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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    I find it funny that you're surprised there are people who choose to play Sonic+Tails, meanwhile I'm shocked that there are some people who don't play this way lol

    It just... feels weird to not have Tails following...
  2. I have- all 7 emeralds with Sonic and Tails together, and I get what he's saying.

    At the same time though (holy shit my playlist just shuffled to the special stage music as I was typing lmaooooooo), I think most of us can agree that S2's special stages are needlessly hard.

    On the other, unrelated topic, who here besides me 100%s Sonic 2 as Tails? ;)
  3. Fadaway


    I used to always go Sonic only. I do Sonic and Tails nowadays, though. It almost seems weird not to. As it has been mentioned, the more recent airlifting mechanic is functionally primo.
  4. SuperSnoopy


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    I play with Tails every once in a while, I'm pretty sure I've gotten the emeralds with him a few times. What I never did was complete the game with Sonic alone I think :V
    I don't know why but Sonic 2 in particular feels so lonely without Tails lol.
  5. RetroJordan91


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    I’ve done 100% playthroughs for all 3 characters and Sonic + Tails together and even Knuckles + Tails together in the remaster.. ive never been bothered by the Sonic 2 special stages since the smoother frame rate makes it a lot easier in my opinion.

    One thing I like to do to challenge myself is to try and get all of the required ring quotas in the half pipes without Tails’ help while having him with me. It’s a lot more challenging than most people think and it shows how well improved the AI is in the retro engine.

    In fact, I feel like that should be an achievement in Sonic Origins. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of achievements SEGA will draw up for the compilation
  6. SuperSnoopy


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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    Isn’t that Tails’ normal behaviour tho? I don’t remember the little bastard ever going out of his way to catch rings for me, remaster or otherwise.
  7. RetroJordan91


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    In the remaster, Tails follows your path and collects some rings for you that you miss.. but because of the improved AI, it’s been made easier to keep the rings since he moves almost instantly when you do (Ex: he jumps right when you do and there’s no input delay)
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  8. Omg me on all accounts lmao.

    On a semi related note, who here has completed all 12 playthroughs of S3&K?
  9. Dark Sonic

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    Me and definitely more than once. Back in the day my save files were pretty much set up like this:
    Sonic & Tails: 14 Emeralds
    Tails: 14 Emeralds
    Knuckles: 14 Emeralds
    Sonic & Tails: 7 Emeralds
    Sonic: 7 Emeralds
    Knuckles: 7 Emeralds
    Tails: No Emeralds
    Either Sonic & Tails or Knuckles (Final slot): No Emeralds

    That way if I went back I could play as just Super Sonic if I wanted, and getting 7 Emeralds as Tails made no difference so I never bothered.
  10. Sid Starkiller

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    At least 10 for sure (all possible versions of Sonic/Tails/Knuckles, 14 Emeralds for S&T). Probably the other 2 as well, but can't remember for sure.
  11. raphael_fc


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    I probably have? But whenever I come back to Sonic 3K I always end up with these save files:
    EDIT: jesus I've miswritten everything
  12. RetroJordan91


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    Since I only play Sonic 3 via AIR on my phone nowadays (until Origins come out lol) I’ve only done 100% playthroughs with each possible character combo:

    2 with Sonic and Tails
    2 with Sonic
    2 with Knuckles
    1 with Knuckles and Tails
    1 with Tails

    I’ve never liked having save files with only the chaos emeralds or no emeralds.. It’s always Super Emeralds or bust for me with Sonic 3 and the random special stage option in AIR only adds to that fun challenge.

    I really hope SEGA will finally approve a mobile remaster of 3&K to coincide with Origins.. that 2014-15 campaign will finally come full circle
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  13. _Sidle


    My usual route through 3K is to get one/two emeralds per zone, ignoring all Hidden Palace entrances, and getting Super carried straight to Doomsday.
    (Still peeved about that one time I got robbed of my Chaos Emeralds and Super by entering the chamber with less than all of them as a kid :argh:)

    Also, I ended up knocking out all eight of the S2 special stage 2P requirements as 1P! [view results here]
    Only ones that were noteworthy hellish in difficulty under those house rules were the fifth and secret eighth ones.
  14. qwertysonic


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    I have never once beaten all of Sonic 2 special stages (or 1 for that matter), but 2's special stages are miserable. Also I've played as Sonic alone like once in my life. And it was just as a novelty. Never tried to beat it that way,
  15. Laura


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    Sorry if I'm going back into speculation but I think we can safely write off Whitehead and the rest of Evening Star. A new programmer has just joined the team and Whitehead has spoken on Twitter about how he'll be a good asset for their new "most ambitious" project. Doesn't sound like a port of Sonic 3.

    I think the truth is something we don't want to admit. SEGA has used Team Mania so far as they think they are useful and then have unceremonially dumped them aside. I could be speaking nonsense here but I really do get the feeling that's generally what's going on.

    It's of course entirely possible that Stealth is working on it. Is Whitehead working on it in his spare time? While he's working on a project which has spanned years? Seems implausible to me.

    The only reason I'm posting this is because I disagree with the idea that we have no idea if Whitehead etc are involved. We know that Whitehead and Evening Star have been working on a project for years now. Whitehead has tweeted very recently that the project is very much alive. The idea he would quickly work on a Sonic 3 port in his spare time is completely boneheaded. As far as I'm concerned we can hard confirm Evening Star out as developers for Sonic Origins.
  16. Turbohog


    Companies can work on more than one project at a time? Sonic Origins wouldn't even take that long to make.
  17. Blastfrog


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    Whether they're personally involved (and it doesn't seem so), it's still possible that SEGA's own team are using the Tax/Stealth remakes as a basis. When it comes to 3K, we don't know how much work was done on that one when they made the rejected demo, but if SEGA is using the Tax/Stealth versions of the other games, chances are good that they picked up that demo from where it was left off.

    We simply won't know until SEGA reveals more about this project, like actual footage for one. Best thing to do is to sit tight until then, we can't go very far with such limited information.
  18. Then half of the time they are spending are on S3&K... maybe?
  19. RetroJordan91


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    I’m going to respond to Laura’s post with what Roller posted earlier this week from Stealth’s Tumblr:

    "I couldn’t say that it was if it was, but if it was, I couldn’t say that it wasn’t, either."

    NDAs will keep the developers silent on this kind of thing, whether they are involved or not.. so we won’t know until we get more info later in the year.

    I will continue to stay cautiously optimistic, but I am prepared to accept if it ends up being M2 or someone else other than Taxman or Stealth, even though it would be the most boneheaded decision SEGA would have made for something as simple as porting these specific remasters over to consoles.

    If you’re talking about the proof of concept from 2014, Stealth stated that whatever was shown in the video was all that was worked on at that time (Angel Island, some Blue Sphere special stages, and all of the Bonus Stages)
  20. Starduster


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    This seems plausible to me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Retro Engine is written in C++, right? And isn’t that a fairly mainstream coding language? We know that Mania was a joint effort between indie developers AND SEGA, so I’ve no doubt that there are some people within SEGA who know how to work with the engine, and I think it’d be quite reasonable to suggest SEGA would’ve agreed some kind of deal to license the Retro Engine from EveningStar (or whoever legally owns it), given how faithfully it recreates classic Sonic physics, with improvements on top of that.