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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. big smile

    big smile

    For the Game Gear games I really hope M2 are doing the emulation.

    They usually kit out their emulation games with extras such as different variations. So there’s a good chance they might include the Master System versions.

    Sometimes they even hack the Roms to add new features, but I’m guessing with 12 games, there might be too many of them to do that.

    If it’s not M2, then I’m guessing the Game Gears will be no frills.
  2. Ura


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    While I would be happy to eat my words here, I'm 100% certain the Game Gear games will have no new aditions, there's not only too many games for them to be doing that considering the scope of Origins, but they also haven't mentioned anything about it in the first place, why not show us drop dash in sonic triple trouble or whatever if it is in the game? If having the game gear stuff is a selling point of this expansion, I'm sure they wouldn't hide any new content if it's significant enough, and if it's not... well, I don't think they're going through the trouble of adding it

    Also, there's the fact these games are effectively hidden in the museum. I know this is most likely because of them being added later as a bonus (and maybe even the limited aspect ratio), but again, if they're spending any resources doing more than they need to, I don't think they would just throw these games there and call it a day
  3. TomGyroid


    The trailer actually seems to show the GG games running without the black borders on a 16:9 background, assuming that's not just trailer garnish.
  4. Yash


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    I'm looking forward to seeing Knuckles beat up Amy and Amy beat up Knuckles in Sonic 3 story mode, myself.
  5. Something similar to Amy's story in Sonic Adventure but... with Metal Sonic, lol.
  6. BlackHole


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    Great, now all I can think about is that Mephiles Hunt but with Mephiles replaced with Metal Sonic and Sonic replaced with Amy...
  7. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Metal Snick.exe

    It’s him
  8. TheOcelot


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    It's good to see the CD remaster finally getting extra content to bring it more in-line with the S1 & 2 remasters.

    Looking forward to playing with Knuckles and it's really cool they're adding new routes to some of the zones. Hopefully new layouts will be added to all four time-zones which would add incentive to explore every time-zone to find all the new areas. I assume it will be like the extra routes in S1 & 2 remasters where both Tails and Knuckles can access them, (Sonic using Tails assist) and hopefully Amy as well. You never know perhaps they will sneak in some R2 references in the new level design (when I say "they" I'm assuming Team Stealth are adding the new stuff in CD and not Sonic Team).
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  9. Laura


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    Son of a Glitch hasn't uploaded a video in half a year. I'm fairly certain he drew Amy and is behind the new art for the game. He worked on the new art for Origins.

    So I think it is fairly certain it is Headcanon working on this.
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  10. nesboy43


    Does anyone know what framerate Sonic Origins Switch ran at?

    Trying to figure out which platform to buy this on. Would prefer Switch but not if it runs poorly.
  11. charcoal


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    The 3D island menus are 30 FPS but the games themselves are all full speed 60 FPS as expected.
  12. E-122-Psi


    In terms of making the 'Plus' DLC worth the cost, I'm hoping to see:

    * A genuinely well made Amy gameplay.
    * CD similarly using Knuckles in a clever way (if these 'new routes' imply anything).
    * Some new missions, especially to make Amy part of the mode.
    * Good emulation for the GG games, along with maybe some graphic toggles similar to M2's recent rereleases.
    * The four centrepiece games bug fixed to near perfection.

    In terms of more a fantasy release I don't expect but would love to also see:

    * 3-4 player mode like Mania Plus added.
    * Some other modes and options that really add a new take to playing the games like difficulty or 'Encore' modes.
    * Some SEGA AGES level magic with the GG games or at least the choice of the Master System versions.
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  13. RetroJordan91


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    I agree with everything that you’re asking for and I hope they follow through with it all.

    To expand on your fantasy list here, I would also like to see:

    - The ability to play Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles separately as well as the Complete Sonic 3 mode that Stealth alluded to in 2015 with the original zone order.

    - Amy & Tails mode for all the games and Sonic & Tails mode for Sonic CD (the reason I put this here is because I have a strange feeling SEGA wouldn’t implement that themselves)

    - Special options menu with toggles similar to Sonic 1 Forever (don’t make us enter cheat codes to use elemental shields in Sonic 1 and 2, etc)

    - Using the actual 1103 prototype cues for CNZ, ICZ Act 1, and LBZ.

    I know there’s plenty more that I can’t think of at the moment but these are the four that are really sticking out for me
  14. kyasarintsu


    Aside from any bug fixes, what I really want is for the game's presentation to be improved. I hate the cheap little menus that show up for 1 and 2, I hate that CD completely changes interface when you go to submenus, I hate that I have to do these dumb cheat codes to unlock bonus features, and I hate not having proper file and stage selection for all games.
  15. Laura


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    I want to talk a bit about Amy, since it's one of the substantial pieces of news we've received and I have a lot to say about her. Personally I think it's worth buying the Plus DLC for her inclusion alone. I think it's a really good precedent to add new features to classic games and it should be supported. I do think the original games unaltered should be offered. I'm annoyed that there is no emulated Mega Drive games. But I still think we should support the spirit of updating classic games.

    Personally I like the sprite a lot, although I think it is very fair to criticise the sprite for not adhering to the colour limit of the Genesis as @BlackHole has said. You can still believe it's a well made sprite while criticising it for not feeling authentic within the context of the Classic Sonic games. I don't mind personally but I think it's a very fair opinion and I don't like the way so many people in the thread have hand waved it away as melodramatic nitpicking.

    That said, comparing the new Amy sprite with the Sonic CD sprite, I think it's very cool the way they have designed her.


    I personally really like the fact Amy has a brighter pink shade because I never really liked the dark pink shade she had going on in CD. But also I think that they've done a good job in capturing a good middle ground between the classic and modern Amy design. While also giving her a shade which I think would work well in Sonics 1-3. Honestly it's a hard task to pull off a design like that and I'm impressed with it.

    I also really like the blue shoes swirl animation even if it does break the colour limit. One of the features of Knuckles is that they gave him very distinctive colours for his running animations.

    upload_2023-3-25_23-11-18.png upload_2023-3-25_23-12-24.png

    Sonic has the famous reds of course, but Knuckles' green and yellow look very nice when he's moving and individualistic. So I think Amy fitting into this stylistic direction is a good idea. And I think the blue is a good contrast with the rest of her body rather than going with pink.

    I personally like the fact they've gone for making Amy a traditional spin attack kind of character. I think the most important aspect of a Sonic character should be that they are fun to play and I appreciate they decided to make Amy play like the other characters and just have extra moves. I think the hammer spin attack is a good way to make her use her hammer while also making it tied to normal gameplay and not feel gimmicky like a horizontal hammer attack.

    I also think Amy's hammer may have further uses beyond serving as a large hitbox.

    There's this clip where Amy seems to bounce off the ground when she uses her hammer. Spoilered it so it doesn't constantly trigger on screen. Not entirely clear in the GIF but very clear in the video that she's already engaged in a hammer spin attack before she hits the ground.


    So I'm not sure what's going on there, potentially something interesting.

    In short, I'm very impressed. I'm the negative nancy of the Frontiers thread but honestly I've always liked Origins. I'm looking forward to Origins Plus quite a lot.

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  16. To me, it looks like she’s bouncing off the enemy in the usual way, it’s just that her hammer hitbox is ridiculously large.


    I wonder if Amy will herself get any unique routes/paths or secrets...
  18. nesboy43


    Awesome! Thank you!
  19. I want she at least to be able to acess Knuckles' rotes in Angel Island for Sonic 3. Like, she can break the rocks with hammer and stuff...
  20. big smile

    big smile

    I'd much rather they let you select any hero & sidekick combination.

    In fact, if it's feasible, they should port over the buddy mode from Mania's encore mode. So you can switch your hero/sidekick at will and build up your sidekick party by collecting their 1-up icons. Maybe they could enhance it, and let you switch between your sidekick team by using the shoulder buttons.

    So much this. The sound test code system was horrid. They should just do all cheats via a toggle options menu on the save screen (that way you can use the enhancements in the save file).

    If Sega is worried about remaining authentic to the original games, they could lock the toggle options behind the coins system (e.g. you have to spend 100 coins to unlock a cheat option, and then spend 1 coin each time to toggle the cheat on). That would give the coins system more of a purpose, because it quickly becomes pointless once you've unlocked all the museum content and acquired all Emeralds.
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