all those games as well.. what do y’all think?