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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Has this even been the case though? Origins is, almost objectively, a sloppy product. I had a great time with it last year and I'm enjoying a fresh run through of S3K as Amy right as we speak. But it's got a multitude of issues small and large that shouldn't exist. I don't think that anyone who likes it is being told to shut up.

    Why must it always be that when some Sonic fans criticise a game in the series, fans of said game take umbrage?
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  2. neonsynth


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    Is there a full changelog for the new 2.0 version? Would have loved a bit more transparency.
  3. Chimpo


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    It's been the other way around from my experience. Now shut up! It's time for...

    The Objective Sonic Origins + Review For General Audiences
    -A great collection featuring enhanced vesions of the originals on modern hardware
    -It's got Amy with the rest of the squad and that's cool

    The Objective Sonic Origins + Review For Nuance Heads
    -Why are my pixels blurry?!
    -Why isn't Amy as cool as the rest of the squad?
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  4. Xilla


    Looks like the GG Sonic 1 has been edited to tone down the lightning flashes in Sky Base Act 1?
  5. Ashura96


    You can no longer pause the game while in The Doomsday Zone lmao

    Edit: Still works when played via My Data & Ranking
  6. Overlord


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    So yeah, I got all 4 PAL physicals. =P Treating them as the base game, which I did want anyway.

    Very quick review:
    • Art book is exactly the same unit for all 4 versions, down to the SKU number. We'll only need to scan one to have had them all.
    • The Switch box is narrower than the other 3 plastic cases, as such in order to fit in aforementioned exactly-the-same artbook, the cardboard on the sleeve on the far right edge is weaker due to a lack of plastic case backing, and the cardboard rectangle padding the space doesn't stop it from creasing more easily (mine has).
    • The Xbox version's sleeve is at an angle for some reason where the other 3 aren't (it looks top down like a rhombus rather than a rectangle).
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  7. Battons


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    So I've noticed Amy's hammer dash attack actually moves or displaces her backwards a couple pixels, what I mean by that is she doesn't start the dash where you land but a couple pixels behind her. I noticed it when screwing around with the capsule lid after a boss in Sonic 2. Also, tails flickers <- (link to video) now in the sonic 3 file select for some reason. Lastly I don't know if it was broken or fixed prior but the Sonic 3 special stage music does increase in Tempo now, however it sounds like it is increasing at an incorrect speed to me, I might be wrong though. Again I have no idea if that was even an issue prior.
  8. Laura


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    The goalpost moving is annoying. I can understand saying that the Mobile versions were not as good as we had thought. But people complaining about Origins as if these issues are new Ford irritate me.
  9. BenoitRen


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    What issues were also in the mobile versions? The only one I'm aware of is the different collision box in Sonic 2.
  10. Zephyr


    As was already said, these aren't just straight up the mobile versions. If these were, then you could maybe argue there was some goalpost moving. Instead, the fact of the matter is that some stuff has been added and some stuff has been removed. If the list of things which have been removed is missing one of the mobile versions' bigger problems, then that's an entirely valid thing to complain about. If they weren't making changes in the first place people might not have been asking "well what about changing this too?"
  11. ndiddy


    How mad will you be if Sega does another print run with Origins Plus on the disc/cart?
  12. Pengi


    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but you can switch between regional versions of the Game Gear games (Sonic Triple Trouble vs Sonic & Tails 2, etc.) by going to Options > Graphics > Box art option, and choosing your desired region.
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  13. Snatcher42


    Don't think I've seen this mentioned yet. A few additional extras:

    1. Clearing "Surprise" does a bit more than just reveal the picture. You also get:
    -100 coins (sure most don't need them anymore)
    -4 video tutorials on how to activate cheats in each game. You can see them under options. Nothing that couldn't already be done, but neat to see them officially documented.

    2. I've seen some lament the lack of Game Gear manuals, and that's true. But the Origins manual itself has been greatly expanded with some info about each game. Can access it from the title screen.

    It's small stuff, but does go to making this package feel a little more complete. If they just fixed the bilinear filtering on consoles I'd be happy.
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  14. E-122-Psi


    Playing as Amy more thoroughly, I will say her hammer spin is a decent mechanic due to her bigger hit radius, which is shrewdly helpful in many areas.

    It's use is kind of fickle however, for example she CAN use the extension to hit CPZ springs from their edge, but not normal ones, and even for the former she has to be in charge mode for some reason.

    She also annoyingly can't use her bigger hit radius on the ARZ pillars, it's the very top or nothing for those.

    The bigger nitpick is the hammer run ability, which not only activates the same way as Drop Dash to make it feel derivative, but is also kinda janky. I feel like there WERE elements to make using the move more strategic, the lack of momentum feels like there's MEANT to be some point, though isn't really put to any meaningful use. The ability to extend the attack so long as you're holding jump is also a cool divergent touch though doesn't really last long enough to be that much of a change up from Drop Dash.

    I feel like maybe Amy's attacks were meant to have more interaction with objects the other characters couldn't unconventionally but they didn't get round to programming it, giving a lack of depth to her playthrough.
  15. MastaSys


    Yeah sorry for my absurd expectations like *checks list* expecting the keyboard arrow keys not working, to be caught on testing and fixed after a year.

    You know, the keys that are shown as auto-binded in the options and cannot be changed.

    Am i a mad man for expecting the basic stuff on a game just working?
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  16. The Game Collector

    The Game Collector

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    Wow I just played Sonic 1 as Amy and it seems they actually finally fixed the Sonic 1 Special Stage physics! I think this game is finally what I would call "good." Amy is also really fun to play as because her smaller size lets her dodge obstacles more easily, but her attack range is larger when you use the hammer attack. I feel like the game, at least the Sonic 1 portion is finally fixed enough.
  17. DigitalDuck


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    "Look, you said you wanted a sandwich, so I put two pieces of bread around a pile of shit and you STILL complain!"

    Even after this update, it's missing features that the original remasters had, and they removed the emulated versions so they could sell this to us at a much higher price than it deserves.

    There's no goalpost moving. All I wanted was what we had before, and we didn't even get that. Instead I get to play as shit pink Sonic.
  18. Laura


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    I genuinely don't understand your position? What is different? The games are almost exactly the same as the mobile versions. They don't have the mobile level select or the nice UI. They don't have the mobile music. I agree that sucks. But the actual games themselves are exactly the same. People complain about the hitboxes, for example, but that was exactly the same in the mobile versions.

    Can you give me some concrete examples because I have no idea what you are talking about and I played the heck out of the mobile versions when they came out.
  19. big smile

    big smile

    For me personally, when assessing Origins, context is key.

    Most 16-bit collections use emulation. In that context, Origins is shockingly awesome, as they’ve remade the games. This allows for genuinely amazing enhancements that make the collection equally fresh for newcomers and veteran players.

    However, most of this work was done in the mobile remakes. In porting them over, Sega should have polished them up by making the enhancements consistent across all titles. And maybe even ported over some new features from Mania.

    Instead, Sega have taken features away. Limiting players to Classic or Anniversary mode means you can no longer play with lives in widescreen, which was possible in the mobile games. I get not wanting to overwhelm new players with options. But they could have kept Classic/Anniversary as the default options and had a separate menu for customizations.

    The new ugly character selection screen means you can no longer replay a completed save file to collect missing emeralds, which is a big downer. You also can no longer use enhancements from the cheats in a save file (which is annoying because those enhancements really freshen up things for veteran players).

    Credit where credit is due: It’s not like Sega has added nothing to the ports. Mirror mode, Amy, the missions, and Knuckles in Sonic CD are welcome enhancements.

    But Sega are charging original Origins owners $54 and Plus newcomers $39. In this context, the collection goes from shockingly awesome to awesomely shocking. Origins is sold at a (near-)premium price, but not delivering the appropriate experience.

    I know nothing about game development. It could be all the features Sega added accurately reflect the price. But when you consider that they couldn’t even update the museum with new art or Game Gear manuals (despite having scans of these in other collections), it feels like Sega weren't trying as hard as they could and Origins is fan milking.

    So it’s appropriate to celebrate Origins, because it does greatly enhance the experience in a way that most emulated collections do not. But when you take into account the price/development history, then it’s also appropriate to be unhappy about how it turned out and regret what could have been.
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  20. LF222


    This pretty much, its like the sonic equivalent to sword and shield, perfectly fine package but if you like it, you get mobbed