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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Sappharad


    The lack of non-emulated 16x9 S3K footage for the trailer is a mark against that being the case. Taxman & Stealth had already built 16x9 Angel Island for their proof of concept, unless this project was just recently greenlit and they somehow worked on nothing for the past 3 years, they should have had 16x9 footage of the game already available via the work they did before. It would be nice if they did involve the previous team, but I think they would have promoted that up front like they did when Mania was announced.

    Neither Stealth or Taxman have come out denying involvement, so there's that in favor of them being involved, but the footage choice for the trailer is weird. I wouldn't be surprised if the project was literally greenlit just this year.
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  2. RikohZX


    If you were to feel physical pain over these 2% tweaks for not being 1:1 to the original, and this isn't just a metaphor, you might be taking this a bit too strictly. The ending nitpicks in particular, though I can't exactly figure how to study the layout changes. The original Genesis versions aren't going anywhere, and indeed are more readily propagated on all of the current-gen systems already, so the option for Classics Collection, Switch's Ages, Mobile and now Origin certainly isn't going to make or break anyone here. And I doubt in a thousand years they'd ever revise the mobile versions of layout changes to make them more authentic.

    Also personally I don't mind the end credits tweak. Fangame-y, a little, but Sonic 3 literally picks up right where 2 left off, so hey. I divorce these versions of the games from the originals in my mind, so maybe that's why I'm fine with letting them do what they do.
  3. RetroJordan91


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    We got the tweet from SEGA’s social media manager (I think her name is Katie) saying that 3&K will in fact be widescreen in the collection so that gives me hope.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if 3&K was approved this year, hence the collection coming out next year; time would be needed to finish developing the game if they are resuming work on Christian’s proof of concept.

    Idk why SEGA didn’t reveal who’s developing the collection, even though the other remasters were used.. really strange marketing strategy
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  4. Dek Rollins

    Dek Rollins

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    Yes, the "physical pain" part was hyperbole. I wouldn't expect to need to explain that. :V And again, the fact that the original versions are still available misses my point. The remakes are technically superior options for newcomers in the current day. They will inevitably become the default choice for new players to experience the games if they get a wide multiformat release. I think people who don't know any better should be given a product that properly resembles the original experience.

    Regarding the Sonic 2 end credits, it's definitely fangame-y, and transplanting the title from the end of the sequence to before the credits start just ruins the whole thing (also replacing "Sonic 2 cast of characters").
  5. SystemsReady


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    it has been argued by new players and critics in the past, and even some members here, that 4:3 itself fundamentally harms the Sonic experience because it makes it harder to see what's ahead.

    regardless, the original ROMs are on Steam for like 99c and come with uncompressed versions that can be popped into any Genesis emulator...not to mention the multiple sanctioned compilations with them.
  6. Fadaway


    No comment on S3&K till I see what we're dealing with. Hopefully Retro Engine/Taxman and Stealth, etc. Hopefully. If not, no idea what to expect till more info is released.

    IF the Taxman versions are the ones included, at least with 1, 2, and CD, I wouldn't be able to complain much. At least that would mean S2 Hidden Palace and I am grand with that.

    But, yeah, not much to go on at this stage.
  7. Xilla


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    The only thing that would make me buy this would be Retro Engine ports across the board, with added bells and whistles unique to this collection.
  8. MathUser


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    Would be nice if it had a few later games, like segasonic the hedgehog and sonic r.
  9. Lozicle


    Since previous Sonic collections did, I wonder if they'll add some Game Gear games as bonuses.
    If they do, I really hope they use the Master System versions for most of them.
  10. Blugenesi(Jarty)


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    I mean, I was pretty cynical too, as them using 4:3 emulated footage makes me more worried then anything. But the thing is, I doubt they'd go ahead and remake Sonic CD AGAIN. If anything my favorite game of all time being here kinda is leading me to believe Taxman is helping with this. I think it would be more effort then worth it to remake that game again, and on top of that, I do not think Sega would be stupid enough to tease us with Retro Engine footage. They know by now how much we want THOSE versions, and the fact that only the few games are here are leading me to believe that. That being said, I really hope Mr. Whitehead can confirm with everyone soon if he is involved or not.
  11. Fadaway


    I am actually very, very, very much ok with just the original trilogy and CD, as long as they're optimum ports/rebuilds (Christian/Simon). I would not want any other games, not even Chaotix. We're getting the best of the best. Chaotix, Spinball, Flickies 3D Blast, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, the SegaSonic arcade game...too much IMO. In my personal opinion, save those for another comp. A single compilation focusing solely on the OG Genesis/Mega Drive games is a winning idea if done right. Just those games. The original adventure.

    That is, if they include the best versions (again, Christian and Simon). Big caveat there, as anything else wouldn't be the optimum.


    That's exactly why I support this idea 'if' they do it right. I'm not necessarily optimistic it'll replace the experience I've made in my little steam collection, but mods could fix that eventually, and I'd still like to see an official upgrade 3&K port, even with changed music (The PC S3 collection was my first experience, so I played the beta songs first! I have genuine nostalgia for those tunes.)
  13. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

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    Completely agree with Fadaway's line of thought. I don't understand the need to bung literally everything on a disc, and sell that. If SEGA do this right (and I understand that's a huge if), and load it with appropriate extras (concept art, design docs, new interviews, promo material), it could rival Sonic Jam in terms of presenting the truly important games in the franchise.
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  14. Yash


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    I see it as akin to the Mega Man collections. No one complained when they did a bundle that was just Mega Man 1-6. Like... yeah, of course. That’s the core series. The ones that started it all. 1-3K and CD are the same way. The only extra game I was really pining for in this was Chaotix, and that was still more for novelty’s sake than because it’s a great game on par with the others.

    Like Mega Man, I wouldn’t mind it if we saw additional collections after this one that catered to different aspects of the franchise. Do one with Sonic R, 3D Blast, Chaotix, Spinball and Fighters that represents the spin-off side of the franchise. Bundle all the Game Gear/Master System games (and throw in Pocket Adventure for good measure), then all the GBA, DS and PSP games. A triple pack of Adventure, Adventure 2 and Heroes all featuring major improvements (honestly, do this next).
  15. Forte


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    Man, this is really Lazy. Sonic 3 isn't even in wide-screen!

    Look, I understand that people want these games on their PS4 and Switch, but why should we pay extra money for ports that we have on so many others consoles, PC and Mobile?

    Why don't go the extra mile and remaster Sonic 3 & Knuckles? What I want is a superior collection of the classics, with rearranged soundtracks, boss rush modes and more. What I see now is simply not worth the money.
  16. nineko


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    I'm calling it, if they're using the same engine for all the games, they're going to pull a "Delta" mode with all the levels in a row as a bonus feature.
  17. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Word from Katie is that Sonic 3 will be in widescreen. So whatever treatment it's getting, it's more than what's shown in the trailer.
  18. Ted618


    You say this, but realistically, who would buy a compilation of all that besides some of the fans? They're all either fairly unknown to the average person or not exactly widely regarded as some of the series' finer moments (SegaSonic is the best game there, but Sega's arcade output was so strong around that point that it was a B tier release). I hope they're taking the extra time to implement some of them as unlockable surprises in Origins, if anything.

    Ultimately Sega don't purely do this stuff for us and I fail to see how a compilation built entirely off of those games would be strong enough by itself - not to mention they'd seem more out of place as extras in anything other than a classics compilation. It's something that we're likely getting the Retro Engine versions of the original MD games on console, but that doesn't entirely make up for an objectively barebones package.
  19. Yea, some of y'all need to realize that people besides fans are going to pick up these games when they make stuff like this.

    Like yea, it's nice to get more acknowledgement for the series obscure history but that's something only fans are gonna care about when these collections are usually for the uninitiated.

    I sure as hell wouldn't be as much of a fan if not for Mega Collection even if thr content was kind of lacking.
  20. big smile

    big smile

    About the old fans vs new fans thing: I get that a collection like this is more for new fans, but it's super easy to make it work for hardcore fans as well. Just stuff it full of development artwork and maybe some directors commentaries. We've seen Sega tease this artwork, so scanning it and adding in shouldn't be too hard.

    If they are using the retro engine, then it shouldn't be impossible to add in things like the Mania characters and split screen 2P VS mode (although it does require way more effort than scanning artwork).

    With these collections it doesn't have to be old fans vs new fans. You can appeal to both (and if it's via things like artwork scans and director's comments, then you can appeal to both with little effort).